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  1. Zanderina

    Safe arrivals!

    Sounds like something @Echoside_ needs to look into next year. He handles flight, I handle hotel. Good info though and thank you!
  2. Zanderina

    Safe arrivals!

    Made it home. @Echoside_ and I are seriously thinking of driving next year as TSA caused 2 paint spills and didnt return a bottle of paint they took and tested. Grrr!!@#%@ Several boxes of stuff were nicely packed and set so they wouldn't get damaged. They are SMASHED now. Ugh! And going through second checked bag, they broke the zipper... Otherwise wasnt too bad a day travel wise. Safe travels everyone still en route! -Z
  3. Zanderina

    Safe arrivals!

    On the last leg of our journey. The drive from airport to home. Yay. Just over an hour long as traffic cooperates. But a stop for food will be needed before home. So hopefully 8pm be home. -Z
  4. Zanderina

    Safe arrivals!

    @Echoside_ and I are at Dallas - Love Feild waiting for our flight. Lines were moderately long but they moved quickly. One of our carryons got dinged... stupid medals... lol! Hope to be in Detroit about 515 (415 central time). Then home about 8 pm if traffic is light. Safe travels everyone! -Z
  5. Zanderina

    Is it to early? Reapercon 2020!!!!!

    Gotta get home, recover a little... paint some more. So give me a month. Lol But excited for next year and the entry ideas are bouncing around in my noggin. Lots to plan for and such as traveling with precious cargo can be tricky. Good to see and talk to everyone! -Zanderina
  6. Zanderina

    Flower Girl Bust

    Sure did enter her! Nervous for the awards!
  7. Zanderina

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    So @Echoside_ decided this am that in order to get the ribbon, tell us your favorite thing about steampunk. If nothing... that's ok too. Just say hello! -Z
  8. Zanderina

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    At airport... still about 80 mins still take off. About hour until boarding... then layover then to DFW. Yay! Getting closer! @Echoside_ is attempting to register for games as we wait. Safe travels everyone! See yall there!
  9. Zanderina

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    More like redbull... but either way airport bound!
  10. Zanderina

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    We leave tomorrow about 6 am for the airport. Squee! So excited and still so much to do! Can't wait to see everything and everybody. -Z
  11. Zanderina

    Unofficial forumite dinner on Sunday - 2019 edition

    @Echoside_ and I would love to join! -Z
  12. Zanderina

    Putty and Tools For A Newbie

    Really feel like I should have read through this before I attempted a simple base for my diorama. Lot of good information here that I will have to read through and actually take notes on. But I added a pic of my attempt, with the other things I am going to glue on it. Still a WIP. -Z
  13. Zanderina

    Flower Girl Bust

    A little of both to be honest.
  14. Zanderina

    Flower Girl Bust

    Sorry, light box died. But ok ish photos of this completed model. A real joy to paint and I probably pick up another at Reapercon! -Zanderina
  15. Zanderina

    Black Sun Miniatures, Sacrifice Bust

    Next gallery is up! Still a ways to go! http://imgur.com/gallery/M1r4v3s But its time for breakfast! -Z