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  1. Thanks @haldir, @kristof65, and @Clearman--those suggestions really help, especially with the upside down bases. I still can't help, but believe there's someplace on the market for these miniatures to be "plug-and-play" by having the sculpted broccoli's circumference just be the perfect circle though.
  2. Hi all, I'm not sure if this has ever been discussed, but does anyone know if Reaper has ever discussed/considered making the Bones ground sculpts that support the miniature the perfect circumference to be flush for 1" or 2" or 3" for RPG bases? Even for just the smaller miniatures that would fit 1" or 2" bases and not the large-sized ones? It seems like there would be a big portion of the market that would love a miniature you don't have to do special basing for besides supergluing it to a base considering how great some of the sculpted ground looks already. Basing miniatures by removing the nice ground sculpts from Reaper or trying to figure out how to obscure/blend in the sculpted ground is one of my biggest pet peeves about this hobby and I feel like there must be others who feel the same.
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