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  1. Awesome. Thanks, @Gadgetman! I get back to town next week and will be looking to try some things on Wednesday night most likely. I'll take a look at the drill bits while I'm on the road!
  2. I'm going to try and carve out a groove on the underside, put a brass pin in place, and then fill the remainder in with green stuff. I'm on the road right now, but when I get back home that's my plan of attack. I'll take some photos of the journey and post them here so we can all learn from my mistakes.... er steps.
  3. Good call on the groove along the post. I may try that. As an alternative, I could use a metal rod and then sculpt the other bits (rope, etc) as best I can. Agreed! The bones material just doesn't hold the weight necessary to support the Kraken. It's a shame since the sculpt is really cool. I think I'll try what Maledrakh mentioned and insert metal along the length and cover it with putty.
  4. For those that have put this one together.... did you secure the post that the Kraken is mounted on? It seems to want to slowly sag down, and I'm uncertain how I would insert a pin THAT LONG. Should I pin it? Should I just not worry about it? This is being put together as a gift for a friend. Thoughts?
  5. Ok. I'm feeling better about it now. I've still got work to do on this one, but I'm feeling more comfortable now. This has been a pretty good growth moment for me.
  6. Thank you both! I think you're right. I'm going to work on adding white for the "hottest" parts. I'm also going to work on the saturation a bit between the pipes. More to come!
  7. Hi folks! Got a chance to work on this a little. I'm stuck now.... how do I push it to make it really pop? This OSL thing... I think I'm on the right track, but something isn't clicking. Thoughts?
  8. I'm painting the miniatures from Fallout for a friend. This is the first one. I'm trying pinstripes on the suit and I'm going to try for some OSL on the weapon. Both of which are not necessarily in my wheelhouse, but I'm the adventurous sort, so I hope it comes out OK. Feedback welcomed... nay ... encouraged.
  9. Nice job on the skin tone and on the tusks on the boar.
  10. I shade piece by piece as I go. I typically prefer to paint dark to light and then add lining as I go. I've also painted mid-tones first, but even then I fall back to painting dark to light. I haven't painted with inks yet, but was watching a video yesterday on Miniature Monthly of Aaron painting OSL on his Tiger Lily entry, and wrote down the inks he is using. I used the coffee grinder to grind up some old black tea, and have used that for dirt on a lot of bases. I've experimented with painting versus not painting that as well, although I always seal it with something. Haven't used herbs yet, but will definitely give it a try!
  11. I would not want to tangle with that bad boy. Nice job!
  12. This is outstanding. Your careful linework really makes this pop. Great job!
  13. Thanks, everyone! What a nice response to this post! I really appreciate the kind words. Yeah, I've heard people say both, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I painted some of the leaves to hedge against the color fading away. Time will tell I suppose! I varnished all of them, but painted a few before varnishing as well, so it's like a small experiment. I'll put a reminder in my calendar to update you on the results in 6 months.
  14. Finished! Here is a link to the "Show Off" forum. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88196-03294-tobias-winterhorn-druid/
  15. Something with an autumn feel to it. When I look at this, I feel like Tobias should be holding a thanksgiving turkey and a cornucopia. Or maybe a pumpkin. I hope you like it!
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