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  1. I sort of figured, but I wanted to ask just in case. Thank you!
  2. DGS rules state that you must only use DGS models for conversions. Would this also extend to basing materials? I have a great piece of (non-DGS) sculpted terrain to add to the base, but I don't want to be disqualified for using it.
  3. HolkDiggity

    "Waylaid By An Enemy" ReaperCon 2019 Diorama

    I have some of the dark shade here that I think I'm going to go with. I used it a few Christmases back for gifts for my D&D group. (See image) A follow up would be great! Maybe something way in the future, like this same scene but with snow covering both of their bones and an animal walking by, unaware of the fight that once took place here!
  4. HolkDiggity

    "Waylaid By An Enemy" ReaperCon 2019 Diorama

    Its definitely a diorama. The whole base is scratch built! I'm going to go with a stain. I have some here, as well as one of those sanding blocks, so I'll test it out and see if it matches. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone!
  5. HolkDiggity

    "Waylaid By An Enemy" ReaperCon 2019 Diorama

    I can't decide between painting it and staining it. I think stain would look better, but I'm not sure...
  6. I sort of fell off the WIP thread because life made this take longer than I had originally intended. The minis are by Bombshell, and I have to say that they were a pleasure to paint. I will be picking up a few more at ReaperCon, for sure. The scenery is by Secret Weapon, Shadow's Edge, and Woodland Scenics. The base is from a cheap 3 pack from Michael's. All paint is from Reaper. I'll probably end up staining or painting the base, but I haven't yet decided which way to go with it. It feels really good to finish something for the MSPOpen. In hindsight, I probably should've started with something smaller, and worked my way up to this, but meh. I'm pretty proud of this.
  7. Sorry it took so long to get there! I thought for sure that it would be quick since we live relatively close to each other.
  8. Guindyloo box is on its way to @SamuraiJack
  9. That signpost is going into my ReaperCon diorama! There were some other cool things in that Terrain Crate bag, but I didn't have any immediate use for them, so I let them go on to someone who may!
  10. I finally had a chance to go through everything and pick out some stuff! There were some amazing pieces in there, and some of it was like a trip back in time! I didn't want to take too much, but there were some tough decisions, to be sure! If you know me, you know I'm partial to skeletons, dwarves, and aberrations! Oh, and the Stone Giants made my entire life. I really regretted not getting Lost Valley just because of missing out on these! Here's a photo of what I took: I was going to say what I added, but I noticed that most people's additions are redacted. If anyone is interested, let me know and Ill share. I did fill out the notebook, though, and the box is all ready to be sent on its way tomorrow!
  11. Box has arrived!
  12. Just got the box from @Chris Palmer today, and I can't wait to finish work and burrow into it like a nerdy landshark!
  13. Can't wait! I've got a bunch of stuff put aside to load up the box when I finish going through it.
  14. Oh good! I've got my Bones 4 box arriving tomorrow, and then a BOGW showing up next week!
  15. It will take me one day to pick out and replace what I want, and then send it back off. I'm sure we can have it to you before you leave in June.