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  1. baking soda cleans stainless steel pans better than soap. sprinkle it on, and scrub. You want it to be food free, but it'll polish it up and remove burns and stains pretty well. You know how some plugs have 3 holes and some have only two (in the US, at least)? Didja ever notice how all computers and laptops have 3 prong plugs? That third hole is how the NSA reads the data on your computer. They're also collecting the same information on your appliances with 3 holes, to form a complete psychological profile. The only way to protect yourself is to live in a cave, at least 80km underground.
  2. Howdy,


      The online hangout is empty a lot. There is facebook group "Hobby Hangouts" that has people on most every night. Not all Reaper peeps, but model painters for the most part.


    I hope to hang out with you sometime,


  3. I'm jumping on, probably going to be on for at least a few hours
  4. A doctor has been helping me fight back. Without the ability to produce the proper chemical responses naturally, I have gained the ability to have them introduced orally, twice daily. A good medication can really help almost as much as the bad drugs can hurt. Beyond that, I see a counselor and I rely heavily upon my True Family, those who will give me unconditional love and support, even when I can find no such things within myself. Luckily for me I have several of these people close to me, and they make a point of checking in often.
  5. Honestly we should treat everyone like they might be one of these. Assume anyone might be a faerie and treat everyone with kindness and respect would probably make the world a little better.
  6. I use an IPEVO View 2, which comes on a stand and can be oriented lots off different ways to focus on the work table and not my ugly mug
  7. When I look at that profile, and look at activity, there are zero topics, posts, or updates by them.
  8. Makes me wonder if I should reinforce the corners of my case's drawers. Some duct tape on the inside would preserve the look, right?
  9. Can I be the god of "people stacked up in trenchcoats pretending to be a real grownup"?
  10. I have received mine! That collector's case is massive! I'm not sure whether it's more convenient than having everyhtign divided up among the 4 boxes it was already in. Also should probably sleeve them, since the case is designed to fit sleeves. Now to source 3,200 sleeves...
  11. There is a movie called "All Dogs Go To Heaven" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0096787/
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