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    Ribbon Collector!

    Had a lot of fun collecting ribbons. Looking forward to next year.
  2. Dugman

    Hobby Hijinks Events Post Con Thoughts

    Thanks Ludo for all the hard work you did & painting in the car video! That's hijinks! This was my very first major con and even I had heard of Sophie Says. It's a ReaperCon classic. Had lots of fun. Also enjoyed speed paint & paint n take. If I had time I would have done quick conversion. Having paint scattered around makes Sophie Says fun, but paint and take (speed paint also) might benefit from having sets of paint grouped together. Something like a small nail polish holder can hold like 16-20 reaper paints.
  3. Dugman

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Not ready, but excited & planning to go next year. Really glad to know the dates (same weekend) so I can plan my vacation days. Now to clean my work space and restart painting.