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  1. planetmut

    Gellerpox Glitchling by GW

    A free mini given to me by a friend who didn't like it. The mushrooms are my attempt at making something with greenstuff.
  2. planetmut

    Baba Yaga's Hut Bones 4

    Magnificent, just magnificent.
  3. I didn't like how my Sergeant Oberon figure was the only one in my display case sitting on a clear plastic rod, so I decided to re-base him using an oil drum. I had to glue a British £1 coin under the base as it was the only thing I had that would fit and stop the figure toppling over.
  4. After posting my painted Reaper Antarctic Explorer (aka MacReady from The Thing) last year, @zemjw was kind enough to tell me about models of old-school Arctic/Antarctic explorers by EMP Miniatures in the UK. I ordered some last August and have finally painted them up. I googled images of what Antarctic explorers wore back in the day and found a colorized image of Bertie Bowers, who was part of Scott's 1910-1913 Terra Nova expedition. He made it to the South Pole but died along with the rest of the team on the return journey. More googling brought to light that the winter gear for the entire party (some 65 men in total) was the same green. I didn't fancy doing all of the minis in that green, so mixed it up a bit by using Vallejo Golden Olive for one, Vallejo Black Red for the second and Vallejo Olive Grey for the third. I also took some liberties with the colours for their boots, gloves, trousers and head wear. The ski poles held by the red-jacketed figure are crap as I'm terrible at painting browns for some reason. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, except the eyes, at which I suck. If anyone has a magic formula for painting eyes decently, please tell me how to do it and who/what I have to sacrifice to the Dark Gods. I've only just noticed that they're on three different types of bases. I'm going to rebase them on one cork snow base at some point. And please ignore the fact that I put them on my girlfriend's half-finished jigsaw of Vermont to photograph them. As always, critiques, comments and money are appreciated.
  5. planetmut

    HF Boudica, Destroyer of Romans

    Just excellent. The colours are outstanding.
  6. planetmut

    Corporal Thoran by Hasslefree Miniatures

  7. Corporal Thoran used to be put on guard duty a lot. Corporal Thoran doesn't like guard duty so was very excited to be told her squad was finally seeing action. Corporal Thoran doesn't know where the rest of her squad is. Corporal Thoran really misses guard duty.
  8. planetmut

    I Dream of Djinni (Bones 4 Fan Favorites)

    That looks fantastic.
  9. planetmut

    Luke and Elise, zombies

    Luke and Elise thought they could escape the zombie apocalypse by heading to the countryside. Oh dear. These minis don't have names, so I christened one as Luke because his open white shirt and blond hair remind me of Luke Skywalker on some of the original Star Wars posters and Elise got her name because the Cure's "Letter to Elise" was playing as I was finishing her paint job. My girlfriend took one look at these and said, "If you put them opposite each other it looks like they're in a dance-off". And she's right.
  10. Private Chapman has been in stasis for 1,538 days and awake for two. Private Chapman is wondering where she is, when she is and what her mission is. Private Chapman is also pondering why she hasn't been issued desert pattern armour. Private Chapman has just spotted something up ahead. Private Chapman's life expectancy is four minutes. (Again, sorry about the photos which were taken on my phone.)
  11. planetmut

    Trollbloods - Dire Troll Brawler

    Excellent colours.
  12. planetmut

    Dressing for war (bones 4 dire penguin and 2 other penguins)

    Putting on the Blitz?
  13. planetmut

    Cyrine - Zombicide

    The figure is excellent and the base adds a whole tin of cherries onto an already amazing cake. Nice one.
  14. planetmut

    Linus, zombie

    Poor old Linus. Doomed to wander the earth forever with a sweater tied around his waist while lugging an invisible satchel*. The newspaper is an image I downloaded months ago and decided to use as the base originally looked like Linus was shambling across an ashtray. After supergluing the paper to the base and daubing it with Blood For The Blood God I remembered that I'm a newspaper designer and could have knocked up a front page on our editorial system. But it's Saturday. Apologies for the photos, they were taken with my phone. *The sculpt has a strap over its right shoulder that doesn't attach to anything...
  15. planetmut

    MOTU hordak family of tanks

    Excellent! But the Emperor's Children seem to be taking this whole Chaos thing a bit flippantly :-)