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    Madame Delia 3978

    As always your drapery and skin are flawless! Beautiful work and a magnificent sculpt. You can tell she enjoys life to the very fullest. The embroidery/brocade effect on the dark green part of the dress is breathtaking.
  2. Rigel

    Darcstaar vs. Bones I: Ep. 5 Deladrin

    Love the complexion so far--very Arthur Rackham! Autumn colors sound great.
  3. Rigel

    New releases?

    So, what you're saying is...he's the Giff that keeps on giving?
  4. I'm sure it's a pretty common idea, but I've got a plan in the back of my head to do a fantasy (or at least preindustrial) Scooby-Doo/Mystery Machine gang. I'd like to use Reaper minis for it. Pretty sure about Fred; https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/03512 Ardellen has that same brick-jawed clean-shaven optimistic look, plus a cloak that lends itself well to ascot mimicry. (https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/02803 is a runner-up, but the greaves don't read right to me.) You know Fred is one of those frontline paladin/ fighter/ melee cleric types. Narrowed Shaggy down to three possibilities, each with strong advantages and minor disadvantages. Fynch Brassfrog https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/03107 looks suitably scruffy and groovy, somewhat out-of-it and probably high. Disadvantage: short. The Ridolfi Alfred Redlute https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/03485 is likewise unarmed and callow, height is good, hair is about right. Disadvantage: prominent cheekbones, no scruff. Iltheus, the young mage https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/03212 is *perfectly* cowardly and scrawny; he definitely does not want to be where he is. Hair is right too. Disadvantage: The owl and tome are very wizardly signifiers, and Shaggy is not really the intellectual of the group. Bard seems more his style. Velma, on the other hand, is a genius and would be perfect for a wizard or knowledge cleric.. Hosilla, https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/60172 with her chainmail turtleneck and short skirt and book and short hair, is the obvious choice--just clip off the halberd head to make a wizard staff. Not quite as zaftig as Velma, but the style elements are there. An argument could be made for Ailyn Ghontasavos https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/60065 who has the right build and a HUGE book,, but the clothing doesn't seem right. Jolie, https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/02835 is another outside possibility, and DOES have glasses! Daphne is tricky. I think she'd stat out as a rogue. Reaper has no shortage of tall women with long hair; headbands/ribbons are a little rarer. I think Aviriel here https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/03072 is about right, with neckwear, headband, belt, and short skirt with border--but there's a lot of other possibilities from Finaela the pirate to Sarah the Seeress. Whaddya think? Have I found the best candidates, or is there someone better suited? And which option makes the best Shaggy? Would love to hear suggestions and/or votes!
  5. Rigel

    2793 Arianna, fairy princess

    Beautiful color scheme! The fuschia skirt looks nice and satiny.
  6. Rigel

    Mansions of Madness - Cthonian

    Good colors and mucus! And when that fire triad comes in, can't hurt to make a lava base, given the Chthonian habitat!
  7. The Survival. The Primordial Beast. The Gill-Man. The Deep One. There's a lot of analysis that could be done here, but bottom line? Big fish in deep water are scary and there's a part of our monkey brains that has never forgotten that fact. Since this is a tropical monster, I went with a tropical, vaguely lionfish-inspired color scheme of teals, bronze and copper. Might not be a *perfect* fit for my Early Modern Monster Hunters project, but it's a great Universal monster--and Solomon Kane *did* spend most of his time in the tropics.
  8. Rigel

    Maledrakh's Bones 4 core, Classic Horror subset

    Excellent! I especially love the white hair on the lady vampire, and that priestess is stunning!
  9. Rigel

    Brave, Bold Sir Robin

    Good colors, and I love his expression of shock!
  10. Those homebrew Lurkers with the underbites are delightful!
  11. "The EVIDENCE before the court is Incontrovertible; there's no need for the jury to retire! In all my years of serving I scarcely ever saw A pris'ner more DESERVING the FULL PENALTY OF LAW!!" What a marvelous Van Horne sculpt. The fleshy, overexaggerated features, the enormous, "Ghostbusters"-style jaws and flapping spectral jowls, the expression of imbecilic malice, the billowing cloud of ectoplasmic vapor. (It's a BIG chunk of metal for your money, too.) This was clearly a pompous, entitled, corrupt, bullyragging, ranting, overbearing soul in life--and death has not made it any better. Albert Finney probably plays his voice. Since this is intended for an Early Modern Era game set somewhere probably in the later Stuart period, and since the bloody Black Assizes and the unrighteous conduct of Judge Jeffries and his like are a recurring theme in the ghost stories of Sheridan LeFanu and M. R. James, a vindictive Hanging Judge or bloodthirsty magistrate seemed appropriate. Slapped together a juridical wig and 17th-century collar from Green Stuff and made a wire noose. He's here to pronounce Sentence upon you, and does not care in the slightest if it's commensurate with your misdeeds. You must be guilty of SOMETHING, or you wouldn't be here! "You will be taken from hence to the place of execution, and there hanged by the neck until dead, and may God have NO MERCY on your soul!"
  12. Okay, this thread https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65399-fantasy-scooby-doo-halloween-resolutionary-painting-challenge/ has convinced me that the old Torin the Stealthy is the superior Shaggy sculpt! Considered Tinley for Daphne, because that is a sweet dress.
  13. It's been a while since I posted some work! Very busy in late summer with an extra job. An extra job to earn extra money. Extra money to use to buy extra minis! And then painting them took some time, and THEN I procrastinated on the photography. But now I'm in a better spot, so here's the next project/setting I'm working on. Not quite Dreadmere or Warhammer fantasy, but that same type of Early Modern Era with monsters. Late Solomon Kane through young Van Helsing. The time when Ludvig Prinn and von Junzt and Comte d'Erlette and who-all would have been running around collecting legends to put in horrible grimoires. Tone isn't *totally* grimdark, but there's definitely a backdrop of religious and imperial warfare, except also the dead sometimes rise up and maybe a quarter of the time witch hunts involve real witches. Christopher Lee and Max von Sydow play a lot of the NPC roles. You get the picture. Given the low (non-heretical) magic levels, I'd probably use a variant of Call of Cthulhu rules to run this game. Dreadmere and the recent Bones Black freebies have been good for this purpose so far! Trying to get a lot of dark and/or earth tone color schemes in here. Thinking of doing saffron for Ogana, but could use some advice on the grappling hook lady. Maybe purples? That last fellow is the Nolzur's Rudolf van Richten figure. Abram Duskwalker, Estra the Spiritualist, and Xanthir Vang are on the list for next purchase. Now, what MONSTERS should they encounter? I have the classic Frankenstein's monster, the Vorvorlaka, the Creature of Blood Reef, and a bunch of classic ghouls and zombies already on the slate, but what else? Or, to rephrase, which vampire sculpt is Best Vampire Sculpt?
  14. Finished the Judge and the Creature of Blood Reef! They'll go in Show Off soon. Wolves also done, need to photograph. Ears, tails, noses, paws, and mouths of the Skaven are pinked up and I'm planning Estra's eastern-european patterns.
  15. Rigel

