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  1. When using the sisters brains over brawn they add an extra initiative card for each unused spy in the opponents army. Does this card go away at the end of the game turn? or do they stack and stay in play? Im in mind to believe the former. Thanks
  2. Page 23 of savage north in the model states section :)
  3. Savage north brings us the new ability "spray" and both Deathsleet and Aashaleek have it and flyer. Does anyone have a problem with them flying and blasting away with spray? On that same note does flying have any affect on spells such as Argyian's (sticking with the dragon theme) lightning bolt? thanks for any input cheers
  4. I'd seriously consider trading caerwyn for lysette. This coupled with the council doctrine and you can dominate in the field of magic. Casting two mind blasts at CP 9 is sick. Your list looks tough but specialising a little more will make it brutal. Good luck
  5. Is savage north only in hardcover? Or will there be a softcover for poor people like me? thanks
  6. Agreed, I like to paint my stuff anf I like playing with painted minis but I would certainly not want to see it become a rule or points thing. I do support a seperate prize for best painted but not have it tied to overall winner.
  7. Update the Trailer is out.
  8. This is a plug for my brothers book. Now that I have admitted my bias I will say that I loved the advanced copy he gave me. The release in just a few days and you can preorder on amazon. Its a very fresh look at things that keeps the reader entertained and guessing but dont take my word for it check it out yourself. http://david-j-west.blogspot.com/ Cheers Feanor
  9. Thanks guys all that careful filing and carving paid off.
  10. I may not have the greenstuff skills of some but I like how this came out. He is based off of 14470 Ilmarin wood elf captain with the arms of 3195 Gallarian Moonstone and a few swaps of weapons I had layin around.
  11. I'm really a beginner but I like converting stuff. I'm posting a few pics in the Show Off. (EDIT) pics up :)
  12. I think the legs are from 14267 General Matisse as for the sword arm I think its a reposition.
  13. I got this last week but life has prevented me from posting pic until today. Not seen is his shield which I believe comes from The Duke
  14. Just got mine done tonight I'll snap a few photos and mail him off tomorrow. I'm sure everyone feels the same way but I am a little sad to be parting with it, its just too awesome.
  15. I like the ability but definetly need to time it better.
  16. Thanks JD yeah I'm missing that luck stone. I'll double check on the divine vigor but I beleive that in the book it says models states do not stack but spell effects do.
  17. Heres a 750 point list I'm trying this weekend. Gerard Halbarad book of tactics Marcus Gideon 4 Justicars 2 Unforgiven @ Ironspines Guardian Beast 749 points total The plan is to use my casters to boost up everyone with extra attacks on the first and second turn. Then crush my opponents toughest models. Divine vigor is free and it stacks Gerard or the doom kitty with 5-6 atacks each giggity giggity.
  18. Ajii may be new but I'll vouch for his activity and ablility in the miniatures world. Friday I'm taking my camera to our gaming session so we can put up some of his stuff in the show off. On topic where is everybody? This thing should have been full by now.
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