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  1. It's looking really good. I dig the color palette you're using. And as others have said, the eyes are lovely.
  2. Stonebred

    Damien, Hellborn Wizard SKU: 03321

    Another update tonight.
  3. Stonebred

    **Official Ride share thread**

    Late to the party on responding here... thanks @EvilCleric! This is awesome! I've updated my times/flights/dates. No one lines up with my times yet, but that's OK. I'm in and out quickly this ReaperCon.
  4. Stonebred

    Damien, Hellborn Wizard SKU: 03321

    Thank you! Thanks! Thank you!! A but more progress last night.
  5. Stonebred

    Damien, Hellborn Wizard SKU: 03321

    Thanks on both counts. Here's a short session of work tonight.
  6. Stonebred

    Damien, Hellborn Wizard SKU: 03321

    Good call. Another great idea.
  7. Stonebred

    Damien, Hellborn Wizard SKU: 03321

    Thanks! and great idea with just cutting a small piece of the horns off. I may just file off the ends to flatten it a bit as if they were HUGE horns previously. I'm trying to convince a friend of mine to play the halfling girl and make a halfling rogue. We'll see.
  8. I love this conversion. Following along to see where you take it!
  9. Here is the Tiefling Sorcerer I just started working on for my next D&D campaign. My lovely wife is a writer and helped me with the backstory. Take a gander at the backstory and let me know what you think if you'd like... Otherwise, just take a look at the figure and follow along. I've been going back and forth with whether or not I should cut his horns off to fit the backstory or not.
  10. Stonebred

    Ral Partha Female Adventurer

    Looking great! I love the shading and highlights on the skin. What a great mini.
  11. Stonebred

    Darksword Miniatures Rabbit Ranger

    I used super glue and flock in multiple layers to get some volume. I'm so glad you like it!
  12. Stonebred

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 10

    These are really cool. And totally agree with the capes that tip over the minis! Great stuff.
  13. Stonebred

    Snake Cultists (pic-heavy)

    These guys are super fun! Great work!
  14. Stonebred

    Darksword Miniatures Rabbit Ranger

    Thank you Mr. Burns! lol Many thanks! Muchas gracias! Thanks! You are so right. They did such a good job on all of their anthropomorphic animals. I want to buy them all! Thanks so much! He was a lot of fun to paint.