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  1. Thanks! It's a few thin layers of Pallid Wych Flesh over the grey primer, then a wash with very very thin Beserker Bloodshade and Lahmian Medium swirled all over the horse with a medium makeup brush. Then some more Pallid Wych Flesh and Off-White for the highlights.
  2. Note: "Destrier" is the spelling used in the official Calden Keep lore.
  3. 3D prints from Etsy. I snapped them up as I've always loved these Terminators, I had a few metal ones back in the day.
  4. I really like how his cloak looks rough and old!
  5. Great job painting the marble effect!
  6. I live in Vermont, so all I had to do was look out the window to get the tree colours right LOL!
  7. Cheers! I wanted them to look dark and menacing instead of bright and shiny, so the metallics were plastered with Nuln Oil and homemade orange-brown rust wash.
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