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    Reading, movies, music, layout and design, photography, more reading, taking my dog on long walks and pretty much anything that might grab my attention.

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I used to paint WH40K Ultramarines back in the days when Space Marines only wore beakies and Eldar were still referred to as "Space Elves". Unfortunately those figures were lost long ago. I recently thought about getting back in to painting Marines but the prices... wow. I stumbled across Reaper Minis on Amazon and decided to give them a go. I'm really looking forward to painting minis again.


I'm Welsh but moved to California 15 years ago. My girlfriend and I have two dogs - Cadbury (my profile pic) and Erebus, who's kind of a black cuddly werewolf.


I'm a page designer at a community newspaper, which these days makes me feel like a dinosaur stuck in a tar pit while watching the comet get closer and closer. But I enjoy it. I have a blog and I really have to start writing for it again.

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