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  1. @Chaoswolf please add me to this BoGW I want to down size ,sort, and pass on minis I will never paint.
  2. Ghast and gate first attempt at dry brushing and basing. Comments and suggestions for future. So went with suggestions and light black grey radiant. Thouths? iPhone photos so not the greatest.
  3. Happy birthday @Wonder Woman may your day be wonderful.
  4. My wife was eyeing them sometime ago so I pulled for her @Wonder Woman
  5. on This day Novemeber 8 in the year 2018 anno domini I received a parcel from Matt from the house Parody. I perused and took some of the bounty stored inside. May the honorable Dr.Bob enjoy what I placed inside. May the postmasters chariot be swift with its delivery.
  6. I pmed address to @MattParody and according to the mail status he still hasn’t read and hasn’t been on since the 24
  7. Yes my that was the right one but now we have a new problem my wife @Wonder Woman wants to eat all the droste nibs and chocolate she has never had European chocolate before and now is in love with it I dont think you sent enough to last her. We may have to send each other more boxes before she starts eating all of mine.
  8. Got @Glitterwolf box and full of all sorts of goodies some I have already ate all of .Others I had to hid from my wife @Wonder Woman but here is pics
  9. My wife said my package arrived today but alas was called last minute to help a project get back on track in Houston so I’ll post as soon as am able
  10. Size to sir for scale and is it one piece or multiple
  11. Wants when where how GIMMIE GIMMIE info as you can tell I really like it great job on the sculpt
  12. I want one of these but never can find i love what you did for a leather look
  13. Who is your German supplier I have to know this person to get Christmas goodies from Germany all I have to offer is Texas Christmas goodies
  14. Can I watch you eat the unicorn cereal also I want to see what this stuff looks like I promise I won’t take screen shot and make it into a shirt for next Rcon
  15. Is it to late to join this Texan would love to have a German or uk partner
  16. ??? This thread is like a squirrel just running all over the place
  17. I’m fairly new to painting but I have to tendency to jump to the hardest thing I can usually do in a hobby. So has anyone ever painted a mini using blacks whites and greys only any advice or hints that you might help I already pick the mini and if my work doesn’t have me work to much now to next reapercon I might enter it in the contest.
  18. Started this afternoon using this as a practice/ learning experience before tackling smaller or more complex styles (also easier to clear after painted to start over) due to size . Please criticize nicely. Note face and beard beads are not done yet
  19. Ha ha I finally see one boot on I thought it was a myth

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