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  1. Exquisite color choices on this gnarly fella! He really looks like frostbite and the cold wind have turned his flesh to jerky. The gold and purples go so well together.
  2. Really fantastic work! The sigils all over the big nasty are a perfect touch and show attention to detail. Great unifying color scheme. I'd like to see some of those Uthuk closer. I recognize a Reaper Cultist in the front there! Well done.
  3. I think that expression is what "you have Advantage on Intimidation checks" looks like. Great work!
  4. Great color choices and hooray diverse merfolk!
  5. Excellent work on that Klaus Kinski face!
  6. Lots of colorful bats out there--love the scheme you picked!
  7. Very clean work; love the bright colors! The masks are a nice touch.
  8. Agreed; perfect colors and textures!
  9. I love how you brought out the veins in his arms and hands! That houngan lady for scale is also lovely!
  10. Glorious wings, both organic and machine!
  11. That's an unholy cow for sure! Ugh ugh this thing is a WRONG thing and I don't like to look at it! That means you did an exquisite job. The pale tones are perfect!
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