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  1. At least your bathalians and eye tyrant look awesome.
  2. Not too complicated compared to some here i suppose. Sent Oct. 2nd Vampire x1 $100 Fighters x2 $8 Elves x1 $4 Klocke Classics x1 $4 Heroes x1 $6 Dark Heroes x1 $5 Iconics x2 $14 Fire It Up! x4 $20 Mister Bones x1 $1 Clockwork Dragon x3 $45 Red Dragon x2 $20 Demons x1 $15 Deathsleet x1 $10 Fire Giants x2 $20 Frost Giants x1 $10 Storm Giants x3 $30 Swamp Things x1 $5 C'thulhu x3 $30 Fire Giant Warriors x1 $10 Frost Wyrm x1 $10 Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 Dark Elves x1 $4 Nethyrmaul x1 $25 Figure Case x1 $25 There Be Dragons x1 $15
  3. The Bones must flow, he who controls the Bones controls the universe.
  4. Heres a list I thought might work Kaya Nadezhda 4 spear throwers 4 axemen Kaya Nanoc 3 spear throwers 4 axemen Hurgg Bracers of chaos Nanoc 3 spear throwers 5 axemen Gorak Nanoc 3 spear throwers 4 axe men Hopefully alot of good shootines and the axemen can use rush attack.
  5. Hello All, My buddy usually plays a very tough Icingstead army based around Deathsleet, Svetlana and ice worms. He decided to try out the barbarian horde and its was a massacre I didnt think my elves were that shooty but I caused so much damage in the first two turns we called it off. So heres my question is the horde doctrine weak against shootiness in general and what are its strengths? any tips or techniques people could share? Thanks
  6. Its a dwarf! Now I need to dream up a great color scheme for a great mini. Thanks ANNE
  7. Just got mine sent out today, I hope it is well recieved.
  8. Done. Now just to ship it and start cracking on the hard exchange.
  9. Thanks again for running this. Its a tough call but I cant see the harm in waiting a bit. just my two cents
  10. While my first conversion exchange is still only half painted I'd love to do this one too. PM sent
  11. Pretty quiet here. I got asignment and am going to the FLGS this afternoon to pick a mini out :)
  12. Do defensive strikes from assassins negate tough checks? Our game group decide this was not the intent but I thought I'd bring it up here anyways to double check. Thanks
  13. Ok an see its aewsome especially for 30 bucks.
  14. While on the subject do all melee SA's apply to reach attacks such as cleave and mighty? Thanks
  15. just a quicky here. The spell states that the model gains mighty for its next combot action I believe this includes ranged attacks as well correct. Thanks
  16. WOW cheetos coming right out of his hands! amazing ;)
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