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  1. Awesome!!! I can't wait to see y'all!!! Thanks so much!!!
  2. We are a little over 2 hours away!!! Does anyone know what time the pizza dungeon meet and greet starts?
  3. I can't wait to see everyone! What kind of things are y'all up to getting ready? Who all is staying at the Embassy Suites? What are you entering? What classes are you taking? I miss your faces and I'm so excited!!! Show me stuff, talk at me, be excited with me!!! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Go to the fat shack. Talk to people at RC. We had our first year in 2018. The people are WONDERMOUS! Everyone wants to help and offer advice. There are games going, classes, meetups, general meandering, shopping, painting, visiting, and other stuff. Oh absolutely stay at the hotel that hosts it. They are super awesome. Go to the pizza dungeon meetup Wednesday night! We didn't get to go last year for that. So it'll be our first year together!! Also my husband says he will be adding a thread about places to eat soon. We hope to see you there!!!!
  5. Ok so I will have to learn how to be funny again by posting in purple!! It's all so exciting and glitterwolf I have more glitter for you!!! Thank you for the warm welcome and thank you Crimson king for the sweetness redambrosia you shall rise thank you for your services!
  6. I am so excited to make my very first post!!!! I have made it to the forums after some issues. Big thank you to everyone who helped from Reapercon and beyond!!! I had such a wonderful time and I'm so happy I got to meet some of you wonderful individuals!!! I am looking forward to sharing even more with everyone and can't wait to meet more people, learn A LOT, and enjoy the community more!!!! Thank you all so much for everything!!!!
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