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  1. Oh wow, it looks fantastic. The murky water is a perfect touch.
  2. Yeah, I googled them and they do some decent Alien figures but they all come in crap colours. I'd love to get hold of the 12" tall Alien Queen and repaint it.
  3. Thanks! It's a kid's toy, the bottom pic is what it originally looked like. There's also a warrior from Aliens that was out of stock, and the dog-alien from Alien 3 which I stupidly didn't buy at the time and is also now out of stock. For $10 I decided to grab it just to repaint it.
  4. I got this 7" alien at Walmart for $10. He was sprayed with black car primer, then overbrushed with a mix of Vallejo Chocolate Brown and Black. That was followed by a lighter overbrush of Chocolate Brown, Flat Earth and Black before a final drybrush of Flat Earth. I gave him two coats of homemade black wash (craft paint mixed with matte medium, flow improver and water) and his skull got four coats of Citadel Ardcoat to make it shine. The drool is small lengths of fishing line with superglue dribbled down them. They're held on with more superglue and gloss Mod Podge. There are a couple of spots on his ankles that need touching up, but on the whole I'm well happy with him. I'm working on the egg and facehugger.
  5. Thanks! He was originally going to be in basic plate metal armour but then I thought, "Why not go green?" The skinned flesh was surprisingly not that hard to do. Thanks! Cheers!
  6. I went for a fairly monochrome look for his throne and added a few Citadel skulls to the base to fill some gaps.
  7. I've had those flowers for ages, this is the first time I've used them. They do suit the base, and even work with the dragon! Thanks! I wanted the dragon to look a bit different, and I guess hot pink works 🙂
  8. I sprayed him with black primer, then used overbrushes/drybrushes of Citadel Barak-Nar Burgundy and Vallejo Red Violet and Sunset Red followed by a wash/glaze of Vallejo Game Colour Red Wash.
  9. They look really effective painted like that. For the eyes I use off-white with no pupil.
  10. Excellent painting on these guys, they look amazing!
  11. Excellent work, very festive 🙂
  12. Thanks! The rust is a mix of Bright Orange and Light Orange with some Orange Brown, Light Brown, Black Red, a spot of Black and some matte medium (all Vallejo paints). It's about 97% water. LOL! They'll need them! Thanks, it worked a lot better than I hoped.
  13. I used a mix of Black and Chocolate Brown for his armour, then plastered it with a homemade rust wash.
  14. Thanks! I just didn't fancy painting him green. He will bugger you up, there's no doubt about that 🙂
  15. Cheers! I'd never noticed that, but you're right 🙂 He was kind of squashed when he arrived from Amazon so he's leaning forward more than usual. Thanks, basing is not my strength so I appreciate that! I was trying to make it look like he's moving over muddy/marshy ground.
  16. Thanks! I didn't want to do green so went with green/blue. I though he could be a river dweller 🙂
  17. Painted this guy in an aquatic theme.
  18. Thanks! I wish I could paint blood drops a bit better 🙂 The old-school heraldry is so cool.
  19. Got him off Ebay. I had one of these back in the late 80s and I've always loved the sculpt. I used a PDF of the 1989 Space Marine Painting Guide as a base for his shoulder pad, and I decided to use the lieutenant commander's heraldry as I liked it better. I cut a transfer in half for the wing, and painted the stripe and blood drops. So many details on this guy, it's one of those minis you love but are happy to finally finish.
  20. And don't forget Charioteer! Yeah, it's amazing how much character the Citadel sculptors got into small pieces of white metal. You can almost see their personalities. Thanks! I'm actually not a huge fan of painting bone but it went well. I used Reaper Aged Bone as a basecoat, then Vallejo Bonewhite with added Ivory for the highlights. It's shaded with Citadel Seraphim Sepia.
  21. Cheers! As I live in Vermont now it seemed apt.
  22. The Skullchucker was a separate model but it and the chariot were released under the "Machineries of Destruction" line.
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