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  1. Rigel

    Sculpting a Rubeosaurus

    This is shaping up to be a yabba-dabba- DO! Planning on painting it as on the poster (magnificent art and solid palaeontology btw!), or something different?
  2. Rigel

    Sleeping Minotaur

    This is next-level stuff! Will be following with interest!
  3. Rigel

    Gandalf Games Workshop

    For "very rudimentary" it looks remarkably advanced! The finished product will be truly spectacular!
  4. Rigel

    Bombshell's Gillie as Abbie Sapien

    Thanks, all! Budget cutbacks at the BPRD. Congress doesn't want to pay for "superstitious woo-woo." Fortunately, there's lots of sunken treasure for those who don't care about pressure or oxygen tank limitations. This one is very simple, but a) the scrapbook paper aisle at the craft store is a great resource, b) that blue reindeer moss has paid for itself many times over, and c) just wait 'till I get my hands on that Dreadmere boat! I plan on running some "Ghosts of Saltmarsh" and Reaper has an *extensive* selection of pirates...
  5. Thanks, all! The high-contrast green was was @Glitterwolf's idea, and wise it was. Oh you know it! Hypergeometric space warping and MADNESS for sure!
  6. Rigel

    Sarah Blitzer

    So rad!
  7. Rigel

    Rigel's to-do list

    Thank you! Progress on the Nolzur Xorns. The lava bases need a bit of work and their pebbly hides need some blue and purple wash, but the end's in sight!
  8. Rigel

    The Satyr's Waterfall

    Magnificent work! Beautiful scene, well-imagined and well-executed!
  9. Rigel

    Take on the skeleton king?

    I like the story being told here!
  10. Rigel

    Cheddar Burrata Nikto?

    Brie-ä! Cthulhu fromag'n! I like it, especially the starfield/nebula base and the face on that wizard.
  11. A curvier, svelter version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Bombshell's Gillie is a natural stand-in for a gender-flipped Abe Sapien. A good partner for the Heckfella I painted a while ago. She's been mostly done for a few weeks; just took the photos today. Flash photography: No flash: Now I just have to figure out how to kitbash a Johann Kraus...maybe Reaper's Deep Sea Diver plus half a pill capsule with a wisp of cotton wool inside?
  12. From the depths of SPACE, they came! A menace unlike any the Solar System had yet seen! Their weapons--inexorable! Their strange mental powers--UNCANNY! Bombshell's Counterblast line has a faction called the Edofleini. Can't prove anything, but I feel strongly that the designer had read David Wiesner's "June 29, 1999" at a formative age. The Edo are giant-brained cephalopods with zap guns and psionic powers, and if that doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps a Space Squid has used an Emotive Transductor to suck all the JOY and WONDER from your heart? (They can do that, you know!) I couldn't resist, anyway. Tried to give them a color scheme inspired by this coconut octopus. Here's the four-eyed leader of the bunch, in its magnificent robe of office. The gold-armored subordinate with Neural Halberd: A vicious enforcer, tentacles flailing: A four-eyed underling: And a runtish Spawnling: And here's a group shot! Keep watching the skies! Guard your brains! ARE YOUR THOUGHTS YOUR OWN, CITIZEN? Ever so many more pictures below if you click:
  13. Rigel

    MESBG Master of Lake Town

    What a wonderful sneer! That sculpt, and your paint job, really brings this character to life. Love the feathers.
  14. Your counsel is WISE. Let it be so! They are delightful, and come in a variety of sizes, which I like very much. I've been coveting them for a while now. WotW is exactly right... there's even a Tripod and pilot (but it costs money). Thanks you! Thanks all around. I think they're ready, but my camera ate another round of batteries. Will post in Show-Off soon.