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    I like painting fantasy models. I like experimenting with new techniques and styles, even if it results in failure. The journey is the fun part!

    I like video games, puzzles, board games, metal music, true crime stories, cosmic horror/weird fiction, and I love going hiking and exploring the world!

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  1. HolkDiggity

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera

    The moss is made by mixing fine turf flock into PVA glue and then brushing it on in places. I usually use this for stones and terrain, but I thought I'd try it on bone!
  2. HolkDiggity

    And Now for Something Completely Different!

    Beautiful work, and I especially like the freehand stuff! Also, Castlevania is a perfectly legitimate excuse to put other activities off for a bit, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise!
  3. HolkDiggity

    77222: Aaron The Conjuror

    While running the 5e Princes of the Apocalypse campaign for my group, the adventurers had come upon a mad Druid-cum-Cultist at the top of his tower. His name was Elizar Dryflagon, and he'd become obsessed with the power of fire. I wanted to have something fun prepared for this battle, and when I found Aaron while looking through my unpainted stuff, I thought that he would be a perfect surrogate! A bit of OSL seemed an obvious choice due to the flames, but I didn't want to go overboard with it. In the end, the group ended up demolishing him and his summoned Smoke Mephits alike! Tough his appearance may have been short-lived, it was sure memorable!
  4. HolkDiggity

    Cloud Giantess: Yephima 2.0

    This is fantastic, and I really appreciate that you shared your WIP information as well! You are one of my favorite painters, and its really awesome to see that you get excited about painting and talking about your process! More of this, please!
  5. HolkDiggity

    Bones 4 Skeletal Chimera

    Back with part two of the Skeletal Monsters set! I thought of adding some mold/moss to the bones on this, and I used an old terrain trick of mixing flock with PVA glue. It looks alright, but I don't think I'll be doing it on the last one.
  6. HolkDiggity

    Bones 4 Skeletal Owlbear

    Hey all! Here's a quick speedpaint from this evening. It was a two hour deal, from prime to varnish. The only thing that I did yesterday was assembly.
  7. HolkDiggity

    Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

    I had a bit of a sit down with my wallet and talked to it about what's going to happen to it over the next month. We're both ready.
  8. Hey, all! Things have been a little odd for me lately. After the huge rush that was ReaperCon, I've been feeling a bit of post-con blues. I've painted a bit, but I've mostly been building terrain for Freeblades. I finished this guy last week, and I'm almost finished with a second figure. My table is coming along nicely, and I'm excited to finish it up and get some games going!
  9. HolkDiggity


    If you're not already a member, you should join the facebook group called "let's unite all dwarf players of the world". These would be appreciated there!
  10. Ok, that defender is my new favorite mini. Its going on the October order. My wife got a set of those Nebula Blue dice at ReaperCon, and they came with a little blacklight. Now she charges them up for good luck before she rolls them! Also, our friend liked them so much that we bought a set to bring home for her, as well. Nice haul!
  11. Lots of post-con arrivals! -I got my Dark Sword stuff from my 2nd place prize. -I picked up one of Ian's Righteous Steel Minis, and I'm blown away by the quality of both the sculpt and the resin its made of. -Something a bit fun from an upcoming tabletop game. (Fus ro dah!)
  12. HolkDiggity

    "Animal Crossing" ReaperCon 2019 Dark Sword Diorama

    That's exactly where I took the name!
  13. HolkDiggity

    "Animal Crossing" ReaperCon 2019 Dark Sword Diorama

    Its a large base from Secret Weapon Miniatures! They're pretty much my go-to for scenic bases! I bought a lot of resin scatter terrain on ebay last year, and they were in with that stuff. I think someone just made them in their home.
  14. I got my prize from Galladoria Games today. They're very fast! I ended up putting in a bit extra to get the whole Crown N Laurel Tavern set. Its very nice, and I can't wait to paint it up!