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  1. What a great expression on that serene homely mug! Splendid flesh tones, too.
  2. Absolutely amazing oxidation on the wings!
  3. What a great spindly figure! Does he come with the mechanical backpack? Splendid work on the pale suit and the arm.
  4. JUST realized: if I'm going to use these as NPCs they are absolutely getting played as half-pint Jacobean Mulder and Scully. The monster-hunting dynamic works perfectly. "Calavera, hast heard tell of the anthropophagous mer-creature sailors of the Feegee isles in the New World speak of?" "Ay, Mouldre, but they be but a myth to affright the colonies, or artful patchworks to fool the simple; Natural Philofophy hath no place for them." "Sai'st so? Then why these small, wet footprints leading from the savaged corpse to the canal?" "A mud-lark looting coins, perhaps, or an over-inquifitive beaver? There are veridical explanations Mouldre, and it is them we seek, not old wives' tales and carnival japes!" (absolutely a fishman did it.)
  5. Very rad and VERY angry! Great hippo skin tones, too.
  6. Outstanding vignette! Lovely work all around and especially on that squig skeleton. (I didn't notice it's puppeteer until the last photo!) Vibrant colors and good gobboes.
  7. Outstanding! That pit fiend will make a fine spacemonster. Love the robot conversion and those shiny red minions! Great background for a blasted planet too!
  8. A++ as always! The shiny NMM is amazing, and I love the corroded matte purple look of the shield next to those shiny rivets.
  9. What an enormous horrible hulk! Love the crusty fingernails. I really like the boils as is! If you want them more like inflamed blue skin, pinks and purples with pale green pus might look less magma-like.
  10. Thank you! I appreciate it! The somber earth tones are period-appropriate, and make for a nice visual echo of my human monster hunters.
  11. Thank you all for the kind words and likes! They're great sculpts, make for good OSL practice. Glad it came off! Any tips on improving are welcome. Horrible secrets, no doubt! It will probably be something under my "classic monsters" tag from 2019. Or maybe a witch construct! Thank you! That would be nice, but not likely in the smoke-shadowed rat-riddled City...
  12. Thank you! They are fun sculpts and very painter-friendly. Many thanks! The stone effect I got very easily: those are real stone slabs! Just Dremeled some designs into them. A dolmen is a great addition to any wilderness scene!
  13. Lovely skin tones, and great base! Those colors really make it look underwater. Great sculpt design, too!
  14. Great work, and what an excellent sculpt! I'm a fan of the weathered look, and always here for color-coded spacefuture troopers!
  15. Spectacular rust and decay as always, and the stained mud uncovered by the treads looks properly mucky! Did you use water effects, or just gloss medium to get that wet-mud look?
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