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  1. Euthanatos

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Everyone seems to be throwing around backer numbers, but I am having trouble finding mine. Where is it?
  2. Euthanatos

    Reaper Miniatures Bones 3, Launches July 7th

    So, the countdown timer is based on the system clock, that is, the clock on your computer. At this point, do we have a more precise starting time than simply July 7? Those of us on the opposite side of the globe might need to schedule our July 8th around this...
  3. Euthanatos

    Chronscope minis we'd like to see thread 2

    Major McCheese, Mouseling IMEF Trooper
  4. I would love to see the rest of the Monster Manual entries filled out first. lots of holes yet to go.
  5. Yeah, I got an email with no items listed, a shipping date in December of last year, and a tracking number for a package that was delivered ages ago .... So, I'm getting an empty box sometime last year? I know everyone around here loves Reaper Customer Service, but -every- -single- -time- I deal with them there is some inane thing like this. Great figs and a forehead slapping level of rigamarole free with each order!
  6. Euthanatos

    Barthos Province Invitational

    Castlebuilder said: You're too kind, Castlebuilder. We don't need anything specific for terrain, and I'm putting the finishing touches on the prizes as I type this to you. However, any tabletop pieces you have played with and enjoy you might want to consider bringing just in case we end up with a larger croud that I expect... and I'm certain your goodies look better than the standard store stuff. -Euthanatos
  7. Euthanatos

    Barthos Province Invitational

    Castlebuilder said: Well, I can tell you that I'm currently working on the small trophy for the first place winner. With any luck I'll get a picture up here on the forums, but likely not until the event itself is over... suffice it to say it keeps with the whole Hog's Run theme of the day. Speaking of hogs, they have come in and let me tell you, a store-full of pigs is a pain to keep track of. Care and feeding alone is costing us a fortune, but, strangely, customers really seem to love it when they walk into the store and there are pigs everywhere. Maybe its the 'oh crap' look on my face when one runs out the door and I have to chase it around in the parking lot. Prize support is lining up quite nicely now, and I'm putting the finishing touches on my own orcs. I'm also in negotiations with our local scenery building expert to see what we can use of his... but, he's rightfully protective of his consistently museum-quality works.. so we'll see how that goes. I've also been chatting a little with the good folks at Reaper about getting some neat 'virtual prize support', like maybe having games played at the Hog's Run Event count as 'Local Con' games as opposed to Store games, but no definitive word yet, and, honestly, at this late date I don't expect that extra bit will be a go. Either way, it will be great to put some faces with some screen-names, and it'll be a blast to play a bunch of Warlord with some of the best there are. I certainly hope to see you all here on Saturday! -Euthanatos P.S. - I know you make some really amazing scenery, Castlebuilder, and any you're willing to bring with you would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Euthanatos

    Barthos Province Invitational

    Excellant, Trillan and Doubletap. I look forward to seeing you both! -Euthanatos
  9. Euthanatos

    Tactics: Crus VS O'Lords

    I've got to agree in this regard, the Overlord grunt types have a fairly gothic badass look to them that seems quite right for Overlord types. My first thought when I saw these models was 'Am I playing the right faction?'. -Euthanatos
  10. Euthanatos

    House- Rule Suggestion

    The only problem with simple exploding tens is that you never roll a modified '10'. If you are always adding a d10, you'll get a range of numbers from 1-20, excluding 10. That's why I suggested ignoring the top of the range of the Check Die. -Euthanatos
  11. Euthanatos

    House- Rule Suggestion

    I have no problem at all with the idea of being surrounded and being turned into hamburger as a result. As far as I'm concerned, if you are dumb enough to have your Warlord or whatever surrouned, then you've made a mistake and should be spanked for it. My only issue is with the fact that any one guy, no matter how many lead paint chips he at as a child, can (given a clear line to charge through) walk up and hit Mr. 411 Points 'o Beefy 10% of the time. That seems strange to me. -Euthanatos
  12. Euthanatos

    Barthos Province Invitational

    I'll be looking forward to seeing you again, Castlebuilder! Only this time, on the fields of glorious battle! -Euthanatos
  13. So, after watching a game between a Reptus player (who, of course has very few models available, and thus very few models on the table) and a Necro player (who, of course has all of his models available, and thus had many models on the table) I’ve come to the conclusion that the ten’s always hit rule needs to go, or at least be amended. As with all but one Warlord game I’ve seen so far, the player with the most models won. I know I’ll draw a lot of flak for this, but literally all but one game of Warlord I’ve played in or seen, you could predict the winner by simply counting the models. The player with the highest number wins. In the event of a tie, there’s actually a contest. Seems to me the single largest contributor to this is the Auto-Ten. I understand entirely that it is in Reaper’s own interest to make the mechanics of the game push you to purchase more models, and, as a FLGS operator, I have no problem with that at all. However, as a player of Warlord, I’d like to see an actual Warlord be something I want to include in my Fighting Company instead of something I am begrudgingly forced to take in a large game. As it stands, Warlords (or any big cost, big stats model for that matter) are far to easy to take down. This is, in my opinion, the single largest factor in pushing the game towards a grunt-intensive format. If you’re playing 755points (a point level we’re quite interested in here, since we’re doing the Barthos Province Invitational soon at this point cost) with less than 15 models, you’re not going to do well, and there’s no reasonable way to get there if you’re taking a Warlord… at least for most factions. Enough with the blathering, here’s the issue I see. The Auto-Hit on 10’s rule needs to go. It makes grunts far too powerful against high DV models. From what I’ve observed, the way to take down a high-defense model is to swamp it with lots of little guys, or hit it with lots of low RAV archers, saving your more skilled models for your opponent’s grunts and the like. If each grunt gets a flat 10% chance of wounding a high DV model, send most of ‘em that way. So, my suggestion for correcting this is to take out the Auto-Ten and replace it with a ‘Sometimes-Ten’. This will make taking a DV over 13 actually worth while on one or even two models in a Fighting Company. Here’s the suggested change: When you roll a ten, if the ten plus relevant stat isn’t enough to succeed, roll an extra d10, called a Check Die. If this Check Die rolls a 6 through 9, it counts for nothing, is tossed out and you have effectively rolled ‘just’ a ten. On a Check Die result from one to five, add that number to your original die roll (a ten, of course) and add that to the relevant stat. If you roll a 10 on the check die, then you’ve automatically succeeded. Let me know what you think. -Euthanatos
  14. Euthanatos

    ReaperGames: BoP Map

    A well stated arguement, Kelcore. I agree. I also agree that it doesn't really matter too much what the rules for the BoP are, just let me know so I know how much or how little affect each individual game will have on the game at large -Euthanatos
  15. Euthanatos

    Question: Proxies

    I must say I'm all about the proxy! I love 'em as long as it's really clear what the thing is supposed to be and it's on the right size base. In fact, I have a handful of GW orcs floating around that I place in when my Reven are fighting Crusaders... when the Reaper orc gets Mercy-ed, I pull it out and put the GW orc in it's place. Clearly it's an orc, and clearly it doesn't fit with the others... perfect. In fact, when we do the Barthos invitational thing, we'll be running a scenario that calls for lots of pigs. Well, Reaper doesn't make any pigs as best I can tell.. so we'll be using lots of little rubber piggies in their stead. *OINK OINK* -Euthanatos