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  1. Now that's some good OSL! Excellent work!
  2. Great weathering! This is a fun one.
  3. I have a Reaper sample that might work, but it doesn't have an official number. I HAVE used ArmyPainter Toxic Mist for cotton candy before; if the paint-comparison app recommends something like it, I'd go for it. Pictures follow. Looks like my phone won't paste pics directly, but here's the link to the cotton candy stand: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91464-circus-clowns-to-the-left-of-me-jokers-to-the-right/
  4. Crimson spirals and teeth are looking good!
  5. It looks brutish and terrifying, so well done there!
  6. That's very good work on some quite complex pale drapery. Her profiles are particularly lovely. Well done!
  7. Good eyes, and that purple tunic looks very nice!
  8. Spectacular detail with the griddle and sink, and all the advertisements and posters really help sell it!
  9. Excellent scene! That Battle-prawn is a pointy customer! Good work on Nanaari's hair and cape.
  10. Good color schemes with the green and purple!
  11. Ultra rad! Love the mohawk colors on Devo/Bobbdob and Theris/Caesar. Give those dragon-run megacorps hell.
  12. That shroud is *ghastly* in the BEST way! Absolutely nailed the paint job. M. R. James would approve. Pirate looks good too--interested in the backstory behind his conversion!
  13. Ohhh...The White Vault would be perfect! Love that podcast. (And I'm probably not seeing the colors properly on my phone brightness settings.)
  14. Lighting on the farmer's face is perfect, very cinematic.
  15. Obelix pants is my opinion, but I don't think you made a bad choice. Share your frustration with DeepCuts--they are not sculpted by painters, for sure.
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