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  1. I'd seriously consider trading caerwyn for lysette. This coupled with the council doctrine and you can dominate in the field of magic.

    Casting two mind blasts at CP 9 is sick.

    Your list looks tough but specialising a little more will make it brutal.

    Good luck

  2. Heres a 750 point list I'm trying this weekend.


    Halbarad book of tactics

    Marcus Gideon

    4 Justicars

    2 Unforgiven

    @ Ironspines


    Guardian Beast

    749 points total

    The plan is to use my casters to boost up everyone with extra attacks on the first and second turn.

    Then crush my opponents toughest models.

    Divine vigor is free and it stacks Gerard or the doom kitty with 5-6 atacks each giggity giggity.