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  1. Thanks! I didn't dare trying freehand on it, so just went for plain red.
  2. Her face is way lighter in real life. In the pics she looks like she's got stubble...
  3. Ray has a simple plan: Dodge the zombies, save his mum, rescue his girlfriend, head to his favourite pub and have a nice cold pint while waiting for all this to blow over. But it's not as easy as he thought. Not only has he got red on him, he's dropped his Cornetto. (With hindsight I should have done this mini before Zombie Ray)
  4. This was the FOURTH(!) attempt at painting Lt. Thoran. I think I finally nailed it.
  5. Good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of side photos. Duh me. I'll do some soon.
  6. Foxtrot was fun to paint. She comes with two bodies, two heads and two sets of weapons so it's possible to make her up as a crazy-haired gasmask-wearing nutter or Hasslefree's version of Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. As you can see, I decided on the crazy-haired gasmask-wearing nutter. Her right hand is separate, so fun and games ensued trying to get it glued to her wrist. I didn't dare attempt to drill/pin it as there was barely enough space for the drill bit and I had visions of wrecking the metal. The stock of her AK was on the verge of falling off, so I just did away with it
  7. Maybe he's got fish and is hunting chips? Oh wow, this is going to be interesting to paint...
  8. I bought a Black Troll by Baelor and, about 10 mins into basecoating it, I realised I can't work out what the outlined thing on his back is. Above and to the sides of it is hair and horns, but the outlined thing... is it some kind of armour? Or a hairnet? Does anyone have an idea? (Interestingly, I can find only two — TWO! — painted pics of this sculpt on Google, and that's two versions of the same photo...)
  9. It took me ages to choose a colour scheme for the Valkeeri Leader. I eventually decided on Army Painter Shining Silver to go with the whole pulp scifi theme, and VGC Warlock Purple because why not. I was worried the silver bits of her uniform would look like armour instead of metallic cloth but I think it's turned out OK. For once I managed to get her eyes to a decent standard and her hair came out looking good too. Her gun is VMC Brass, toned down with VGC Sepia Wash and Liquitex matte varnish. Her lips are a tiny dab of VMC Brown Rose. I forgot about her cape until I was finished
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