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  1. I'd really like to get some more warlord action going in my area, but I cant without an updated rulebook. I'm not complaining just stating. As such I am going to turn the 20ish pages of rules in the book into a text document I can print off with RC08 to give to other players. (this is of course after I get approval from Reaper)

  2. For Ivy Crown Archers, they will be going up to 49 points to account for their new +1 RAV and Marksman/2. Still don't think that's good enough? You will when you find out we're adding Ranged Support into the game. :devil:


    So am I just blind or did ranged support not make the cut? or do I misunderstand and its just that archers got a points reuction and alot of figs lost deflect points?

    Love the new stuff by the way I am just curious

    Thanks Gus and all you BL out there.

  3. "Anyone have a good proxy for the ranger. Not sure WHAT they were thinking with the official one"


    Feanors list of good proxies for the ranger

    02154: Dorian Starbrow

    02226: Eldarion

    02543: Elladan, Elf

    02585: Lindir, Elf Archer

    02735: Baerwyn, Elf Archer

    02909: Nienna, Elf Ranger (my personnel favorite)

    03166: Alistrilee, Elf Archer

    03198: Talathlan, Elf Ranger

    Hows that :)

  4. Well since were are tossing out subfaction ideas here too,

    Army list name: Eawods court

    Restrictions the following models only

    Eawod Silverrain






    Ellithin greysteel




    Royal guard

    Vale archer

    Long thorn

    Vale warrior

    Galdanoth unq. solitarie

    Faction abilities

    Royal guard: royal guardsd taken as a part of Eawods troop do count against the companies adept limit

    Elvish pride: All modls in Eawods court gain +1 DIS

    Shooty army from hell: Friendly models do not block LOS for the purposes of ranged attacks

  5. Does this seem like a solid all comers list to everyone?


    Chai Uut magic armor 94

    4 warriors 180

    1 archer 46

    1 nagendra warrior 35

    Pakpao Familiar Counter spell

    Bolt bolt fireball 126


    Troll outrider 87


    Chai Uut magic armor 94

    2 archers 92

    3 warriors 135

    Tkay familiar Bless cure 2 107

    total 996 points

    would you use his in a thousand point tourney that prolly includes dwarves, elves, crusaders, overlords, darkspawn and other reptus?

  6. What new additions to your faction would you like in RC 2008?

    For the Elves I would like a sergeant with a bow we have one non-unique sergeant for crying out loud. Selwyn is our only commander with a ranged attack xcept Larnach but he is a mage thats different .

    In addittion a few character Centaurs would be really cool a wodland cleric for example.

    Whats everyone else think?

  7. I play elves in warlord and I want some flying support. Problem is I dont like fairies so I want to proxy them using smaller warbirds but i cant find any. Anyone got a place where I could find 5 mansized eagles?

    Thanks a million.

  8. Happy to have you here GamingGlen, and welcome to the Vale.

    I used the silver dragon but you can use any dragon you want, pick the one you think looks cool.

    Linder makes a great archer and cleo works fine too thats one thing thats so great about warlord use whatever minis you like :)

    I have considered getting Liriel as a troop musician for some time. Troop musicians add 1 inch of movement to the whole troop.

    Happy gaming and good luck