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  1. Ive got a couple of factions painted up and am open for some games of warlord, but not in newcastle ;). Do you come to Sydney often?
  2. love the necromancer. not all that interested in the rest. I just love painting flesh
  3. Dude that is the best gerard i have ever seen!
  4. The vents are simply VGC Scorpy Green shaded up to VGC Bald Moon Yellow. These are both extremely bright colours and it makes it look almost glowing irl.
  5. thanks for the feedback. Golden eagle how many layers do you use?
  6. ive been coating my minis in GW gloss coat and then Testors Dullcoat but unfortunately this doesnt look nearly as nice as just Dullcoat on its own. For those that have tried Dullcoat on its own, im just wondering how well does it stand through standard tabletop gaming? Thanks.
  7. I dont recall posting any other jacks here . Or did you see them on the pp forums? I have some casters near completion but im not particuarly happy with them atm - I started my army with a slightly different colour scheme and am now somewhat depressed to have discovered the superior colour scheme above
  8. Just finished this Seether. Opinions please :)
  9. Greens! Im loving the female duelist. Really looking forward to painting her. The rest dont excite me but i think some Reven players are going to be pretty excited at the goblin wolfrider
  10. Cool, so does anyone else go to Tin Soldier occasionally? Who is the Sydney BL member btw?
  11. Yeah i frequent Tin Soldier on York st in the city. If anyone wants a game thats probably the best place to do it for me. edit: when was there a black lightning demo there?
  12. Well maybe i shouldnt have said demos, i know well how to play the game ;). If you ever decide to have a game in a more central location drop me a pm :)
  13. Yeah as i feared its a lot of travel for me, i live in south sydney. Why is the entire Sydney gaming scene located way out west? :P Dont really have time for that kind of travel right now unfortunately. Come and do some demos in the city and then were talking ;)
  14. Looks really good actually, especially if youre only beginning. Much better use of metallics than most people. My only criticism would be the white bit of the helmet (not finished?) because it looks too plain and isnt shaded and the face of the severed head which is a bit of a strange colour. What colour are you using as the base colour for the bone? Because it looks like quite a nice brown and i want some ;)
  15. Well the way i did my mummies is: -paint VGC bone white/GW bleached bone. -wash with GW brown ink (you can add a dash of green ink in there too if you like). -highlight bandages with VGC bone white/GW bleached bone. -highlight bandages with white. The result being:
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