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  1. Love the abs and the color scheme! The first day of Necromancy School is spent expelling anyone who showed up wearing pants.
  2. Good work, especially making that facelike mask look like a mask rather than a face. Lovely work on the base too.
  3. Great color choices, and the face is very well done! Welcome aboard!
  4. Now THAT's someone prepared for hunting vampires! Excellent work and lovely detail.
  5. Very good work, especially on all the little blue-face cameos!
  6. These must have been in the hundred-odd pages of Last Hurrah thread I never got around to--and thank you for reposting them! The EYE IN THE MONOLITH and the cycloptic mushroom are my favorites, but the bolted-on smokestack on another mushroom is also delightful. Mad genius. And hooray pancreas references!
  7. Beautiful work on the terrain, and those are some great li'l minions and henchbrutes!
  8. The sculptor has been doing more Illyrians over at Bombshell's Counterblast line. They're pretty rad, and I wouldn't complain if Reaper got some more of them! (Same is true for Andromedans, though they're called Neirans over at Bombshell.)
  9. The edge-highlighting in gold is an excellent touch! I think you did just fine on an olive skintone.
  10. Excellent work! Dour and gloomy. Love the distressed look of the coat.
  11. I really like the Bog Elves and Nemesra there!
  12. Agreed, that's some good weathering on her cape. Between her and Knochengard, Dreadmere seems to have a much more severed-head-based economy than most places!
  13. Those eyes are absolutely on point! Great wuffs. Can't wait to see their riders.
  14. Love that gleaming helmet and the oiled leather of the shield!
  15. Skin tone is exquisite. And the whole piece really looks like the giant is out in an overcast day. Magnificent.
  16. Love the colors on this fantastic sculpt! Good choices. I get the feeling that this is the sort of thing a Summoner would summon on you if you ticked them off. Sprue rocks look great!
  17. Splendid work on the rusty axes and corroded swords and armor!
  18. Clever work on this croc! I like it and the ecological background text--and I love seeing that Amazonian Amazon.
  19. Thank you! Oh, many thanks! This is an excellent resource. I appreciate it, and it's going to get better the next go-around! Thanks! Partly I was inspired by the Gaelic flavor of her name, and partly it was just she needed to be visually distinct from Jahenna here, who also has really good straight hair and a slinky clingy dress. Maybe there's some influence from the Lady of the Green Kirtle from "The Silver Chair"; I could see that, in retrospect.
  20. Good red metal, and I love the coherent theme through all the different models and conversions!
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