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  1. I'd really like to get some more warlord action going in my area, but I cant without an updated rulebook. I'm not complaining just stating. As such I am going to turn the 20ish pages of rules in the book into a text document I can print off with RC08 to give to other players. (this is of course after I get approval from Reaper)
  2. Galdoneth is really sweet now too. The sniper SA rocks although I think a few more elves should have it.
  3. OK that makes perfect sense thanks Gus
  4. So am I just blind or did ranged support not make the cut? or do I misunderstand and its just that archers got a points reuction and alot of figs lost deflect points? Love the new stuff by the way I am just curious Thanks Gus and all you BL out there.
  5. "Anyone have a good proxy for the ranger. Not sure WHAT they were thinking with the official one" Feanors list of good proxies for the ranger 02154: Dorian Starbrow 02226: Eldarion 02543: Elladan, Elf 02585: Lindir, Elf Archer 02735: Baerwyn, Elf Archer 02909: Nienna, Elf Ranger (my personnel favorite) 03166: Alistrilee, Elf Archer 03198: Talathlan, Elf Ranger Hows that :)
  6. I wish I knew the persons reaper handle all I got was a name and addy. And as for constructive criticism yes I'm open to it.
  7. Thanks VH, I like your suggestions alot. I would love a pure elf subfaction and I just cooked this one up in about 6 minutes.
  8. Well since were are tossing out subfaction ideas here too, Army list name: Eawods court Restrictions the following models only Eawod Silverrain Larnach Selwyn Daereth Meridh Caerwynn Ellithin greysteel Niriodel Ardynn Lyssette Royal guard Vale archer Long thorn Vale warrior Galdanoth unq. solitarie Faction abilities Royal guard: royal guardsd taken as a part of Eawods troop do count against the companies adept limit Elvish pride: All modls in Eawods court gain +1 DIS Shooty army from hell: Friendly models do not block LOS for the purposes of ranged attacks
  9. Thanks Stubbdog, Reptus really are not my thing. I'm trying to help a friend out. I biult this list as something that would hamper me as an elf. I'll play around with your advice and see what I come up with.
  10. I got an couple o armies worth of "junk" if only I could get it to the Asylum :(
  11. Does this seem like a solid all comers list to everyone? Chai Uut magic armor 94 4 warriors 180 1 archer 46 1 nagendra warrior 35 Pakpao Familiar Counter spell Bolt bolt fireball 126 Troll outrider 87 Chai Uut magic armor 94 2 archers 92 3 warriors 135 Tkay familiar Bless cure 2 107 total 996 points would you use his in a thousand point tourney that prolly includes dwarves, elves, crusaders, overlords, darkspawn and other reptus?
  12. Cool i like tht yellow octopus monster.
  13. Feanor


    Thanks alot guys these are great.
  14. What new additions to your faction would you like in RC 2008? For the Elves I would like a sergeant with a bow we have one non-unique sergeant for crying out loud. Selwyn is our only commander with a ranged attack xcept Larnach but he is a mage thats different . In addittion a few character Centaurs would be really cool a wodland cleric for example. Whats everyone else think?
  15. Feanor


    I play elves in warlord and I want some flying support. Problem is I dont like fairies so I want to proxy them using smaller warbirds but i cant find any. Anyone got a place where I could find 5 mansized eagles? Thanks a million.
  16. Greetings from the USA, I like the scale packwork with yellow and blue.
  17. Ahh... A casting centaur what a glorious idea.
  18. Happy to have you here GamingGlen, and welcome to the Vale. I used the silver dragon but you can use any dragon you want, pick the one you think looks cool. Linder makes a great archer and cleo works fine too thats one thing thats so great about warlord use whatever minis you like :) I have considered getting Liriel as a troop musician for some time. Troop musicians add 1 inch of movement to the whole troop. Happy gaming and good luck
  19. It varies some DHL are huge like Thor or Vidor the northman warrior while others like Goumons paladin initiate are very small, in fact most of Goumons sculpts are slight of build.
  20. I like it. I'm a big fan of metals and your darklining is good.
  21. Just got Pm'd my mini should be in the mail next week yay!
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