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  1. Beautiful work, both in design and placement! That last one is especially magnificent.
  2. Rigel

    Reaper Beetle Swarm

    Good iridescence!
  3. Thanks, everyone! I know my audience sometimes! And you know from wolves, so this is high praise. Thanks! It's a subtle touch, but it wouldn't be right to have a werewolf shoot without a full moon. And the story isn't mine, but from the playwright Webster's "The Duchess of Malfi." The excerpt is based on a contemporary account of a murder trial (there are several well-documented werewolf trials, particularly from late renaissance and Bourbon-era France) It is true. Teachers see it as well. There are a couple of historical accounts of medical lycanthropy in which the patients would have episodes on full moon nights despite being kept in windowless rooms.
  4. Superb work! I like how not only the pirates, but also the wooden masts and decks and chests, are also spectral. Beautiful job.
  5. Rigel

    Boneflail, Gnoll Cleric, 77234

    That pawprint is a great idea, well-executed!
  6. Rigel

    1/72 plastic adventurers plus a saproling (77495)

    Nice work! Love those saprolings.
  7. Rigel

    The Ice Queen (77281 Succubus, modified)

    Brilliant re-imagining, and that ice dagger really sells it!
  8. "Even the man who says his prayers / Before going to bed at night / May turn to WOLF when the wolfsbane blooms / and the moon is high and bright." --Apocryphal rhyme DOCTOR. A very pestilent disease, my lord, They call lycanthropia... In those that are possess'd with 't there o'erflows Such melancholy humour they imagine Themselves to be transformed into wolves; Steal forth to church-yards in the dead of night, And dig dead bodies up: as two nights since One met the duke 'bout midnight in a lane Behind Saint Mark's church, with the leg of a man Upon his shoulder; and he howl'd fearfully; Said he was a wolf, only the difference Was, a wolf's skin was hairy on the outside, His on the inside... --The Duchess of Malfi Body horror, puberty, loss of control, loved ones acting out of character, cannibalism, madness, things more savage and bloodthirsty than we thought man or beast could be--it's a rich vein of horror. The further back you go, the more blurred the distinction between vampire and werewolf and witch becomes, but as a general rule what we now consider to be vampires are specifically betrayers of hospitality and home; like de Rais and Bathory, they commit their crimes behind closed doors. Werewolves, on the other hand, are given to savagery outdoors, in the lanes, under the moonlight, in the moors and lonesome places. It is appropriate then, that Julie Guthrie's werewolf 02139, is named DuChamps--of the fields. Here he is, in form much more wolf than man. These two pictures are behind the Spoilers tab because, while Julie did not necessarily have to sculpt Jean-Paul's werescrote and transmogrified lycanthrodong, she did that. She did that for us, because she's a PROFESSIONAL and doesn't take shortcuts. I don't think it rises to indecency, but better safe. Will delete and link if the need arises. Next up. the truly monstrous Werewolf, 77009. Those familiar with the role-playing game "Werewolf!" from White Wolf will recognize this as a Crinos form. Enormous, savage, horrific. This is about a 50/50 mix of Man and Wolf, but with the features dialed up to 11. I had fun painting hair on the smoother human limbs. And lastly, a Nolzur's werewolf I had on the Shelf of Shame. This one is mostly human but with a wolf's head and claws. A note on the full moon: it's just a Nolzur's disc base painted white and poked with paintbrush ends of varying sizes during the drying phase to simulate craters. I may have to do some more of this with discs of different sizes and colors for Spacefuture shots, because multiple moons convey Other Worlds the way zeppelins convey Alternate Histories.
  9. As promised, better shots of Autumn.
  10. YES absolutely. Baroque machine control panels, unlikely engines, balloon gondolas. Same for dieselpunk. Gimme them riveted panels, streamlined fuselages, and vernier controls!
  11. Rigel

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera

    Well done, and splendid basing.
  12. My original plan was to use a simple Nolzur's two-wheeled cart, pulled by Schubert the war mastiff. BUT Glitterwolf's suggestions are always good. That Nolzur vardo is just about perfect. And it is the sort of thing where that groovy purple-and-green paint job wouldn't look out of place! Love it!
  13. Thanks, all! I got lucky with the photos; sun was going down behind the clouds and the lighting worked just right. It's a fantastic mini; I love the detail in the scales/plates. I'll have to try another with mostly washes sometime.
  14. Thanks! Glad we caught the Pink Floyd drop, and I appreciate the kind words! This is a great sculpt for bright blue inks and drybrushing. Glad the noose worked; I thought about making it a gavel, but this way was more threatening and less rule-of-law.
  15. Rigel

    Lidless Eye: MOMMiniaturas Mercenaries

    All great work, but that foppish Renaissance ogre is really a cut above.