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  1. 3 week countdown starts tomorrow, I guess I had better start figurin' stuff out. I'd love to share a ride if flights co-operate and arrive as expected. Arrive: Wednesday, Aug 31st, at DFW airport around 4:00pm (Cranky, I'll send you a PM and see if you have any space still) Depart: Sunday, Sept 4th from DFW at 5:15
  2. Dalok

    Names and Faces

    Great thread Ludo, I'm new to the forums but figured this would at least help my roommate when I come wandering up. Name: Chris, Dalok (pronounced Day-lock) Pronouns: He/Him Hugs: Not before noon, you don't want to catch me off guard in the morning
  3. Count me in too. I'm sure I'll still be reading the rules on the plane, but I'm always up for learning a new system.
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