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  1. Western Sophie got finished up and there's been some GreenStuff progress towards making a Monkey Business Associate and giving the nurse a period-appropriate skirt. Turned a WotC Aaracokra into a top-hatted Sam the Eagle, finished a Hasslefree Velma. Just received a new shipment of horrible brigands and wretched peasants suitable for low fantasy. Oh boy we're going to use SO many shades of brown and grey!
  2. Oh yeah. Orcs in ill-fitting suits, literal corporate raiders. Businessdevils always ready to make a deal. I'm here for this.
  3. Never heard of this, but I like the aesthetic! Great job making the armor look weathered and worn.
  4. !!! Incredible scene-setting...the regular and fluorescent lighting are both tremendously effective, and that's not easy! Magnifique!
  5. Those vivid colors and the pale elf skin contrast perfectly! Also, that elemental has some great abs! Very well done.
  6. Thanks, all! This project has been brewing for a while. Not going to lie, it took a while getting the angles just right! Glad it paid off though. Those cave-ladies don't care for any restraining garments. Thank you! The story is very documentary-style, and the setting and costuming is directly inspired by a TV show. I love glyptodonts too! So ponderous and goofy. That, and most of the smaller beasts, were from a Toobz set lightly retouched. Thank you! My favorite is the hangdog Neanderthal with the club--what a face! But yes, the chief's scowl definitely says "Yabba-dabba-don't try me!"
  7. Lost worlds of prehistoric beasts and troglodytic stone-age peoples are a pulp staple, and when Reaper released the "Pygmy" Mammoth and the Bones Cave Sloth I knew it was inevitable. Here, then, is a small tribe of primitive humans (Caveman Pack, 02395, and Cavegirls, 03303 to provide some gender parity), here to crudely carve out a life in the hostile, beast-haunted wilderness, bravely facing the challenges of the dawn of tool use. The clan's irritable chief and elder, guarding the fire at his ramshackle dwelling, and attended by a semi-domesticated reptile. He wears the spotted hide of a local apex predator, a sign of his high status. The clan matriarch and shaman, clad in the skins of an albino antelope, as befits the priesthood. Here we see her engaging in auspicious rites to grant her band the power and might of various wild beasts. A pair of hunter/warriors, one adorned with bright rocks and berry-stained leather, the other in simple bearskins, hone their skills in a friendly sparring match. Together they are mighty hunters, and are formidable even one-on-one. The youth and future of the tribe! The chieftain's daughter is experimenting with new technology, as young people will. These new-fangled "shoes" and "shirts" seem like luxurious and wasteful innovations to the elder generation, but thus does society progress. Her counterpart, an adopted foundling of brutish strength and robustness, privately doubts any technology will supersede the stone club. Click for Mammoth-hunting expedition! (feat. 44111 and offspring) Divinatory rites to find the richest game: The whole tribe and their beasts: A mother ground sloth (44079) and her juvenile offspring: ALL of the Dawn Beasts: Life is harsh in these primal lands for both human and beast alike. Yet the urge to survive is paramount, and these hardy progenitors and towering brutes will do anything to endure another season. As they might say, were they capable of speech, "It's a living."
  8. Outstanding scurvy crew! The Cook with translucent bottles is the show-stealer, but the plucky wench is a close second in my opinion. Great color transitions!
  9. Spectacular work, especially on the musculature and on that hell-shield!
  10. Love it! "To what blue altar, O mysterious priest..." This is a fantastic project and I'm glad to see it complete!
  11. Love that hedgehog's cheeky smile! These new ones are fantastic.
  12. Good musculature on the mustached fella with the torc!
  13. Spectacular lighting! If you have the time and inclination, you should do step-by-step under the "Tips and Advice: Painting" when you do one of these with multiple OSL sources and colors. Fantastic stuff!
  14. Sweet! The green skin works great with this one. Good base and good story too!
  15. Gorgeous work; that complexion looks good and Fae!
  16. Brothers Roberto (03561) and Louis IV (02087) are excellent sculpts suitable for multiple time periods. I've painted a couple of Nuns With Guns and a couple of priests, but not a bishop or a cardinal! "Your Exellency, I apologize for the short notice. It's worse than we had thought." "You are forgiven, Bishop. Is it the old Priory at St. Wulfstan's?" "Indeed. The Creature has at last gotten loose from the bindings put down in 947 and broken through the 16th-century salt rings." "God in Heaven. I had prayed those wards would outlast me. We knew this day would come." "Mercifully, we have one of our best men on the scene. God willing he can contain the beast until the rest of the team arrives." Father Sweeny, again from Artizan's 'Thrilling Tales' line, had better be a man of strong faith and iron will. The Beast, ornery after centuries of durance : Hold the line... (Guest appearances by Fr. Thomas, Sr. Maria, Order of St. George Nun, and Fra Ximenez from Black Cat.)
  17. Adorable! I love these ornament dioramas. The list-checker is especially well-done.
  18. Very good call on the colors! Excellent work on this ghastly fellow.
  19. Beautiful detailing. I like that heavy crossbow in particular.
  20. Very good dead flesh tones! I like his glowy eyes, too.
  21. Great modifications--they look perfect! Good bases, too.
  22. Thank you and they really do! Had to do a bit of research for a few of the officers. Put Typhus Corrosion on the helmets and armor to add texture. Thank you! Yes, they're great enemies. Unfortunately I've met a couple of gamers who take them as role models, but fortunately very few. Arranged the photography angles so the pictures wouldn't run into trouble in Europe. A good sketch, and exactly the reference I was going for. "Our hats--they've got...SKULLS on them!" Oh, my headcanon is that he finds ways to sneak off when he sees a situation going sour. That's a John-Banner-as-Sergeant-Schultz sculpt if I'm any judge. I've got a soft spot for minions there against their will. Yay! It's a fun freehand challenge, and I'm glad the settings are coming through! Thank you all.
  23. My miniatures list has more varieties of pulp than a paper-mill town grocery's orange juice aisle. Mad scientists, apes, cultists, cosmic horrors, spacemen, sky pirates, zeppelineers, two-fisted heroes, etc. But not a lot of what was for several decades, the most common pulp villain. Let's paint something for our heroes to fight! Artizan's Thrilling Tales line comes through once again. Here are two horrible and officious jerks, on a pre-dawn hunt for Resistance agents. "Oberst von Stroop" is the one with the gun; "Major Kreipe" the one with the satchel and the dueling scar. We've seen a couple of the Resistance before, but I believe this is the first time I've posted a picture of "Georges." I had fun with the argyle sweater-vest. Georges' briefcase contains a surprise! Some more baddies: "Colonel Braun," a perfectly pompous sculpt, and the "Kaiserin" from Brigade Games. (Also Erwin Rommel, previously posted elsewhere). (Couple more pictures of Zenith's commandoes, from 50075, if you click below.) And on another, stranger front... This is "Private Trummer," an old and not particularly motivated soldier sent on special detail with a special unit. He sees nothing, he hears no-othing, and he knows NO-O-O-OTHING! It doesn't do to see, hear, or know too much when you're out with the armored Sturm Battalion Zorn. (Pictured: Flamethrower and Rifleman III. I added an extra gas tank from Bombshell to the Flamethrower unit.) Battalion Zorn is led by "Captain Rohr," a merciless and ambitious creep. Funnily enough, for a man who sees and hears nothing, Private Trummer has a knack for not being around in a crisis... Finally, a group shot, as such groups should be.
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