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  1. EvilGinger Painter

    Painting foul up

    The Alchemist in me is coming up with a concoction which might work. I will try it tomorrow UK time when I have all the ingredients and report back
  2. EvilGinger Painter

    Painting foul up

    Thank you, thought getting simple green in the UK can be the sort of fun you could well do without and quite expensive given the size of the model to be soaked
  3. EvilGinger Painter

    Painting foul up

    A while ago I built a 77192: Kaladrax Large skeletal dragon I posted some images of it on the Reaper facebook page, at the time. The customer was adamant that he wanted to paint it himself and would not let me even base coat it. He has brought it back having sprayed it with Army Painter aerosol primer some months ago because it still sticky particularly around the head and the tip of the tail. He wants me to fix it for him any suggestions welcome. Personally I would buy another model as my suspicion is that there is not a reliable fix. I did say I would try so your help would be appreciated you would make a very enthusiastic young modeller very happy if you could.