    Medusa's WIP & recent work

    Drunk looks great, love the barkeep's chops and the furnishings, especially the woodpile and the food! I might consider bulking up the barmaid's arms if she's to be to be toting a keg one-handed like that, but otherwise love the sculpt.
  16. Rigel


    10/10 would definitely be lured to a watery grave by. Lovely sketches and plans, and the fishy features are excellent. (Though as we know, I'm easily sold on fish-people.)
  17. Werewolves and Haunt are done!
  18. Rigel

    Slimux and Mulch WIP

    Really love the delightful grublike flesh on Slimux.
  19. Rigel

    Bonesylvanian high holidays

    Looking great so far!
  20. Rigel

    2880 Lion Man Warrior

    Nice work!
  21. Rigel

    Bones 4 Gnome Cleric

    Great nose and chops!
  22. One of the first *modern* monsters, a creation of the Enlightenment and scientific progress, the progenitor of science fiction. The learned figure giving life to a man-made being of colossal strength and durability is not new-the Golem legend goes way back--but the Golem's terror is that it does what it is told to by fallible figures. (This foreshadows programming gone amok, but that's more Ada Lovelace than Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.) The Monster is terrible because it does what it wants, and to an extent what it feels it *ought.* The created undying genius, the outraged superior being. The fear of being supplanted by our works, the fear that we *deserve* it. The fear we have been Bad Parents. The fear that the Enlightenment will tear us to bits, that we are the thesis to be superseded in the dialectic. The fear of the unintended consequences of modernity. The fear of the angry indestructible force that is *right* to be angry at us personally. I felt the apple tree was an appropriate bit of background dressing. Forbidden knowledge and all that. The sculpt is amazing, in the Karloff/pop culture tradition. Hulking and flat-headed, lurching painfully, stitches vivid. I freehanded a few more seams and put some diversity into his reanimated components. "And I--I who was made from all men--do not I contain in myself the sufferings of all men?!" seems like the sort of thing the literary Monster would say. (He's very emo and *very* dramatic. This was one thing the "Penny Dreadful" show got right about the character.)
  23. Thanks, everyone! I had fun with it! Trying to get the right balance of life and decay; every patch looks a bit ashier and blotchier than I'd put on a "living" mini. I love the sculpt! The Y-incision autopsy stitches are very well done; I'd love to be able to sculpt like that. FIRE BAD! PAINT GOOD!
  24. Been working on a series of monster hunters from the Early Modern Era, and of course that means we need early modern monsters! The Vampire, of course, is one of the most versatile classics. Polidori, the "Varney" authors, LeFanu, and Stoker popularized the concept and promoted the bloated varcolac or shambling nach-zerer to the aristocracy. The variety is almost infinite, but nowadays we expect them to be parasitic, narcissistic, obsessive, entitled, compelling, rule-bound, and of course, literally blood-thirsty. Here's one such vampire, the beautiful Jahenna. Alluring, beguiling, deceptive. This is one of the crispest, cleanest sculpts I've encountered with regard to hands and hair. The conveniently-non-cruciform gravestone she's sitting on bears the legend "Mircalla RIP," a nod to LeFanu's "Carmilla" (source of the Vampire Anagram trope). The dress is very Jessica Rabbit-esque and my first attempt at fabric semitranslucency. Could probably have pushed those highlights more. Matthias the Twisted, on the other hand, is a very different flavor of vampire. He gets the full Murnau/Schreck treatment. Grotesquerie, disfigurement, corruption, contagion. An asymmetric bogey, horrific, athirst, more rat than bat or wolf. I do love the adorable little plague rats around and on him.
  25. Thank you! Glad you like/are creeped out by them! Yes!! That's what I was going for! Thank you! GW contrast Snakebite Leather is a really...unwholesome color and I LOVE it. I wanted to make Matthias look filthy and horrific, but also look like he comes from a noble family. A flaking and discolored coat of arms might help...wouldn't be easy with all the wrinkles. His skin is mostly Reaper's extremely well-named Vampiric Flesh, with bits of AP Corpse Pale and some light sepia wash. The sculpt is perfect for washes and inks and the like.