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  1. Looking for some folks who attended in 2019. I GM'd a game of A Thousand Dead Babies using D&D BX for you. One of your group drunkenly threw one of my vintage dragon lance miniatures across the table. You also played my Dragon Lance game. It was a fun time, if you were a part of that group and going this year DM me and lets set up some more late night drunk sessions.
  2. Hello my name is Scott and I am GMing 6 games in 3 different systems at this years convention. 2 D&D 5e Dragonlance DL1 - these games have already filled up but if you want to play look for them on Friday incase someone drops out. 2 FFG Star Wars - These short demo sessions will take place on Saturday. The players will take control of a squad of Clone Troopers lead by a Jedi Padawan as they patrol the contested jungle planet of Felucia. Learn how to play the game. This adventure uses the brand new Clone Wars period classes. 2 D&D 1e - Thursday &
  3. Hello, my name is Scott and I am the person GMing the Doomsday Dawn Pathfinder 2nd Edition playtest events. I will have pre-gens available, however, if you would like to make your own lvl 1 character, you are more than welcome to. The rule book can be downloaded for free at www.paizo.com To fit your character for the Doomsday Dawn adventure you must select your background from one of the ones on the attached png image, and not from the core rule book. It is what ties your character to the main NPC. Any questions, please feel free to ask.
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