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    What's your battle cry?

    My elves have a variety of battle cries depending on our foes many of which come from the afforementioned tick and simpsons "Sun worshiping dog launchers you face the Elves" (Retpus) the tick on Aztecs may also work for crusaders with wardogs and orcs with beastriders "wrinkly wrongdoers stop that evilness" (Nefsokar) the tick facing the terror "Know him!? hes my worthless half brother" (darkspawn) Krusty on Luke perry "money the money's money is all that moneys" (mercs) homer on money or something "You cant stop me I'm filled with tinier men" this will be good when I get an all halfling army Ok so alot of these arent really battle cries but they do come up in battles and I love to quote the tick so it happens alot cheers
  2. Bummer on a related note Holy light? crusader only?
  3. Feanor

    Anduriel Brightflame (new pictures)

    I love this fig your pic is a bit washed out but overall looks goods Elves elves elves Oh yes much better
  4. Feanor

    The Sasquatch

    Well, ifn' I had to go with something....I'd pick something along the line of volcanic (since he's supposed to be like an Ifrit) or a burnt forest. Burning coals...that kinda thing. the theme is burning hot fire, hehe. But yeah, whenever you can get back to me that'd be awesome. Thanks! (This is Nerdanel signed as Feanor, cuz I'm too lazy to sign in as myself, hehehe.) N.
  5. Feanor

    Look what I did!

    Now these are not spectacular but I am quite pleased and they will all fit my army well HAHA watch out you missoulians my army is still growing Mwahaha My army is too big for my transport case
  6. Feanor

    Idea for the Balance of Power Map

    Funny I thought you could go to the member profile and click on their battle reports thats what I do in Redstones at least
  7. Feanor

    People of the Desert Wind

    I like option 2 a mandatory use of a noncombat move action then the combat
  8. I love having my "general" wether its a sergeant, captain or warlord right out in front leading the grunts. I know this makes him a big target but its so dramatic. Now this weekend I saw alot of folks hiding their leader behind ranks of warriors makes sense if it the Witch Queen or maybe Ashkrypt, But I'm curios what do you all do?
  9. Feanor

    Elquin High elf

    Darklining eh? quick hm.. I'll give it a shot thanks
  10. Feanor

    Elquin High elf

    Nerdanel did some lovely freehanding on this for me.
  11. Feanor

    Favorite models!

  12. Feanor

    Elquin High elf

    Thanks that black blue is the SA "shadowy" for my warlord elves and as for highlighting I'm just a bit too lazy usually I have 53+ evles painted and another 20 some to go. But thanks for the tips and complements both of you Feanor
  13. Feanor

    A mantis

    Very very nice
  14. Feanor

    Ivar Silverfist

    I love this fig, great job on the paint the MK
  15. Feanor

    What the...

    Haha the elves have landed with dark arro answering my BR the elves have a no doubt short lived hold on the redstones if only I could game more. P.S. trigger deft were are you?
  16. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Wow! SE and Darthiir Like my list, they like me they really like me Thanks it means alot. And true if you have breakers and want to use them then do. I usually dont branch out until 1000+ points Good luck this is all good stuff Feanor
  17. Feanor

    Darkspawn cavalry?

    yeah definetly, Fast moving attack demon dogs scary
  18. Feanor

    What the...

    Anarchy! Maybe ifn my opponents will respond to my battle reports then yuki and I will have it in elven hands for a while
  19. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    My 750 point list and tactical analysis/ strategies Captain 103 DF 10 6 warriors 114 Centaur 58 Meridh 36 6 archers 264 Meridh 36 4 warriors 76 Meridh 36 4 warriors 76 Total 751 Close enough I presume? No longthorns or breakers too soft. Centaurs are great 58 point itnitiative cards and at 24rng RAV 2 aint bad Captain takes center with the melee sarges each holding a flank centaur back the least pressured flank while 2 archers move together on the other 4 archers and sarge in the rear slinging arrows with haughty abandon. Use your ranger move with everyone even though it may not matter the sheer number of models moving can really unnerve your opponent. the centaur and two archers pick out priority targets like mages and enemy commanders while the other four shoot whatever is handy go for numbers the vale guard can mob any big critters left over and you can shoot a larger base model anytime cause it cant hide in melee hope this helps any questions?
  20. Feanor

    A wizard, and an assassin

    Really? that's cool, you'll have to post it when you're done so I can see it.
  21. Feanor

    New Totems

    I'd like the elves to have one that adds to DIS "we have the strength of the forest we will bend but never break" this would help us break from unwanted melee, and it couldnt be "killed" the way a standard bearer can.
  22. Feanor

    What the...

    The Elves of the house of Feanor would have something to say about that if only we could meet them in battle about 7 more times . Alas that I now live so far away thats it I'm pming Ugluk we gotta get crackin PS I wouldnt trade Erin for all the gaming in the world
  23. Feanor

    Warlording Tournament Feb 26th

    I cant see them Waahahaha WOOT now I can(edit)
  24. Feanor

    Warlording Tournament Feb 26th

    Thanks Wild Bill, Im just a bit weary of taunting them cause I do want them to be encouraged I am beatable just ask Ugluk69