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  1. planetmut

    Sergeant Oberon by RBJ Games

    I have to admit I've never been a fan of flight stands but this figure has such a dynamic pose I bought it. He's painted in Vallejo Amaranth Red (which is actually a bright orange), Army Painter Necromancer Cloak and Army Painter Greedy Gold. He was a bit of a bugger to paint as I kept getting spots of orange on the grey and spots of grey on the orange, so I spent most of my time having to paint over those.
  2. planetmut

    Shading magenta paint

    That's an interesting take on magenta; I'm a page designer at a community newspaper and we've always referred to magenta as "that hot pink colour that under no circumstances is to be used as a background colour"
  3. planetmut

    Shading magenta paint

    OK, I'll give that a go. Thanks!
  4. planetmut

    Shading magenta paint

    I've bought some sci-fi type figures and decided to paint one of them in P3's Murderous Magenta. It's a great colour but now I'm stuck on what to shade/wash the figure with. Red would make it too red, blue would make it more purple, so do I just go for something like Army Painter dark/strong tone and risk losing some of the strong colour? Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
  5. planetmut

    DeepWars and ShadowSea minis

    Oh wow, these are fantastic!
  6. planetmut

    Space Marines. No - Like, *Actual* Space Marines

    Beakies! Or Mk VI Corvus armour if you want to be technical. The original Space Marine armour from 1987 and still the best.
  7. That red is fantastic. Looks like she's literally painted her armour in blood. Nicely done!
  8. planetmut

    01622: ReaperCon Sophie 2018 Gothic Look

    Awesome. She looks like she should be playing guitar in a goth band :-)
  9. planetmut

    Kev!'s Massive Darkness - Overseer

    Excellent, just excellent.
  10. planetmut

    Kev!'s Malifaux - Witchling Stalker #1

    The Brotherhood of the Key Lime Pie!
  11. planetmut

    Green Dragon

    Fantastic brushwork and the colours are beautiful. Nicely done!
  12. planetmut

    Interdimensional Beast

    I'm gonna steal this for the next time we're talking about our reporters in the daily editorial meeting :-)
  13. planetmut

    Bones Blackstar Corsairs

    They look great!
  14. planetmut

    Demon No.3

    Mate, it's awesome.
  15. planetmut

    Taupe Bulk

    That's excellent.