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  1. 02486, the double-chinned ogre mage/oni, if he didn't get incorporated into the new Bones V.
  2. The plan is to get it laminated at a print shop once I'm done. It is pretty fragile, you're right.
  3. I've said it before; Jalak Leadbarrels could easily be the first dwarf in this collection! No mohawk though.
  4. Found a roll of galactic star/space wrapping paper at the local craft store. And it was fairly well-received at game last week, but black space on black tables could be better! AND SO...an afternoon with the airbrush, and I put some nebulas and stuff on it! Here's the first draft, gonna put more details on it later. Splatter some silver on for stars, put in a rogue planet or so, increase some of the contrast, etc.
  5. He of the Gurgling Belly! The Famished Giant! The Gluttonous Prince! He of the Single Eye! The Horned Trampler! Monstrum horrendum, informe, ingens! He is a big beefy boy. It's difficult to get him all in one shot! Here are a few representative close-ups, and a couple of full shots, ish. More partials: I tried something new and basecoated him in a GW green contrast (much of which is still the hair and beard) and painted Caucasian
  6. Planking on the interior complete; also did some more work sawing unwanted details out of the hold (and patching & repainting the holes and scrapes that caused.) Those pics, and some gilding and metallics, soon.
  7. Excellent blues and purples, and I like the web-like brushwork effect on the base!
  8. Thanks for the kind words, all! I appreciate it; these are a great bunch and I need to write a few one-shots for them. Thank you--and also for originally pointing me towards the Hasslefree gang in the first place! I've been loving your Wasteland Wanderer take on the gang--and the sets. The Mystery Machine really sells it IMO. The base model, and a red version, were about $5 or 6 USD at some supermarkets and hardware stores. I think I may get another one to turn into a SPACE BUS a la Spaceballs. Glad you liked the food stands--I've never been very cle
  9. Thanks, all! They were fun to paint up. I was inspired by the sample paintjob on the site, and for good reason! Aren't they just?! I think the Major and Rowen are my favorites. Dynamic confidence. Hmmm...I do still have the masked alternate head from Frank Russo. I could do worse than try another version in that style... Thank you! I also did some cyberpunk city shots but they came out poorly. Maelee is a beauty all right; wish I could paint lips and eyes that well on a regular basis. Thanks! And yes, this is some Ludicrous Macho Broccoli; th
  10. Love the blackened disintegration beam and those fuchsia gums!
  11. The gold veins on the Soul Devourer are a perfect touch.
  12. Love the pointillist scales on the back and the wing spots!
  13. Lovely colors! and you might be surprised at how colorful many boletes and inedible fungi are; all of my technicolor myconids are straight out of a "Mushrooms of the World" field guide. You've done these myconids up perfectly. Hooray the fungus among us!
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