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  1. It was kind of an emotional Christmas, I just started dating again to an SCA person and they got me a big sturdy mug that will keep my hands warm and is big enough to eat soup out of. As a second, my father brews and I just started so he sent me the kit to make the best thing that he makes - Chocolate Raspberry Port! That'll start as soon as I take the acerglyn (maple mead) out of my fermenter.
  2. Not one to seek out poetry but this one sparked an idea that is part of the fabric of my life. Note that it is part of a much longer poem though I might have just found that out today... Auguries of Innocence BY WILLIAM BLAKE To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour
  3. Box received from drbob, plan to send home just after Christmas.
  4. Growing up our tradition was to make bubble bread (aka monkey bread) and cheese rolls for Christmas. We'd make the dough then go for Christmas Eve service, come back and roll it, then bake it in the morning while opening presents. This year I plan to make the monkey bread and share it with my bf.
  5. yay restrictions lifted! Middle earth for sure!
  6. Generally just the off-topic rampancy. Haven't really figured out the rest of the forums yet.
  7. This is a hard thing to pick just 1, so I'm not going to! Instead here are some of the things. 1. The people, it's been a while since I've had good community and when we pair that with social anxiety it becomes a problem. With painting I can sit around and enjoy the company of others while not being dependant on them like the case of dancing. 2. I can participate in as little or as much as I want, and I can learn as little or as much as I want. It's interesting I would have thought college was supposed to be the time I learned how to learn, but it wasn't. I was always one of those kids who figure out how to do a lot of things easily and then stopped when the learning gets hard. With painting there are challenges that I can participate in to benchmark my growth, but I'm not required to do so which makes it so for once I'm actually able to learn what I want and be self driven and is super refreshing. I found I'm learning more. 3. The joy factor. I don't really have a purpose in life so the closest thing I can think of is to fill the world with little sparks of joy. There's something about someone saying "oh that's so cool" , or "you painted this for me? It's perfect!" That really makes my day
  8. @SparrowMarie did you get your porcelain pallet on line or in person? That's probably the next upgrade I should get.
  9. I just got a set of dental tools for sculpting. I'm not sure how useful they'll be though because every time I look at them my teeth hurt.
  10. This is a pic from when I first set it up, it's had a few add-ons since that point but cleaning up my workshop was already on my list so we'll see if it gets done this weekend.
  11. Generally 3-20 hrs... Um depends on how much energy I have that week. Too little and it is only during painting group, too much and I start going out dancing.
  12. Day late but Happy Birthday, glad to have found you on the forms!
  13. Building computers, I repeat building not fixing! Also I like to build pretty expensive computers so... Also @Glitterwolf I'm pretty sure that's a super power you've got there. So when are we going to see the thread of eating with Glitterwolf?
  14. I never really drew as a kid, in fact my fine motor skills were terrible to the point that in 7th grade the teacher realized I couldn't read my own handwriting. In the evaluation they told me I had the fine motor skills of a 5 year old and gave me a keyboard with a 4 line screen (alphasmart) to use for classes and standardized tests. I guess I got past that now since I can paint minis and because of a book recommended at ReaperCon have been sketching, like the skulls below.
  15. Being watched by a curious
  16. A whole room oh my! Still in a little tiny apartment here but made room for a painting desk. I can't use a pegboard but found the kalax system from Ikea to be great for organizing most things. Having the little compartments helps me divide up the space, 1 cube for scenery, 2 cubes for my shelf of shame... As to the desk itself nail polish racks are great for paints, I'm also thinking of getting another set for show off minis. I found planning in a light cube seriously upped my mini pics. Also on desks it's about finding the height that works for you, personally I'm short so I go with the lowest desk I can put together.
  17. What I should do: learn/clean all the things What I would do: learn some of the things then space out because I need the mental downtime. Actually this sounds kind of like a curse.
  18. While stroking his precious, a...
  19. Thanks guys! I've been all over the place recently, nice to get back to one spot!
  20. 1. Chili (that counts right?) 2. Tomato sauce that I put extra veggies into and call tomato soup (none of that creamy nonsense) 3. New England clam chowder eaten out of a fresh baked sour dough bread bowl.
  21. Don't know what he was intended for but he worked pretty well for "the king of feathers" in tomb of anhiliation
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