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  1. Sweet lightening! Given your skill with the brush, I'd personally like to see more done on the shield, it's pretty stark compared to the rest of the figure. Your nice freehand details and great base make for a very good piece. HMP
  2. Sweet! I'm a big fan of Scibor's Dwarfs, I just finished my third last week. Hope you have more to come, HMP
  3. I'm planning on chopping the head off and turning it into a bust. It's a solution, sort of. HMP
  4. I totally found a use for it, Tiefling Breasts. https://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2019/09/nudity-ahead.html Personally, I found the experience unpleasant, as coverage was very low...
  5. Thanks to everyone who gave a like, and a special thanks to those who took the time to comment, I really appreciate the extra effort. Happy painting, HMP
  6. It's all finished. The grass came in, and I finally finished the sword to my liking. For more pics click here. Thanks for looking, HMP
  7. Well, I got the arms on, and the head. The sword is just blocked-ish (it will be done in metallics at the end), and I tried my first freehand on the shield. So far I like where it's headed. I describe in more (albeit limited) detail how I did the shield on my blog (this project is supposed to be finished as a gift for tomorrow, so I'm more focused in painting than blogging). Just need to smooth out the eyes... and next time I would fill in the pits in the shield, as i find them distracting. HMP
  8. This entire thread is awesome! Such great use of color, coupled with your super unique twist on things makes it a true joy to scroll through. Keep doing what you're doing. HMP
  9. Screaming Bell has been based over the bits we were discussing (I tried brighter gold/yellow), but this drew too much attention on the legs, so a very coppery gold will be the target. In the shoulder this should be bright enough, yet still tie in with the shins. HMP
  10. Not an original color for Ragnaros, but I like the direction things are headed. The bulk of the plate is done, and other parts are just blocked or primed. The base is also just at stage 1, dirt grime, bones etc to come. Critiques are welcome at any stage. I think the shoulder edges will be gold (brass, copper and other options are still on the table at this time). I'm going to go with glowing green for the eyes, and a gold crown (flames an option), but we'll see... Hack
  11. Here's an example with the Tamiya plus balck... http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2017/01/kit-bash-horned-hunter.html?m=1
  12. Second for the Tamiya clear red. Add a drop of black, to desired amount. It gets tacky as it dries and you can make a nice mess with it. H
  13. Sweet find. I was hopelessly lost, the list is massive. I owe you one. Thanks again, H
  14. Awesome. I was digging my way through that exact place... Thanks guys.
  15. Anyone know what this is called, who made it or the sculptor? The base is dated 1985 or 1986. I think it says RA but the A is hard to make out and what follows is totally obscured (RAFM)? The name looks like R. M()rcH. Thanks, Hack
  16. Yes. You just crunch up Al foil a few times then smooth it out a bit and fold up the edges to make a little container. Pour in the plaster and let it set! I carved the brick lines into a "sheet" after it had set. To do this I actually used a very small drill bit as a file (normally used for pinning). There are some good tutorials on youtube about using foil to make "rock", the railroad guys have LOTS of terrain tricks. The foil doesn't have the strength to hold much weight, so larger forms tend to flatten out, but for our scale things are pretty OK... Below is how mine looked before I broke it up. https://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2018/06/more-plaster-basing.html Good luck, H
  17. Guerrilla art instillation at its finest!
  18. Thanks for the awesome kudos, I've never got a "wonderful" before. Super glad you enjoyed them. :) Thanks! I made the bases with plaster and a foil mold. They came out waaaay better than I expected, I'm very pleased with them. Thanks for the mad props on the painting! I totally dig his dwarves as well, I have 4 more that I'm currently getting ready for primer.
  19. Yeah! Some of the Scibor stuff is really gross (I dig it).
  20. I like the copper/brass chain, it really stands out well.
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