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  1. Modified for Gnoll use is slightly different than, Gnolls, "we broke it by accident because we're big strong, and slightly stupid". See photo below of a car after a bear got into it. I wouldn't say it was "modified for bear use", it's just a bear being a bear. :D If Gnolls being make a bit of a mess getting in, well these things happen... I'd cut that roof hatch wider with something sharp and make new doors/hatches out of 1 mm polystyrene. Time to get your scratch build on. Best, HMP
  2. Greetings, It's been a while... He's not going to win any awards for originality, but I don't hate the direction things are headed, which is somewhat dark and magical. Happy Monday, HMP
  3. I did something similar with a Grot piloting an Imperial Guard Scout. I can't wait to see where this goes. HMP
  4. The Orks dressed as a tank made me LOL. Keep up the great work. HMP
  5. Thanks! I think the guys are in for a tough go. ;) Thanks, I learned a lot in the process, and I too like the outcome. HMP
  6. They're not pretty but they get the point across. It was my first attempt at really pushing myself for speed. I cranked these out in about 4 paint sessions over 2 weeks with a goal of "not terrible table top". My DnD friends are in for a little surprise (many little green surprises).... More shameful and detailed photos can be found on my blog. Cheers, HMP
  7. I too have a blog. It's targeted at beginner painters as I'm a relatively novice painter. The motto is "Don't Miss Good While Looking For Perfect", and "Miniature Painting For Mortals". There should be a link in the signature. Cheers, HMP
  8. Sounds like you covered most of the basic techniques, now it's about volume (lather rinse and repeat). Just keep painting. You'll get faster and better results with more minis under your belt. Great job. HMP
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