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  1. That giant Emir is spectacular!
  2. UPDATED update: should have known that as soon as I said something publicly the universe would work to make me sound silly. Good news for me this time! Artisan/Northstar package and Reaper both came through yesterday. Lots of stuff to pain now, including the dumpster, three soda machines (Bouncy Bubble Beverage, beer, and Slurm, I'm thinking), and some monsters and madmen.
  3. Great shell! I am looking forward to more of this.
  4. Mid-month update: clowns, Hydra plant-creatures painted up. Likewise the characters from Bombshell. May have to revise that "foreseeable future" estimate to "probably before winter" what with slowdowns in regional and international shipping. Working on a couple of slaadi and some Sophies (Pulp and Western) that had been languishing on the Shelf of Shame for a bit.
  5. That last batch in particular is really spectacular! I'm looking forward to seeing more of those zaftig Jungle Warriors and that Deep One. Anubis Hero is looking good too. Keep it up!
  6. Rigel


    Fantastic, clean work. Love the blues and the net. Only possible improvements I can think of is maybe adding some grunge, like fish-guts stains and beard stubble.
  7. Job satisfaction, that's what she's got. Well done and the base really helps tell the story.
  8. Very well done indeed, especially the highlights on and around the face.
  9. "I cast SLEEP!" *clonk* "Abracadabra. Wizard magic."
  10. Love that drunken fop of a bard! Well done on the chicken-mounts, too.
  11. Good face and armor, and absolutely incredible freehand on that shield. Wish I could get circles that precise and crisp!
  12. Amazing work, especially on the Crimson Herald! Excellent color schemes, shading, and NMM.
  13. Exquisite detail and edge highlighting, esp. on Ms. Antipaladin's evil shield.
  14. So rad! Love me a Weird West setting. Those cotton special effects are especially outstanding.
  15. Great Riddler, and I especially like the consoles and those ACME-style explosive crates!
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