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  1. I like this Idea alot so heres my two cents Dauntless: Warriors of the vale been trained to fight in perfect coordination. As a result the following models ignore discipline checks for ranged attacks in melee All leaders and elites, Royal guard, vale warriors, longthorns and vale swordsmen. Elven eyes: The elves have the keenest sight in all of talos and can therefore ignore the half inch LOS corridor opting instead to fire when any LOS can be established. Normal cover rules apply. I would love to have either one of these both would be too much though.
  2. As I thought thanks alot all of you but it does need a clarification on if they are solitaires or monsters though
  3. OK both Rauthuros and Argy the silver dragon have the SA outrider but they are also warlords which means unique right? armies are only ever allowed one warlord correct? Does this mean that if I outride the dragon I can also bring Eawod this is how i interpret that because Rauthy also has SA summoned/witch queen meaning you need to have to warlords. Ideas or explanations please
  4. SNAFU! I should have known that it was wishfull thinking with that wording. Oh well I still stand by what I have said and it seems most people agree with me.
  5. People are gonna call me insane for arguing against someone trying to help me but here it goes. I agree ranged power is overrated. I don't quite believe Spike's missile command statement but I think the elves are plenty good, especially with all the new units we just got. Sure an overly archer heavy force will be smeared, but this is a game of balance. I put two archers in every troop and I took a very respectable 2nd place at our local tourney. Its all about balance with good archery support. My melee guys wrecked a hydra, Gerard, justicars, Logan Battlefury and shadow sisters; not half bad eh? These were all in seperate games but the point here is that I was consistent. Now, with the Shadowy FA I take less hits and end up being in better shape for the fight that is the meat and potatoes of the game. Time will tell. Lets get a few more games in and see what happens Cheers As a side note elves magical abilities are tip top. The arcane blast/storm spells are simply mean.
  6. At first I was kinda bummed to see how small my elves FAs seemed. Now that I thought about it I realize just how awsome they are reroll ranged attacks killer and what essentialy becomes deflect/2 for everybody just slendid. Another bonus I like is that they short and sweet. Yeah we lost our laser sights and our free ridge runner/wood strider but well be fine.
  7. Well the 1597 list got me second at the Miscon tourney and at such a small margin between 1st and 2nd (less than 100 points) I came away with my head held high. I did not have a problem with dehanis flying solo just kept her behind my lines away from danger. The lone centaur was lackluster at best but he is a very cheap card. I think I'll drop it for now to free up points for a mage. I am very impressed with deathseekers and royal guard this weekend 3 deathseekers killed both Gerard and Logan battlefury (archers helped). The royal guard are rock solid and warmaster is amazing. Royal guard as a wall and deathseekers as a counter attack is a fearsome combo. For their part the guard defeated a unit of justicars and the hydra its understood archers helped Archers that reroll is astounding need I say more? Thanks for letting me on to splitting the archers into each troop. warriors are cheap and expendable (hydra) the longthorn never saw action. Eawod that crit shot is sweet I was able to plug clerics and mages without rolling and it is great against super high DV units he is pricy though I may try Dani next and spend the extra points on archers. Well that sums up my expiriences for now good luck and happy gaming
  8. I'll second that. A fully fledged Samurai army would be great.
  9. I could totally bring crusaders and I'm very excited to get this mini.
  10. Thanks alot SE How have you been using casters? I wanted her to be flexible, able to support multiple troops more efectively. Plus she adds a cards to my initiative deck. In the past havin the initiative has been a keystone in my armies.
  11. Well I word on the tourney this weekend so here it goes 1600 points Elven (1597) Eawod Greater Magic Armor 3 warriors Archer Arnise magic armor shadowy contacts 3 death seekers 2 archers Meridh 2 Warriors 2 archers Longthorn Centaur archer outrider Dehanis outrider Hold 2 cure 2 Divine vigor Daereth magic armor tactics book 3 royal guards 2 archers What do you think? thanks for any input
  12. I would love a fast moving trap setter in my elven army. just the threat would be enough to deny crucial terrain to my enemy without using manpower or exposing my troops to attack
  13. Thanks much Darthiir, well as for the six spells it may not last but I want to be prepared for anything. Still stuck in my old ways. Your right I should split my archers. So if I give Arnise two archers and move the longthorn into Meridh's troop it should be quite an improvement.
  14. Here's the 1000 pointer I'll be using...soon....I hope (I jave not played with the new cards yet) Eawod GMA 3 warriors longthorn Arnise MA 3 death seekers Centaur Archer solo Meridh 4 archers Dehanis solo cure 1 cure 1 cure 2 slow divine vigor hold Total 997 The basic plan is to have Eawod crit shot tough guys whilst his troops guards him Arnise and the deathseekers are forward guards the centaur can harass a flank Meridh and his archers well they do what they do best Dehanis keeps Arnise' troop healthy and can watch out for Eawod too. 5 activation cards I think should be plenty to keep me were I want to be. Any thoughts our actual expirience critiques? thanks
  15. I'll third the +3 RAV bonus that could be a life saver with monsters like the hydra running around. I'm having trouble deciding between Danithal and Eawod I can see the D being awsome with a light armor upgrade and a magic weapon of sorts and a few bolts for good measure but Eawod is so cool he goes to 11 and all he needs for survivability is some armor. any pros or cons I'm missing?
  16. I dont have any Ideas about new faction abilities but I would have liked us to keep the ability to fire into melee without penalty. Also a new faction spell that would create a stand of trees CD sized maybe would be awsome.
  17. An old friend of mine biulds some fabulous terrain and he ran out of room and was moving so he was very kind and gave me this beauty. some of the metal gave a funny camera effect but its ok. FIY:I'm bringing it to miscon so we can have an awsome battle for warlord, so who's ready to come get some
  18. Anyone know where I can get a good look at some Greek and Roman style minis through egypt in ther too. thanks
  19. On elves: If you replace much of their archery with a plethora of magical goodness, you can really ruin someones day.
  20. looks good I'll be watching it :)
  21. Alot of firsts for me one this one fist real try at a scenic base first attempt at pinning definetly a poor attempt cause it broke in transit (sorry) anywho it has arrived so here is a couple o' pics Im not such a great photographer either I play elves and every time I looked at it I could just see someone yelling "get off of there before you get shot!"
  22. That is one awsome dragon! Who makes it?
  23. I played a female once but it was probably more out of wantingto use the Finari fig than anything else.
  24. Someone needs to make a how to sculpt a dragon like the ones on the WIP forum. I can see it now "First sculpt an S then sculpt a more different S" This is truly an amazing sculpt best of luck on future projects
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