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  1. Vallejo plastic putty and Felix Materials perfect plastic putty are water based fillers, they clean up with a wet brush, no sanding. It does not affect the paint. With Milliput, make up a small ball and insert a divot in it. Make a soup in it and brush on the rough spots on the figure. I use brush on sealer or Matt varnish for sealing those crevices from hell that grow during final assembly as well as erasing mold lines discovered when painting. In rough areas, I scrape, sand, repaint, and complain.
  2. Once you have removed the mold lines, they seem to regrow as you paint. After years of spot stripping, cleaning, and repainting, @Corporea suggested using Reaper Anti Shine Additive to smooth over the offending line. I now use Matt varnish to do the same thing. Don't have to start all over, just brush a couple of coats and glaze over it and it's fixed.
  3. I heard a lot of complaints about the GrowTix site while at Reapercon. If we are going to see an improvement in the ticketing of Reapercon, we probably should compile an actual list of requirements/changes to the current tool. This would be good feedback for the people at Reaper when they are ramping up for 2020. Please be specific, list what you were trying to do, what you were expecting, what didn't work the way you were expecting and what didn't work at all. What improvements would you like to see in the software?
  4. Derek's class is great, more than just eyebrows. I especially liked when he illustrates the expression with his elastic face.. ~π√ Eyebrows wrap from the frontal plane to the lateral plane of the face. The temporal ridge where the planes meet is where the eyebrow turns down. In men, the ridge is distinct as is the angle of change. At 54mm display painting I usually add a stippled highlight (eyebrow main and flesh highlight) for texture, larger busts, more colors. I don't paint smaller. Older folks have long bushy eyebrows so your stylist may be on to something but I've never und
  5. Wet sand, holy cow, now I can fix those dragon wings. Brilliant!
  6. Danm! I'm retired, I didn't think I would have to think about chemistry again. Thanks MVM, it's fun to stir up those neurons again.
  7. Theatre make-up is viewed from 30ft, about the same distance as a 54mm at arm's length. Subtleties get lost. Good books on stage makeup and stage painting are useful references. Puts my original degree to some use.
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