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  1. After giving both Buckland and the Miner a jaunty yellow-and-white scheme, it came burning hot into my mind that they should be part of a team of space roughnecks/asteroid miners/problem solvers. This is the rest of that team. First, Kulgara. She's a Pathfinder model, from the 'Iron Gods' adventure, and is a techno-badelf. What a great Space Orc. I think her vambraced fists count as construction equipment, and the ridiculously huge chainsaw (with knuckle spikes, in case you have a chainsaw fight and need to punch someone?) is beautifully over-the-top. I'm not sure what the lever-matic tool on her back is supposed to be. The giant wrench is from Bombshell. She's definitely in the right line of work here. Next up, Sluggo, the Space Henchman. Noseless and brutish, with gangly but muscular arms and a dyspeptic expression. I thought at first of making him the same species as the Andromedans, but decided against it and gave him a pale Vampiric Flesh+Magos Purple sluglike complexion. Jetpack is Bombshell again. I love jetpacks, though I'm afraid this one gets in the way of his suspendies. Serendipitously, I remembered the weird little Slimer-like alien I had leftover from Betty, Space Heroine (50150). It, too, has a big round noseless head, rubbery aspect, wiry limbs, and short legs! Perhaps it and Sluggo here are the same species; it certainly looks like it could hench in a pinch. I'll call it Squish. Also got a fella in a hazmat suit with some kind of Geiger-counter sensor or such, from Hasslefree. Seen here in a routine check of goo emissions levels. Just carrying out assigned tasks, nothing suspicious here. And here's the whole greasy roustabout crew:
  2. Beautiful coral snake--that work really paid off! Lovely shade of pink on the hair, too.
  3. Magnificent! Lovely color transitions and darklining. Those wings remind me of those rainbow-algaed thermal springs from Yellowstone and similar.
  4. Thank you! Weedkiller is an excellent in-game strategy for these fellows. Thank you! Pinks and heliotropes are so pretty and so good for monsters! I salute you as the master of colorful and dangerous growths, so this is high praise! Thanks!
  5. Thank you! I enjoyed it. Yayy! I have succeeded then! (Really does look better with wings, imo.) Oh, he's a big boi by tabletop standards, at the very small end of Large or the very large end of Medium size. About 8 or 9 foot in scale...but yes, Ziba makes him look undernourished! She's a VERY imposing figure.
  6. Spectacular as always! The human investigators are splendid; I especially like the red shadows on the student athlete's green skirt, and the faces on the nurse and the resistance fighter. Fantastic colors on the horrors.
  7. Great work on the barding and detailing! The knights really pop. Those Bloodstone Gnomes lean into that "Incatec" theme, with obsidian macahuitls and elaborate headdresses. I don't know why that was the choice for that faction, but I'm glad it happened. I use them for Mesoamerican Lost World pulp stand-ins.
  8. Splendid work! I really like those Frostgrave head swaps; they really add to the diversity of the crew. The little fellow with the schnozz and the spyglass is my favorite.
  9. Masterful work on the scales; the detailed texture really stands out with your painting!
  10. Great stuff! The striations on the wings really sell them. Hooray bats!
  11. Extraplanar beings are diverse. I've painted several red fiends, and some green, blue, and purple spirits. When I came across this sculpt in the FLGS, I decided to try a new unnatural complexion for this devilish-looking entity, without any red whatsoever. It was fun! Only regret is that there were some great exposed back muscles that are harder to see now because I decided he needed wings (graciously donated by 039988, Bomber Sophie). More angles: The garment was a good opportunity for gradients, but I can't help but feel there was a missed opportunity for a pattern. I'm open to suggestions! Fair warning: while this mini looks rad, there are areas underneath the skirt that are almost impossible to reach with a straight brush. Hard to notice from most angles, fortunately, but another instance of a common oversight on the company's part. Appropriately dramatic glamor shot: A surprise guest appearance from Big Sister:
  12. I've had most of these in some state of finished for a while now, but it took me some time to lay hands on a Dragon Plant. But here we have the entire verdant army--not so much tree creatures or fungi, but bosky flowering herbs and forbs. First up, some Vardu plant-people from Hydra Miniatures (while they specialize in retro spacefuture sci-fi, they have some other treasures). A Warrior and eight Sproutlings. More angles: The sproutlings come in two sculpts, but the whippy vine-arms are easily posed and bent. The Warrior comes with an extra head option (petals closed), which I have used below. Next, some Creepers from Crooked Dice! These are magnificent shambling Pod People. I tried to give the fleshy-petaled 'head' a louche, unwholesome look, like something pollinated by carrion beetles. A couple of more sessile forms, maybe an earlier stage in the lifecycle. Couldn't resist the red-and-white color scheme. The Death Star Lilies (77504) are brilliant sculpts--the open and closed form of an organic bear-trap. And the Dragon Plant is clearly related, with the serrated petals and sticky anther lure. Group shots of the less anthropoid plants: And the whole Triffidoid faction:
  13. A marvelously chaotic and mischievous crew! I like 'em!
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