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  1. "can you tell us about the battles"

    I can try first heres my list for the first two battles



    peruhain book of tactics

    6 royal guard

    Vale archer

    2 Longthorns



    Selwyn magic ranged weapon

    5 Vale warriors

    Vale archer





    1000 points even

    The idea was to have the dragpn and the treeman knock out hard targets with solid enough troops to keep em covered.


    I dont have details on the reptus list but its was somethng like this


    Chai ut


    Nai kanan

    4 warriors




    4 trolls

    3 warriors




    I deploy with the dragon in flight central on my left selwyns troop, treeman on their left basically facing the trolls and krungbeast

    unicorn in the center and royal guard and peruhain holding the right facing chai Uut's troop.

    Turn One: I advance the unicorn behind a hill waiting for the right time to blink out and whack hopefully pak pao he rushes forward and I take a few inefective shots at warriors on the last card krungbeast wisely runs two the other side of the field away from mossy

    Turn two: curses he gets the first card and tramples my royal guard with the krunger I escape only losing one royal and one spearman one rg is wounded but makes his tough check. Peruhain casts divine vigor on mossy who thens creams the krungbeast. Uskuluz casts incite and the trolls hit selwyns troop with a rush attack. I should point out now that D10 hate my friend. he bludgeons several warriors but I still manage to pull about even on damage given and taken in this exchange.

    Pak pao moves up.

    Turn three pak movesa up and fireballs my royal guards causing three wounds and setting them on fire the dragon lands and blasts the trolls with lightning

    uskuluz casts mass cure and fails badly Uru chages the dragons causes two wounds and is killed. the trolls and vale warriors slug it out but selwyn keep my outmatched warriors in the game with her archery.

    Turn four: the unicorn pops out and whacks pacpao dead

    chai uuts troop charge my royal guard nai canan misses his charge and must wait chai uut and one warrior finish off the unicorn

    the trool troop is now down to uzkuluz and two reptus warriors uskuluz kills a vale warrior but is shredded by mossy the reptus warriors get selwyn and my archer.

    the dragon charges chai uut and a warrior kills the warrior and wounds chai uut is wounded in return the royal guard put out flames and fight nai canon (sp?) they are all dead but one who makes his tough check

    Turn five: Mossy finishes the trolls troop off peruhain fails to heal the dragon who wounds and is wounded by chai uut

    mossy comes towards the ramaining fighters but cant make contact Nai canon finishes the last royal guard chai uut rolls grandly and finishes the dragon in a heroic show of martial skill and determination but it taken down also they BOTH make their tough checks.

    At this point we decided we needed another turn. he has chai uut and nai canon I have peruhain a long thorn a vale warrior the dragon and an undamaged mossy

    Perhuain ises his last spell points to heal the dragon. Argyrian fights chai uut and kills him but is wounded again argh

    Nai canon moves up and charges the dragon we fight Im wounded and fail my tough ARGGH!

    We called it here cause an almost dead Nai canon is no match for a fresh Mossbeard.


    WOW that was a long post I need a break, next up the necropolis

  2. This guy is gonna be sent out tommorrow

    Its Marcus Gideon with a shield from the GW chaos sprue. Hes still 99% Reaper hope thats ok.

    I hate what the sealant did to him but I dont know what to do about it.





    wow this last pic makes it look like his face is melting, Ill have to fix that

  3. As many times as I read it I never understood the flying swift attack until Gus shook me out of what I "thought" it should be. I had an idea in my head as to what it should be and no matter how many times I read I didnt see what was staring me in the face.

    Now that I actually know what it is its gonna take some time for me to find a way to face it.

    I must admit though I don't like it, to me it seems like cherry picking what you want regardless of what else is around IE a horde of skellies. A trampler cannot pick and choose to only trample the squishies, likewise a model with reach is in a very near and present danger.

    So this flying divebomb attack is very powerful and maybe broken but thats a big maybe on my part I'll reserve final judgement until I've used the it properly.



    You say the best way to defeat it is not to fight it, please elaborate some on this statement because I don't think you meant don't play it.




    RG your still my hero.

  4. Thanks we'll try it some more.

    the trouble is with all those skellies you cant get to the juicy stuff without busting a few skellies first which hopefully gets moandain time to zap broodmaster...hopefully.

    Totally forgot about Broodmasters WA couold be a game changer.

    next time I'll have pics. and tighter army lists



    Edit: Also it should be noted that D10 have a deep hatred for my friend.

  5. Well these will be really short reports cause I didnt bring my camera or take notes,

    For those of you who dont know, the reptus force of doom is Gus's creation


    Pac pao

    10 Gan hor warriors

    in a word brutal


    To face this monstrosity

    I brought

    Moandain with Phylactery

    Sir Dauron magic weapon

    12 skeletal spearmen

    2 burowing zombies

    luck stone


    Game one turn one

    the undead shuffle forward, skellies cover the characters

    Dragons move in and get in position.

    Turn two

    Undead adjust, Moandain hurls hailstones hurting two warriors

    the dragons rush in and kill a zombie and several skellies

    turn three

    Dragons get the activation in what we thought was the moment of truth

    Dauron is killed, a gaan hor goes down, moandain is based by a warrior but manages to kill it. pacpao flubs his role to give broodmaster iron skin

    with Dauron down it looks grim for the undead but moandain blasts Broodmaster with an ice blast for 3 points of damage and a stun. the skellies and zombie move in and finish him off.

    turn four

    the gaan hor finish the rest of the skellies and zombie but cant base moandain

    moandain moves in and kills a warrior

    Turn five

    moandain finishes the last gaan hor

    Pacpao runs away


    Victory to the undead but only just barely.

    Game two we traded forces and went again

    this game I had the devils luck and Jones couldnt role to save his rotting skin

    in the end all the undead were gone broodmaster was on his last track 3 warriors were fine as was pacpao whos well placed fireball was decisive in the end.


    So while this list is not a sure fire victory, from what we learned things look to go in the undeads favor.


    thanks for reading and happy gaming

  6. Yeah its the mage knight stuff its great but to get it now you'll probably have to surf ebay.

    Thats Talarand, Blackguard 02789 an awsome fig hes been in my collection for years but is only now being pressed into service with the undead

  7. I really wanted to add these as a battle report on the warlord forums but Im not able (smart enough) to get pics there. I think they lookm pretty good here



    Hot Fuzz


    The Usual Suspects


    About to enter the Vampires Lair


    It all happened so fast it was a blur


    Epic showdown epicly bad foto fu


    The orange dice means moniques on fire


    Skellies dont kill gerard GERARD KILL SKELLIES!

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