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  1. If anybody is interested, I’ll be wearing either an Adeptus Mechanicus or Death Guard t-shirt and working on painting up Kill Team minis and terrain in the big hall most of the weekend. Come and find me! Name’s “Tuna.”
  2. Anybody up for trying out the new version of Kill Team? I have multiple teams with me along with terrain!
  3. If you are still running Savage Worlds, I’m definitely interested.
  4. I’m driving to Reapercon this year, so I am kicking around the idea of bringing a 40K army with me. Anybody interested in getting a game or two in?
  5. I know the current meta of Reapercon leans toward D&D / Pathfinder, but my personal favorite RPG system is Savage Worlds. Are there any other Savage GMs on here? I was wondering about trying to arrange a “Savage Saturday Night” event, but if there’s no interest, I might just do my own thing...
  6. I’m a lurker on the forums and this will be my 2nd year at Reapercon.
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