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  1. Rigel

    Female Minotaur - Moo-Donna (Bones 4)

    Well done! (no pun intended.) Puns that ARE intended: "We can't risk it.The steaks are too high." and "To err is human; to forgive, bovine."
  2. Rigel

    Of Blacktooths and Thunderfoots

    Beautiful beautiful!
  3. Rigel

    Legion of Justice and Caeke 01429, 01428, 01427 01424

    Beautiful fur! Gorgeous work all around; the hedgehog and otter are particularly adorable.
  4. Rigel

    Zombicide Black Plague Necromancer

    His eye makeup is on point!
  5. Rigel

    Kingdom Death White Lion

    A lion with opposable thumbs? Humankind is doomed! Good work!
  6. Rigel

    Lizardfolk and more

    Love the metallic Hulks, and the Iron Golem is fantastic! Nice work.
  7. Rigel

    Rigel sculpts a Prickly Pair

    Thank you! Did a little more on one of the dryad's legs and butt-cheeks and a bit on the dude's torso. Decided that a "bell-bottom" shape to the legs and feet would help preserve both dryad curves and cactus lumpiness. Playing this whole thing by ear though. Also started on the dryad's face. Will add the crest later.
  8. Rigel

    Rigel sculpts a Plug-Ugly Pulp Crook

    Got a round-headed sewing pin and started on the head yesterday, started on the mask and cap today. Slapped some more fat and muscle onto the torso. Here he is with Crosswire and a space mercenary hero for scale.
  9. You know the type. The broken-nosed, bull-necked bruiser with the flat cap and the domino mask. The muscle of the organization.The hapless mook, the fall guy, the two-bit legbreaker. The guy who steals Cookie Crisp or clumsily follows the orders of a big-hatted mob boss in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The [wanted-] poster-boy for dimwitted recidivism. In short, this guy: I want him to have big, ape-like arms and short legs, to emphasize the cartoonishness of the villainy. Bigger than a normal dude (Plague Zombie for scale). Started putting some Green Stuff on to his enormous torso: Eventually he'll have a crowbar and a sack of smash-and-grabbed loot, but baby steps first. C&C welcome, because I can't stress enough how little I know what I'm doing. :-)
  10. That's right, fellas and lady-fellas, it's time for CYBER-APES! 80001, Ape-X, is another mini I painted before I learned about Bones not playing nicely with aerosol primer. He was gooey and sticky for some years, so I simple-green stripped and repainted him when I learned that was an option. (He did make a guest appearance in this thread https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83280-miskatonic-faculty-biology-department/ ) This repaint is very similar but much better, though the eye and mouth still gave me some trouble. 50214 I got many years ago. Repositioned his limbs to cover two targets at once. His snarl seemed perfect for chomping a cigar, so I glued on a toothpick end. Also gave him a top hat, because why not. In retrospect, a bowler would have been better, but hindsight is 20/20. And a group shot, including my own Professor Pongo. If these three ever team up with the Simian Separatists ( https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84447-spacefuture-simian-separatists-eurekas-boiler-suit-apes-pic-heavy ) it will be a dark day for humanity indeed!
  11. Rigel

    Out-of-production TOMB KING from GW!

    Thank you! The attention to detail really varies a lot from day to day, depending on patience and energy, but this one worked out all right. Had to do it in three or four sessions though.
  12. Rigel

    Nolzur's Shambling Mound

    It seems that scale creep is a very real thing! This is Nolzur's delightfully brutish and verdant Shambling Mound. For a Large creature it is very large indeed, easily the size of a tabletop-scale elephant or bigger, and extending way off a 2x2 base with its outstretched limb. I put some straight-pin mushrooms on it, as I do. Here's a group shot with Reaper's beautiful Swamp Shambler and a WotC grab-bag Dryad and Needle Blight, for scale comparison.
  13. Another fellow I'd painted long ago that got a touch-up when I was on that plant bender. This photosynthetic hulk is a great stand in for my favorite DC character: the Swamp Thing.
  14. Rigel

    Rigel sculpts a Prickly Pair

    Well, I figured that the market for cactus-folk was small enough that I shouldn't wait on it, so I decided to get to work on a Saguaro Cowboy and a Cactus Dryad. I got the inspiration to get up and get to work when I saw a picture of a crested saguaro: which really settled the question of "how do I put dryad hair on a cactus lady and make it work?" Twisted up an armature for a dude and a lady, and started slapping green stuff on. Here's a very rough outline of the dryad's torso with a preliminary series of grooves, almost none of which will probably make it to the finished product. Both she and the lariat-wielding saguaro vaquero will have blunt, stubby feet and arms with little muscle or joint definition, both because that's how saguaros do and because I am...not a professional sculptor by a long chalk. C&C welcome; this is the rough draft of the first draft of each of them and I'll be doing a lot of trimming and repositioning, no doubt.
  15. Rigel

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Reaper Bones 4 Animal Encounters

    Great stuff, especially the gladiator gorilla and the giant frogs!