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  1. Very good work, especially on those mugs!
  2. I went down a bit of a rabbit hole...if you are looking for similar, see https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/77699 https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/02738 https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/02790 Happy hunting!
  3. Good stuff! I love the green poison, but would say add more because tiny surfaces need exaggerated features. Keep it green IMO though!
  4. Very nice work! This fella is going on the wishlist for sure.
  5. Hooray finished projects! And you KNOW I'm a fan of skull-masked witches!
  6. Sweet progress, and I love that walrus-man! If he's out of the freezing water and warming up, a great excuse to use some brighter pinks.
  7. So sweet! 🥰💀 Great building work and absolutely perfect choice of sculpts! Love the lady's dress too.
  8. Thank y'all! It was fun times getting the ring sorted--and I've certainly thought about Bob Murch's Pulp Pugsy Flannigan set. Certainly there's room for expansion! Thanks! The hardest part of making the ring was finding a square box lid of the right size. You want something close to 4 in x 4 in, but there is some flexibility. Our Leprechaun was a Stonehaven Gnome Pugilist, and Mister Hyde was a Clay Golem with some greenstuff tattered clothes, a pin cane, and a top hat. Incredible Woman...is an incredible sculpt. I've painted one iteration as a luchador, one as a Venerian Amazon, and one as a superheroine. Thank you for the kind words and yes, perfect choice of theme music! (The judges would also have accepted "Eye of the Tiger") 😄
  9. Thanks! Fantastic sculpts, can only hope for more of these corvid folks!
  10. Thank you all! Who among us can resist a Beast Dude sculpt? I need to get some of those new Bones ones next.
  11. I'm always here for any iteration of this rad ape sculpt! Love the base with the machine parts.
  12. These two are fantastic shamblers and the monochrome color scheme makes them look nice and sinister.
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