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  1. Hang in there if you have not got it yet just look on the bright side it means its coming from one of those fabulous European painters and will be in the post for a while. (I think)
  2. Well, he was just suprised thats all.
  3. No just a Gold Dragon but he is struttin his stuff on the show off forum. Hey EB, could we get announcers like in boxing? "And at this table, back from a second place showing at Miscon 07, the most dangeresque army in the Redstones, The Western Elves!" *cheers, shouts of praise and screaming teenyboppers* "His challenger, the always deadly, the ever unpainted, from Helena, Montana, the Overlord Ghost Legion!" *booo, hisssss*
  4. Bigger eh? Thanks Cerridwyn1st I was kinda thinking that and you pushed me over the top I still have a week to get him into batle condition for the tourney. Matsumoto we will definetly need to get together again and have a warlord only day I'll PM you some time.
  5. Time to liven up this thread again. General Idea is that ilmarin and the RG take the front while Larnach and his fellows hang back just a little to engage second with magic and melee. Galdoneth does what he says snipes. I love both RG and DS but I tend to favor the RG's for thier staying power whenever possible I bring both. I love to fire into combat but I usually have something to shoot up in the back anyways.
  6. TREMBLE ENEMIES OF THE ELVEN HOSTS! the dragon of Dor lomin is come. Side view (except wingtips) I'm gonna eat you! Not ver fluffy IMHO but sooo cool I gotta use him.
  7. I'd do it with friends but in a tourney setting I would be mostly opposed for the many reasons stated above. And then I'm only slightly for it because I know my army in and out and back again so I could deal with it.
  8. 30 bucks sounds crazy to me too. I got it done for with a heavy card cover and spiral bound for about 9 dollars. Check around Spike.
  9. As an Elf player this is a great concern to me also. Here is my one game expirience vs reptus I used a centaur to harrass them so he either had to slow down to get the centaur or ignore it and keep on his objective the archers, he kept on coming. When he got too close my deathseekers and warriors surrounded the fragile archers so only one or two flyers could reach them it was all I could do but the archers still had LOS. Once the gits landed I beat them down before they could do in more than one archer not perfect but I won.
  10. Heres a 1,000 pointer I came up with this morning. Larnach Familiar arcane storm, lightning blast, counter spell, bolt, 222 5 warriors 150 2 Archers 120 Ilmarin GMA 107 4 Royal guards 200 2 Rangers 112 Galdoneth 89 1000 pointsTotal What do you think a good all comers list?
  11. thanks it all worked out in the end anyhow but I'll remember it next time also as I recall now it was Dehanis not Niriodel and the Hydra was on MD 14
  12. So Niriodel casts hold on a Hydra succesfully then the Royal Guard charge in to finish the critter off. Can the now held hydra make defensive strikes on the elves, or do I just get a +1 to hit? In game I let him go ahead but I'm not sure its correct. thanks for any info.
  13. Oh decisions decisions.....
  14. I used to have one but I'm sure its a bit big. thanks though. :) Not so as Evilbob points out
  15. "haha Roy has boobies!"
  16. I really want to field Argy but I need a mini any mini! Well not any mini a dragon more specifically. Does anyone know of a cool dragon (preferably reaper) that fits on the large sized base? thanks alot
  17. He does look pretty good. When do I get to fight him?
  18. I always played that you role for each model in a non-attack AoE spell. I realize I'm not adding much but an opinion for now just my 2 cents.
  19. Dwarves overall probably have the most expensive (unupgraded) units and for least expensive the necropolis has a ton of real cheap skeletons. Just remeber that even basic grunts can be upgraded with magic weapons and armor.
  20. Well a 1600 point game can be decided in just over an hour, once youve learned how the flow of the game works. Staying up to date wont be a problem now that rage chromicles are up and going one book a year and the online participation we are allowed is fantastic. I love the Elves cause I'm a diehard Tolkien fan. When making a force balance is the key to be really effective a mix of melee archery and magic is needed. Some forces specialize in fighting styles but balance must be maintained.
  21. That is a great chart RG. I really like where all this is going. If I ever develop something new to add on my own It'll be here in a flash
  22. You should really really jump back. Everything you need is available to download free! plus I need more players in Idaho, that is were you are right?
  23. Smitestick type melee weapon 10 points grants smite (whatever)/1 Whatever: declare before battle what the smitestick smites. This could be clerics or leaders or a type of grunt but not grunts in general example the smite could not smite(dwarves) but could smite (shieldmaidens) Also note that it is a lot fun to say smitestick
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