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    Cool! I guess I never noticed cause this is the first Ink I have bought from reaper well carry on
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    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    What does everyone think of this. Long thorns are cheaper than warriors but does that cost make them the better choice for blocking an opponent pros cheaper, faster cons lower armor no tough I wonder what others thoughts are on this thanks for any advice
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    Ceynuundra Aelvari - Elven High Command

    Well I was gonna call it something else (The nature of war) but I am happy to add what I have. My record is now 11-0-2 so why is that mere luck? I'd like to think not We have the greatest strategic potential in all of Taltos. With two spy models, loads of rangers and the fastest grunts we should always start out one step ahead. Use a spy card one you archers, these are obviously our greatest weapons and must be used to the fullest to achieve victory. Now consider you opponent is he grouped up tightly or is he scatered about either way is fine, but adjust you super shooters of doom accordingly IE in volley formation or spread thin to take as many targets of opportunity. Another good thing about them being spread out is you are faster than you enemy and if they are spread about we can destroy them a piece at a time while he runs to give support to his outnumbered grunts we have already done our job and buggered off again to ready the next assault. Remember: Be fast Hit hard Patience is a virtue I'll post more as time permits
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    A buddy of mine is doing that and for now he is using the Reptus rules as they have a very Oriental theme going Im out!
  5. My army is the Host of Feanor I am using Purple, Scarlet and Gold very extravagent and fancy as befits the first house of the Noldor. I wish I could give pics but i aint got the equipment Laters all
  6. I play elves and I love my archers(who wouldnt) but my friends dont want to face me as they once saw my archers cut down an overlords force Now this guy is me best friend and he made several mistakes, well on mistake again and again... He hesitated instead of charging my lines at top speed he wavered he waited moved to one side came a little closer all the while I rained death and position my melee force to intercept an the fourth turn i charged his ruind battle line and swept him aside like grass. Now I dont bring overly many archers he just didnt do what he should have and I rolled well. So the guys are so scared of the elves they want to really regulate when i can and cant valley basically what im getting at is how can i show them that it wont always be a massacre when i take the field? none wants to face me and its real annoying thanks for any advice
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    Archers and volley?

    Do any of you think volley is too powerful?