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  1. Almost back, evacuations have slowed us down a bit... Where we are heading isn't being evacuated though, so it should be good.
  2. Neo and I are currently driving through Mississippi on our way. Just about to pass Jackson. So excited to attend our second year!
  3. From what I remember from last year there were sharpies at the registration desk when I got my badge on Wednesday. I am not sure how long that lasted though...
  4. After hearing me talking about painting a lot this year my mom requested a painting from me for mother's day. When I told her I normally paint miniatures and have never painted on canvas she told me, "I am sure it will be wonderful." My husband went to get it framed and was asked if his daughter painted it... I'm actually nervous about it now.
  5. Being a night-shifter is hard. No matter when I drink it makes me an alcoholic. Drink after work before bed? It's not even Noon yet!?! Drink when I first wake up at 5pm.... Alcoholic.
  6. VIP tickets for Neoezekiel and myself purchased, hotel booked, and work vacation time approved!!! I am so excited to be going this year.
  7. This is my current progress on my copper Dragonborn Bard. Not happy with her armor yet but I'm happy with her face!
  8. I greatly appreciate you guys going into more detail about the judging here. This year was my first year at Reapercon, and the MSP Open my first painting contest so it is nice to see this amount of information available for me to consider for next year.
  9. I had a blast at RC, thank all of you for the warm welcome! I am looking forward to next year already!
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