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  1. Very pretty, and great for multiple settings!
  2. What a magnificent dude! Love the gnarled horns and staff.
  3. Lovely color choices! I really like this monster-hunter lady.
  4. I like the transitional autumn colors on the foliage!
  5. I kind of like that horrible scaly mole face! Somehow it reminds me of that photo (allegedly) of the Tatzelwurm.
  6. What a chaotic good boy!
  7. Splendid detailing! Really brings out the creases in that face. The arm veins are perfect too.
  8. Thanks, all! There's another henchfellow in the pipeline; they are all full of character!
  9. Thanks, everyone! The terrain is mostly printed cardstock ("Deadfall" from WorldWorks, I think?) I like the story ideas, too--especially the crystal skull!
  10. Painting some pulp-era characters from Etsy--delightful and expressive sculpts, a couple of jazz musicians. Finished the pulp coppers and divers; also Toad the Drummer and his drum kit from Chronoscope. The third Moroccan henchman is done. Two more Men from Mercury (converted from Heroclix) are done. Mario and DK are done, but the setpiece is in progress. Belevos, Traveling Wizard (as monk) is done. Working on statues: Fertility Idol, Stone Spartans, Shark Tiki. Battle Nuns are about halfway done. Pulp museum personnel (professor, research assistant/docent, guard) are almost done. Scouts (including the Weaselmancer!) are in progress. I don't have a plan or a schedule anymore; just going to work on whatever sparks that inspiration!
  11. Great work on the eyes!
  12. The stubble really sells this character! Great work.
  13. Great cindery color scheme, offset perfectly by the teal!
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