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  1. as long as the folks at reaper agree to this then ill put it in the listing.
  2. sorry storm.. anyways ebay site is fixed
  3. but i will make those changes. except for the putting reaper and warlord in it. its really not appropriate to put the company name on it if i no longer reprisent the company but i dont see any harm in putting the game name so that i will arrange.. the reason there are so many errors as in i hard a long night last night and i didnt finally get the listing up till midnight. but ill get them changes up now.
  4. as most of you know for several reasons im no longer a bl member and as such im no longer in need of all my spare armies. so im auctioning them off on ebay. ill post the link on here (that is ofcourse that i see that its not a problem with the reaper folks) but ofcourse im keeping my dark spawn and my friend wants my razigs revenge stuff.. and ofcourse im also keepin my lupins.. so if your interested by all meens bid on them you can probably increase your armie size. later http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1
  5. boy ya got that right bud. i pretty much made up my mind from now on im gonna use burrowers from now on.. atleast them only a couple of things can hurt them from underground..
  6. [MOD] Split Off Topic Discussion from Flyer Thread started here If folks want to discuss the current state of Warlord they are welcome to. Don't completely skew another thread however. [/MOD] god no wonder so many people are quiting the game. i talked to some of the store i use to demo for while i was with black lightening. and they told me everyone i started getting to play quit the game. with rules like these im not supprised. and i got news for yall., i overheard some of the black lightening members at nuke con this year are so upset there ready to quit also... man i dunno what you people are doing to this game of yours but if you expect to continue being in the market of miniature games i strongly reccomend you start getting to know what it is the rest of the world thinks of the rules of this game. most of the people on these forums are devoted to the games so theyll except any rule changes placed.. like bl memebers leave out comment cards at there demos.. id do it but i dont have time to bl anymore.. and to be honest even if i had the time.. dunno if id want to anymore.. rather disapointed i am
  7. So if that be the case they should increases the distance of the flying ammount since he would be able to move father and faster in flight and not change the movement that he already has showing on the ground ... is that what they are planning or are they still penalizing their movement on the ground.. to explain what i mean... the great demons mov is 7 so there flying should be like 10 or something like that.. cause its not fair to slow a flyers movement on the ground cause it has wings
  8. Hows everyone doing been a long time since i typed a message or even played warlord in almost a year.. ive been WAY to busy. Im training now for werner ent so im always moving hardly have time for anything. so im a bit behind the times with the updates.. so forgive me for this. this weekend was nuke-con where i got to play again and i came across a new rule that i cant believe someone used such limited intellegence in the making of this decision. I got to use the great demon for darkspawn whom happens to be a flyer. and they informed me that even though his movent is 8... the rule changed so that if he is on the ground his movent is 3 to all flyers.. what the hell are we treating all flyers as if they got no legs now. the purpose to flying is that terrain modifiers doesnt apply while air born.. such as trees and upgrades and down grades and such... once a flier lands those modifiers takes affect.. which is the way it should be its only fair however this ruling is so far fetched in my oppinion that it tells me three things.. 1. im being lied to this rule doesnt exist. and it got exploited in a tournament format.. 2. it is an official rule and someone at reaper needs to wake up and rethink this extremely ignorent rule.. or 3. or this was a hear say rule/scuttlebut if you will and no one has made an official ruling on this, if its option 3 then let me ask what is the real ruling on this before more people get suckered into a false pretence like i was. thanks john hawley
  9. Im sure some of you have been wondering what is happening with the big clown that totally devistated reaper con last year... and to be honest even though i havent been very active on this forum or with black lightning. i really did want to go to the conn this year but something came up that im sure once i tell you, you will understand. In december ive been given a chance for freedom at last... as most of you i believe i mentioned even though i am a trucker so the entire country is my back yard. on the other hand i still lived at home with mom very hummiliating inded to even mention it. ive been given an opertunity to puchase my own place at last and to finally have a place to call my own.. i had a major choice to make either to go to reaper conn which last year cost me nearly a thousand dollars or continue to save it up for my new home. well sadly i choose the latter.. to get freedom at last... next year i intend to be there ill own the house buy then but untill then freedom comes first.. see yall later and i hope someone does my dark spawn justice in the tournament.. see yall arround hugs and kisses to all the ladies and smacks in back of the heads to all the guys PEACE
  10. NOPE im not dead after all lol.... well quick you and your reached orcs won again well next time we meet buddy me and my darkspawn will whipe the wall with ya.... pain is such a worthwhile drug and war has our fix mmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. im planning on getting a tattoo soon to finish off one i already got.. when i was 18 i get a pentagram on my arm which is bad enough however. the problem with it is its perfectly round. you cant tell if its 1 point up or two. for those of you who dont understand the problem,, one point up represents wicca.. earth magic.. 2 points up means satan worshipper.. it is supposed to be 1 point up cause i dont believe in satan... dont believe in god either but thats besides the point. *just fyi so if ya dont mind, dont respond to this post to discuss religion. it dont belong on here* anyways so i intend to get a dragon wrapped arround it *im such a dragon freak* and once i get it you can then see its one point up and not two.... if i get more i might consider one of reapers dragons for a tattoo but one plan at a time hehe
  12. yea i kinda figured people might notice the class clown of reaper conn hasnt been on lol. i drive locally now so im home every night. its better this way keeps me outta trouble this way or so they think
  13. Its cool bryan atleast you did your best to try and fix this before. its all good. getting my kaladrax built asap
  14. This morning i got woke up at 10:30 am *keep in mind i drive at night the vampire shift* at great person risk to his life. he dropped a package on my lap from reaper. I couldnt believe my eyes that i finally got my replacement parts and then some. All i could say was "OH MY GOD" i just couldnt believe how fast they got here. after 4 months + i honestly thought that what Ed said was just gums flapping. Boy was i wronge Thanks Ed so much i greatly appreciate it. i actually found myself painting again. I think its safe to say faith has been restored. Thanks guys violator
  15. Thanks ed. i look forward to getting them. and also im glad i now know who to come to when or even IF this ever happens again
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