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  1. This is pretty exciting news. I work for a games store and the amount of people coming in asking for packs of monsters (skeletors and minotaurs in particular) for their campaigns is insanely high. Alot of these people don't even paint the minis after buying them so this is most excellent news indeed :).
  2. I bought myself a Reaper case. I found it to be the most subtle (except for those annoying clips to clip more cases together) of all the carry cases out there. The last thing I want is some totally ugly, hard to hide logo smeared all over a case *glares at battlehive and gw*(reaper logo is cute:P). However my lgs seller demonstrated that the reaper carry case can take quite a knocking especially in the case of inconsiderate gamers who will knock your case about if it's on the floor (he stepped on my case!). Also I found I had to make the space between minis 2 foam walls thick otherwise the foam would just unglue itself...I think it'd be better if the foam was not cut all the way down to the base so what you'd do is essentially tear the foam off the foam...if that makes sense? Anyway the case is ample for me. More than ample actually. I use it to carry warmachine stuff and I'm totally loving the depth of the trays. It means I can have my minis stand rather than lay down (lots of my minis get crushed if they get stored laying down).
  3. I'm still in university (I think Americans call it College?) but I have a casual job as a waitress...in Sizzler no less.
  4. That is so incredibly tutie. Great job! I like the paintjob you did for the werewolf the best.
  5. All my minis are on my table :P Well no, I moved them so I'd have space to get "real" work done. Atm, I'm working on a Warmachine elf. She's going splendidly. And on the side, I'm doing some Overlord spearmen.
  6. I don't really like the dark angel's hair or her really angelic looking wings but I think she'll look super when she's painted up. Love her clothes.
  7. The third type of base-to-base contact. In various places, the rulebook refers to: Front-side base-to-base contact Rear-side base-to-base contact Any base-to-base contact I'll split your questions into separate posts for ease of reply, and use the following diagram for those currently rulebook-deprived: As usual, attackers in red and defenders in green. I also edited your text in my replies to match the labeling in my diagrams. What's the matter abgni? Can't post everything you have to say in the one post?
  8. I play videogames. It's my primary hobby in fact. Does shopping count? - because I buy a tonne of useless crap everytime I head out to shop.
  9. And Cadaver forgot to mention that if you and your friend are playing Warmachine with just the starter sets - the rules for those sets are free :D. But you'd definately want to get the rulebooks Prime ($40 AU) and Escalation ($70AU) too simply because they're really cool! Although, I still question my willingness to pay $50 for a mere robot no matter how useful and cool it is.
  10. Ewww Friends! Haha. Thankfully I never got past season 1 with that show. I watched Xena :p
  11. Overlords. Cool minis. Naughty people that do naughty things for money. Too bad they're ruled by a skirt-wearing, hip-py git (who coincidentally also looks rather cool).
  12. Cool. Thanks abngi (I read your nik as 'abin-nig-gee' :p btw) and co. I somehow managed to overlook the 'frontal-arc' thing . Everyone's explainations make sense and I guess I hadn't thought of the whole parrying-feint thing that'd be taking place in battle. Dandy. Thanks.
  13. ReaperGames shows you other players nearby (well it does for me). ReaperGames shows me everyone in the Seros (my Taltos province) province and they're all basically in Australia except for one who's in Asia . But yeh, for you Americans I suppose a more in depth search wouldn't go astray.
  14. Had another game of Warlord today. Anywho, if a model (let's pretend it's Judas) is surrounded and attacked by say, an Avatar - is Judas entitled to a defensive strike on the Avatar ONLY or on any one model in base to base contact at the discretion of the player? I think the rulebook says something along the lines of 'may attack any enemy' in base to base contact but that doesn't really make sense in a real life scenario. Why would you attack someone who didn't attack you to begin with (although I suppose attacking any enemy is better than none) but not to mention that the attacker came from behind and that Judas was surrounded so he'd have to turn around to attack? Perhaps I'm just reading into the rules too deeply. Opinions? How do you do it?
  15. Well, I can proudly say I totally cleared my desk in preparation for the piles of uni books about to move in. Too bad about the floor.
  16. That stinks badly. That must've been frustrating as Hell! And actually, I wasn't aware stealing car stereos was still a profitable trade. Kind of like how people steal bicycle seats? *scratches head*
  17. Err the eyes are yellow? You made him look cool :D I love it.
  18. Bf's last name = smit Kittens are cute = kitten smit + kitten = smittenkitten
  19. For the most part - she's completed. I couldn't do NMM on her breastplate so I slapped brown over them in the hopes of coming back and completing it when I can. I'm glad there's no other elves in Mercs. How do you paint breastplates?
  20. I know precisely what you all mean. I had heard that Confrontation costed a fair bit but never in my nightmares had I pictured quite the price that I saw them for. Confrontation is in general, exquisitely rare in Australia so I was totally leaping for joy when I found the precise figure that I wanted but heck, I'm not touching that thing with a 60ft pole until that price tag comes down a notch. Haha, I recall seeing a simple foot soldier for $28AU . I suppose though, the good thing about Confrontation is that the minis look absolutely gorgeous as display pieces (unlike GW stuff) and the rulebook translation is crap-to-the-max so I'd never want to touch that game - which equates to me never having to work up enough money to be able to afford a playable army. In that regard, I suppose paying a hefty sum for a mini that's to be transformed into a display piece isn't so much if you're skilled enough to do it. It really hurts if you wreck a costly mini!
  21. I just had a quick look at the gobbie archers. Perhaps they wanted to throw their enemies off the fact that they can shoot by dressing up in hobo attire. Is that a slipper on one of the gobbie's feet? And is that a sock on one of their heads? I can't really tell from the picture.
  22. As will I. I decided to be quirky and so I got everyone at work heart-shaped choccies. I also made a card for the bf. Besides that - we haven't decided to celebrate the day in any way and I haven't planned any surprises, and I don't think he's planned any for me. So yeah. Unromantic all the way. Stupid work. Why can't I be an heiress to a besquillionaires multi-trillion dollar empire? /end muttering.
  23. I won't buy a miniature that costs too much. I'm staring at you Confrontation! Why does this line cost an arm and a leg anyway (not sure how much it is for you Americans)? Just a principle I have I guess but some dude riding a horse is not worth $59AU! A unit of 6 tiny goblins is not worth $119AU! I refuse to burn money like that.
  24. I like the general look of them - minus the fig leaves.
  25. There's no way in Devil Land that I can hold to this sort of pledge :P I probably paint one (start 3) for every ten I buy. But super, duper, mega, good luck to you all! :)
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