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    I dont have a camera so I just stuck him on my scanner turned out ok I guess. left the eyes closed kind of a head bowed in prayer look any comments welcome thanks
  2. Feanor

    Fatima, Mummy High Priestess

    Well Im lazy so I'll just post on one these look great for first minis! If I still had any of my originals Id show you but I stripped them and repainted to save my pride these are good all I can say is practice practice
  3. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Hi all from my new base of operations in Rexburg Id. well I have contacted the local gaming guru Ugluk and am hoping to have a scrap with him in about a week i havent read the new Reven book yet. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should be notified of or any good orc slaying advice all would be much appreciated Thanks Feanor
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    2 WIPs

    Who are you painting the harpy for? Daniel? well it looks good...until I pincushion it.....someday.....when I can play again....
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    Nice work for an orc I almost fired an arrow into my computer!
  6. Feanor

    Dark Angel Commander

    AHA! he is obviously a servant of Chaos just trying to sneak by look at those legs, and the power pack not standard issue HERETIC! oh and very nice Id like to see a whole battleforce painted like that.
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    So if a model has the ranger SA and a six inch mov do they move six or 12 inches when they move using the ranger ability? thanks for the info
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    Hi all, Well I happen to be quite good at this (tricking others to do my bidding) so in a mutliplayer game I wiriendll use this to my advantage and secure victory as my opponents destroy one another. So heres the deal is this wrong of me? I have one friend who hates me for it but I think he is just jealous. I you had the ability to manipulate others and thus win the games without taking much of a hit on your end would you do it? Now my elves are quite capable of doing the dirty work if we have to, but why bother we live a long time and if one of us should die alot of time is lost. thanks for any input cheers
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    excellent! I too like an objective and have even used my archers to shoot each player on the field with a couple arrows in one activation to provoke a concerted atack but it always seems to fall apart meh well thank you much for the input
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    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Thanks and yeah i do want my buddies to get a tougher setup cause what I like is a tough fight not a dance through the daisies
  11. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Wow were is everyone? Out killing orcs and defending he frontier no doubt Well here is a summarry of saturdays action I started my list Vs. mercs this guy was brand new so i tried to be a good sport and let him have some action shot his solo and hero then charged in melee nothing fabulous just some godd scrappin then we had the real show my newbie friend Daniel AKA Vauraug th unstopable decided to take the reven while evilbob brought nesokar and we got anothe brand new face to field the monstrous reptus Reven list vaurug lots o gear! 3 berserkers 3 beastmen magic armor 6? bull orc warriors Nefsokar Khufu+ gear netekerti boatload of spells 10 mummies Reptus Kong to tkay 10 warriors I was paired with the reptus so it was one new guy with one expirienced one I told my ally that if something touches me we have done something wrong he said he understood and away we go During the battle I split fire often always trying to keep that sorceror down cause I knew those spells would hurt I also slowed down the reven by forcing vaurug to stop and warcry every turn the reptus primarily engaged the nefsokar while I poure fire into the the reven a great moment came when I stunned all 3 berzerkers and got the next activation and of course couped de graced the lot of them the battle went well from there xcept that netikerti got off a firestorm and killed about 5 of ours I shot and wounded kufu twice then chaged o finish the job Vaurug charged and killed my captain in one go but I made my toughness check and with a little help from 11 arrows and everything I brought him down and the deathseeker came in for the coup de grace solid victory for the elves yay now granted two of them were very new but the orcs did get the first activation on 4 rounds! a great game all around saturday it will be thousand point battles im gonna use the same list with a cleric and a few more warriors watcha think thanks for any tips ideas challenges or remarks Feanor
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    Range attack from a hill

    I would say if you can see it clearly his buddies dont give hime cover they are not static as a wall would be but thats me (elf)
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    Data cards

  14. Feanor

    Data cards

    what do I need to do to get data cards with my swag point? thanks
  15. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Were having a tournament in Missoula this saturday its 750 points heres my list any tips are appreciated Captain 1 death seeker 3 warriors 2 long thorns sarge 5 archers sarge 2 warriors 1 long thorn sarge 2 warriors 1 long thorn centaur this is a very flexible force that I quite like but any comens are very welcome The one thing I may change is that I migh lose the centaur and Death seeker an get two more archers what do you think
  16. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Hello fellow Captains of Almirithal Sorry I dont get the chance to reply much but im busy in the fields But now I need you help. I will soon be assaulting a reven held fortress Now gennerally this isnt the kind of thing an elf should do, go screaming up to a castle infested with green filth but a jobs a job I have 2000 points to work with and all the elf minis anyone could want (almost) my opponent will have 1400 points but he is in a very nifty castle wish I had pics for Any way how am I going to do this? I have an excellent record in the open field but I have never tried to come to grips with an enemy yet any advice And thank you
  17. Lets say an elf archer takes a wack at a goblin skeeter and is within 24 inches now if the elf has LOS but not the 1/2 inch minimun then the goblin does not get his defense shot right? thanks all
  18. Feanor

    General: Bad day for the bad guys

    Yeah them Elves can be vicious (hehehe) but seriously we are not invincible, with the right force you can take them down in a single word LOTS bring lots
  19. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Rats! in my game group there are two elf players. and we are running a campaign my first battle is against the other elves. We have different strategies though his army is a sarge 9 archers a captain with 3 swordsmen and a sorceress mine is a captain 3 warriors a sarge with 3 spearmen a sarge with 4 archers another sarge with spearmen and a centaur any advice? thanks all
  20. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    To Cardboard Vampire I give my leaders a couple magic items captains and warlords typically get greater armor and a weapon sarges get armor if their lucky. As for magic we need it. I will often take Lysette with firestorm and a couple of ice shards and if your up against crusaders take lesser magic empowerment to. If you need to fool him into bunching up for firestorm sacrifice a breaker and run him suicidally against the foe ALL ALONE your opponent will swarm the the heroic grunt and he dies, then BLAM firestorm hahahahaha! I mostly face overlords DV 11 like crusaders. and in case you wonder my record is now something like 15-4-2 good luck
  21. Feanor

    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Come let us not grow complacent in our power. I am starting in a campaighn and based on our preliminary battle am prolly considered the most powerful. My army typically includes: A captain with magic weapon and improved protection 6 spearmen Lysette firestorm 2 ice shards Arnise 4 archers Caerwynn Centaur 800 points (ish) It has been just fabulouls thus far but my foes are developing new ideas new armie and the games are getting close too close any idears or new tactics that have worked troops I should invest in? thanks all I do not know fear but I understand the price to be paid for arragonce.
  22. Feanor


    Well so we see that the elves of the woodspike can be defeated. But how did he fare against the House of Feanor? In an 800 point game last night I slaughtered those members of the younger race. It was horrid. Tonight in a battle of 1000 point Digger was more wary of the evles ferocity. It was a splendid battle. Fought to the last, the end left me with only 390 points left on the field. You are learning fast buddy i look forward to some tough battles in the future. Remember oh man, my people looked down on yours from white towers while still wallowed in mud trying to produce fire. This war will not be ended when the lords of Tusk are driven from the Redstones, but when there power is broken forever.
  23. Feanor


    Well Digger I might make it in tonight well have to see
  24. Feanor


    It had a pewter skull in it. whats with that? It was an ink extender and and lo and behold a little skull in it. I pulled it out with tweezers its a nice skull dont know how it got there or why or what to do next. Is this normal I mean it aint a human finger or anything but I found it unusual.