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  1. Thanks flit the top is more true to life. yeah I ant a very dark purple look but not black its hard to get what I want but your notebook idea should help me be more consistent.
  2. Well heres my viridius. Ive been working off and on for about 9 months I'm taking it real slow cause I wanna do well and I get distracted easily. Anyways I need some advice on how to highlight this dragon some more. The headshot is before he got a new set of chompers now the head and neck are almost done but they dont pop. the light hereis real yellow sorry about that Thanks for any tips
  3. As a sub-list I want to see a High elf faction, a product of the Tirithilian war machine fast, deadly and arrogant (SP?). More armor less woodly goodly folk of the forest.
  4. Hey Darthiir, Was this with your vaunted "Kill aysa" list? I have not fought the undead since the book came out so what are we to do in the face of this monster? any ideas anyone? ...Buhler?
  5. It sounds very good to me in theory and as such I support it. Let me know how it works out. Also what about deployment pairing and such?
  6. I do plan on some different lists and i really like the rule in the dallas warlord tourney posted up in the general discussion 3 300 points models mandatory that really helps balance it.
  7. A rough tourney army for me usualy was this: Selwyn imp. protection Lyssete GME firestorm ice shards dispell 5 warriors Meridh 6 archers Centuar Meridh 3 warriors Meridh 3 warriors Approx. 1000 points, is this a swarm? maybe I do try to pack in as many minis as I can but still find a character can really pack a punch.
  8. In the spirit of fun Ive cooked up a new list I hope to try soon. It is not designed to lay waste to my opposition but have a fun (bloody) game while still having the unknown victory factor. Let me know hat you think. Elvish “melee” list Selwyn GMA 129 4 vale guard 76 troop standard 10 4 longthorns 80 Niriodel 3 bandages, hold 130 The main line moves forward to engage the enemy niriodle keeps em standing and picks at any baddies. Arnise Improved protection, DF 89 4 deathseekers 136 Niriodel 2 bandages, bless, hold 125 deathseekers hold back slightly the move in for a the kill or take on any solo threats Centaur 61 annoyance and sniper the usual Meridh 36 2 vale archers 88 2 longthorns 40 another sniper unit Total 1000 Again this isnt really meant to win a tournament its a fun brawler army where I just want to mix it up and see who survives.
  9. Well Im practicing with my new camera. This guy is typical of my army which is fully painted and has over 70 models.
  10. thats awsome welcome to the boards and keepe em coming
  11. She's pretty sore bu otherwise ok. The baby was due Nov. 1st so hes good and thanks everyone Ill have him roling dice in no time.
  12. wieghing in at 8 pounts and some other measurements i cant remember right now its Samuel
  13. We made it out of sculpey. just roll out a ball for the body then for the head you need something shaped like a cheese...or an anvil which are two of the finest things in the world. Add a couple arms some legs little things for hair and voila a the cheat.
  14. My wife made these for use as a silly unit in wargames and naturally for cheating we put in the light switch so you could turn the light on and off not so you could throw rave parties.
  15. A great job for 20 minutes and thanks for taking away my multipost shame.
  16. Feanor

    In the market

    Thanks all, soon Ill be tearin up the show off lol
  17. Hello all, My wife and I are about to have our first child, I have taken the opportunity to say we should get a good digital camera. You know for all the great shotas of the tike growing up andf naturally as an aside to get pics of mini's. Im just looking for a good digital camera and was hoping someone here could make a few suggestions. thanks for any advice P.S. 3 to 5 five hundred dollars
  18. I really like the idea of creating a stand of trees, but im not so much a fan of "treewalk". It just seems a bit overboard to me.
  19. Very nice. Why the non-nun paint scheme?
  20. As a sub-list I want to see a High elf faction, a product of the Tirithilian war machine fast, deadly and arrogant (SP?). Only elves no centaurs, eagles or treeman. I would imagine them going to battle with banners flying and trumpets blowing (no shadowy abilities) they would keep practice makes perfect of course and feathered skies. then add niriodel as an elite/solo any ideas anyone wanna playtest it with me, bob?
  21. Models I dont use (but do own) Ardynn Mossbeard giant eagle Caerwynn breakers these are all IMHO too expensive or not skilled at what they do.
  22. If you do have them all painted by monday youll have to come to Missoula again and we can give this lock shields vs. elves a try, you know a little playtesting.
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