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  1. planetmut

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 9

    " Spoiler was one of the bat girls (kinda forgetting which atm), who shifted gears and turned into her own vigilante." PLEASE tell me that her version of the Batsignal was SPOILER ALERT!
  2. planetmut

    Bones 4 Ghouls & Ghast

    Good work!
  3. planetmut

    Dire Bear (77494) & Black Bear (77216 Companion Animals)

    Excellent stuff. Just needs a mini of Di Caprio lying in front of it :-)
  4. planetmut

    77279 - Narthrax, dragon.

    I have to admit, the green and red really work for me. The tan/bone claws and spines break it up enough, and I love the blending from the green neck to the red head. I also love the strong contrast between the colours in the third photo. Great work!
  5. planetmut

    Rae Meyn (Lysette: 77076) & Violet Ashworthy (Dingo: 77403)

    Nice! Great colours on both minis.
  6. planetmut

    Duke Jones, Astronaut

    “...and I, Colonel Duke Jones, stand on the surface of Mars for all of humankind and in the spirit of exploration that’s taking our species beyond its Earthly bounds. And I’m lighting this cigar to celebrate a successful mission.” “Haha. Good speech, Duke. You're the first human in 76 years to stand on the surface of another planet. How’s it feel to be further from Earth than any other human being?” “Pretty good, Pioneer. It’s humbling and really gives a sense of perspective. The air is thin but breathable. Those terraforming guys did a great job. Hey, the camera’s working, right? This is being broadcast back to Earth?” “Yep, it's all good. There's a delay but they're getting it. Audience figures are even bigger than Kim Kardashian’s state funeral, so well done!” “How do things look from up there in orbit?” “We’re all good, just watching you and keeping an eye on your vitals.” “OK, Pioneer. I’m gonna have another puff on this cigar and—” “Duke, sorry to break in, but Jim just had an idea. The Earth is directly behind you. Could you turn around so we can get a shot of you looking back at it?” “Sure thing, Pioneer.” “How’s this?” “That's just perfect, Duke. Everything’s A-OK.” “Good to know, Pioneer. We're still live, right?” “We certainly are. Jim, you owe me fifty dollars.”
  7. planetmut

    Witch #1, Ori

    That's a great colour combination.
  8. planetmut

    Cthulhu emerging from the ocean

  9. planetmut


    This is my third(!) attempt to paint Sugar. She almost ended up back in a bowl of Simple Green but this time I persevered. Her eyes aren't perfect but I'm happy with the way she came out — although not 100% sure about her hair — and I'm getting better at painting white. The sad-looking teddy is from the City Scenics Back Alley Accessories set by TTCombat.
  10. planetmut

    Shipwreck Revenant

  11. planetmut

    14198, Gangorak the Reven Hero

    Good work again. Loving these figures and the awesome job you're doing.
  12. planetmut

    14292, Orc Standard Bearer