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  1. Thanks! I suck at painting crystals so I just decided to paint the growths as basic stone.
  2. Cheers! The armour is black, then glazed with a mix of thinned Vallejo Metallic Medium and Citadel Carroburg Crimson to give a slight metallic sheen. I used pure Metallic Medium for the edge highlights so I wouldn't have hard lines.
  3. Good job using tan/khaki tones to get away from the usual grey shades!
  4. Love it, awesome job on the glow!
  5. Cheers! The orange cloth is Citadel Casandora Yellow wash over Vallejo Heavy Orange. All the lava also got a coat to intensify the oranges, yellows and reds.
  6. Excluding the base, she's 80mm (3") to the top of her horns and 110mm (4") to the top of her right wing.
  7. Her tail vanished at some point, so oops I guess. I do like her regal sneer.
  8. Unfortunately one of these chaps is forever lost in the mysterious realm of Spaireroomia.
  9. Thanks! The floss was very useful for those tentacles, and was about the only thing I could think of that would be easy to wrap around the other dog. I painted about three feet of it, hung it over the hook on the bathroom door to dry, and then started wrapping 🙂
  10. I made this last year for a challenge. It's taken from the scene in John Carpenter's The Thing where the Norwegian husky reveals its real self. I made the dog-thing from greenstuff, a husky head and plastic rod, and the tentacles wrapped around the other doggo are dental floss painted Dead Flesh.
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