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    I like painting fantasy models. I like experimenting with new techniques and styles, even if it results in failure. The journey is the fun part!

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  1. I'm pretty stoked. This is my first time ever teaching a class about painting models, and its kind of surreal. Its a privilege to have my name listed among people that I've looked up to and respected for years. I hope that I can prove myself worthy of the honor!
  2. Nice job, and I love your blog! I scored an Urban Legends Ellen Stone at ReaperCon last year. Maybe I'll paint her up soon in solidarity...
  3. This one was for a facebook competition about color. The rules were, basically, don't worry about anything else but color. Do something different with color. I started with the idea of a dress palette of blue, teal, purple, and magenta. Once I had those colors in place, it was a matter of incorporating them in different areas of the model. I went with cotton candy roses and a galaxy print on the wings. The galaxy was a matter of stippling the dress colors (plus a bit of white) back and forth until the effect was convincing. Then I masked the body of the model and flicked a stiff brush at the wings to make star patterns. I then went back to the dress colors and stippling to blend them in a bit. This was a blast to paint, because I've never really done anything like this before.
  4. 10, but they're all really great.
  5. Hmmm, maybe I'll reduce the glow distance a bit. Thanks!
  6. One step closer to having the full Dungeon Dwellers set finished! I tried a lot of different stuff here, most for the first time! Such as... -Full NMM armor -Freehand on cloak -Painted highlights on liquid -A unique gem in the shield (Watermelon Tourmaline) -A tiny bit of OSL on the eyes
  7. Jakob asked me to paint one of his models for his collection, and this is what I came up with. I wanted to give him a tattoo, and I chose a Cherry Blossom Tree. I loved painting this model.
  8. I'm really happy with the faces and the flesh on these little rascals. They also make me one step closer to having the whole 2018 Dungeon Dweller set painted, which is something that I hope to achieve someday, lol.
  9. The Cleric in my D&D group leveled up and acquired the Spiritual Guardian skill. He needed a model to represent his Guardian. Honaire looks so cool, but he didn't have a shield. I found one in my bits box, and painted the symbol of his chosen Deity, Chauntea. I loved painting this because the simple palette left more room to just relax and enjoy the work.
  10. A while back, I bought some Ammo Mig vegetation and saw it in my terrain drawer. I decided to paint something really quickly as an excuse to give the vegetation a shot. I painted up this dude in an hour, and then spent an hour messing with the Ivy and the Hart's Tongue. I'm happy with the way it turned out, and the experience means that I'll make them even better next time.
  11. Hey, everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I haven't been very active on here for a while, but I've been painting. I figured that I'd start putting up my backlog of models. I love Dwarves, and this was a really cool model to paint. I'm particularly happy with the NMM, but if I were to change one thing, I would probably alter the tone of the hair and beard a bit so that it doesn't so closely match the armor.
  12. I swear that every time I type her name I misspell it as "Frostwing". I do the same thing when talking about Morrowind. Anyway... Took some time on the blending here. I wanted to do a bit of practice before I jumped into my Holiday mini swap model. The base and snow effects are by Secret Weapon. I hope you enjoy her!
  13. I've seen some videos and it looks nice. The problem that I had was that it stuck to everything and the models' size didn't leave much room for maneuvering. I have a list of GSW stuff to order, so I'll add this to the list to try!
  14. They're awesome sculpts! I appreciated the legit mouths. Looking up reference images made me itchy. I decided to go with the red because I wanted to give them an otherworldly tint: Just a hint of fantasy while still being grossly realistic. They definitely helped bring me back in after more than a week bogged down by my own self-doubt. I can't express how much that means to me! Eww is perfect. Eww is what I aimed for!
  15. Hey, all! Its been a little while and I finally sat down and painted something. I put these guys together and I'm really happy with the shading. I wanted to put some water on the bases, so I tried wrapping them with plastic and pouring realistic water in. It... did not go according to plan. The water cured unevenly, shrank, left weird tide lines, partially peeled off... Basically everything that could go wrong with it went wrong. Luckily, I had sealed the model before pouring the water, so I was able to peel it off with an exacto and some tweezers. I salvaged what I could and I think they still look pretty good.
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