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  1. I won a Viridius dragon at miscon last weekend as soon as Evilbob handed me the box I went prancing around the game tables "TROGDOR! TROGDOR! BURNINATE" it was fun but I dont know if i'll paint him green
  2. LordoftheLeaves, are you talking to me? It has six archers If not then the wife and I have been dicussing an SLC trip on June tenth for a cousins wedding. Darthiir thanks I had not thougt of the Lyssete archer combo hmmm...
  3. Hi all, Well Im going to a con this weekend and Im really excited about the warlord tourney. Its gonna be 1000 points Im thinking of using my same list as before because i cant see any weakness in it. but im considering some adjustment just because nitpick away! Warlord list 1000 3 points to spend Captain: 103 6 warriors 114 Deathseeker 33 Lyssete 48: Firestorm 75, Dispel 10, greater magic empowerment 45, divine favor 10, ice shards 10, fear 5 (203) Centaur 58 Sergeant 36 3 warriors 57 Sergeant 36 6 archers 264 Sergeant 36 3 warriors 57 A few adjustments Im considering all revolve around dropping the centaur and adding a couple bodies in the form of a deathseeker/ warrior or an archer and a little gear thanks
  4. I am a firm believer that dice are an integral part of the army and should be treated as such. All my dice wether for warlord or 40K travel with the army in the carrying case so they feel that they are important too. Love your dice and they will love you back.
  5. Showing my vast internet illiteracy Whats PWN? or PWNS?
  6. Its the nuns the nuns!
  7. Vil is right but I would use Deathseekers because as a group they will be better at guarding the archers.
  8. My elves laugh at this AHAHAHAHAHAHA....HA Firestorm! haha EDIT: sure shot all elves have sure shot :)
  9. i love the fig but i can't use it for anything...i'm poor, so, I'll never have one. Nice paint job, looks awesome. Could hurt people and stuff.
  10. the leather looks better in real life, I swear!
  11. Darkspawn Eh? LK has it with hitting his grunts and remember that demon is big so sling arrows while he is in combat as you can always see him. I always go for numbers let me dig out one of my 1000pointers Captain: 103 6 warriors 114 Deathseeker 33 Lyssete 48: Firestorm 75, Dispel 10, greater magic empowerment 45, divine favor 10, ice shards 10, fear 5 (203) Centaur 58 Sergeant 36 3 warriors 57 Sergeant 36 6 archers 264 Sergeant 36 3 warriors 57 lots of activations let me control the flow of the game I used this list with devastating effects in a tourney a few months back. I break the archer into a two and four member team four in the center two on a flank with the centaur on the opposite flank from the 2 Capatin takes center melee sarges each take a flank. Ranger its a good thing. shoot shoot shoot all your archers need a 10 to hit him so shoot him with meridh and hope for it, while the archers pick on his grunts although if you get the chance 13 shots is going to do something to one mini. If you kill his big baddy it can be a severe morale blow. good luck on a side note where can we get pice of HUMANSQUISH's demon
  12. Yeah the flesh does look uber dark but otherwise it looks good the tattos look great bit they dont fit my fluff not even my deathseekers have any :0
  13. Cool my only critique qould to go for some more contrast between the skin and hair. Love this fig :)
  14. these are great lists IMHO Darthiir has a musician so you can move the archers 8 inches or double move 16 in a pinch good luck
  15. sig will like it im assuming thats whom its for does he play cav?
  16. I just learned from my BL rep that Gallant games of missoula Mt. will be closing at the end of the month. and I ask a moment of silence. Begin Thank you now a few words Gallant was a gamers game store owned and operated by those that loved the craft. You will be missed but worry not for we will game on, in a thousand cities across thousands of tables we will roll dice for tose who can no more.
  17. LOL I do like to have some melee in my games but I usually only do it if I am sue I will win it or if I really have to.
  18. Great job on a first mini keep em coming
  19. Just the cover bonus. As for splitting your archers, I almost always take 6 archers and split into a two elf and four elf team. the two protect the flank and hunt spellcasters while the four protect the main advance.
  20. hehe I have done an all melee elf force a couple times Im 1 and 1 with them as compared to my Gazillion and 3 with a standard list. I heard of this same thing happening with Ivy crown and Ymilrix when the mercied him in combat LOL well good luck and stuff happens makes it fun cheers
  21. Selwyns Gambit Selwyn peered over the brush to have a look at what the scouts had told her about, sure enough a large troop of goblins were hastily going about their work as larger orcs bellowed commands and cracked whips. "a throne of bone" Selwyn cursed under her breath the reven battle totem. The elves had been skirmishing with orc bands for some time in this area but now the greenskins had small army grouped up and were preparing a totem, action was called for. "Should we now go back and warn Danithal?" asked one of the scouts. "there's no time the orcs will have that thing done by morning" Selwyn responded while drawing her sword. The elves were outnumbered but the had the element of surprise, Selwyn signalled her archers to ready a volley.... The gambit. the enemy is preparing a battle totem and you must and your force must destroy it before it can be brought to the field you are outnumbered so move fast, strike hard and pray. Attacker to defender point values: the Defender always has 25% more points than the defender so if the attacker has 1000 the defender has 1250 and so on Deployment: the defender deploys first in a 18 inch circle centered on their totem then the attacker deploys their troops no closer than 18 inches to the enemy deployment zone. Attacker gets first activiation. The attacker chooses one troop to start the fray this is a surprise assault. Disabling the totem the attacke must disable the totem as normal except in this case the totem is not finished it provides no +1 MAV and only needs five loot actions to destroy it. Victory Conditions: The attacker gains 50 victory points for each loot action taken on the totem. The defender must drive off the attackers to ensure the safety of the totem. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner.
  22. I dont know, maybe I'd do it. Illusioncould be a fun spell it would definetly be a finesse force though maybe just try one using the generig data cards from the back of the book. good luck
  23. Cool thanks for the step by step on this Ill post a pic or two when I get it done
  24. My elves have a variety of battle cries depending on our foes many of which come from the afforementioned tick and simpsons "Sun worshiping dog launchers you face the Elves" (Retpus) the tick on Aztecs may also work for crusaders with wardogs and orcs with beastriders "wrinkly wrongdoers stop that evilness" (Nefsokar) the tick facing the terror "Know him!? hes my worthless half brother" (darkspawn) Krusty on Luke perry "money the money's money is all that moneys" (mercs) homer on money or something "You cant stop me I'm filled with tinier men" this will be good when I get an all halfling army Ok so alot of these arent really battle cries but they do come up in battles and I love to quote the tick so it happens alot cheers
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