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  1. Not sure why you can't see it. Still there for me
  2. So, Kalanzar is now in the pledge manager. Take that as you will.
  3. Don't be to afraid of messing up to badly. If you really don't like a paintjob, just bathe the mini in Simple Green for a day or so, then scrub it and most of the paint should come right off. I've had to do this for a couple of minis myself and it worked like a charm.
  4. I am in a somewhat similar boat. Looked some at Bones 3 because one of my GMs was backing it, but didn't have the interest at the time. I became significantly more interested by Bones 4 and backed fairly substantially, despite having never painted before in my life... Luckily I took to it pretty nicely after ordering the two Learn to Paint kits. If you haven't started those yet, that is a pretty good place to begin.
  5. And, now my long time lurking here has payed off. I picked up your dropped wave 2 slot!
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