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  1. These teeny tiny butterflies from Wicked Elf are awesome! They are super easy to use since they are vellum and not paper. Nice and durable, easy to paint. I was really pleased with how they came out for this project.
  2. I've had this happen with my Raphael 8404's from the first use. It is frustrating and sometimes I can't get that one pesky hair to finally lay down. I cleaned them and then put the soap on there to let them sit all together for a while. It does seem to help. I am somewhat disappointed that they splay so bad though. The sables I got from Creature Caster/Monument were better and I use them a LOT, but they don't have quite as much point to them as the Raphael. The brushes that I like more (and don't use nearly as much..need to remedy that) is the Artis Opus. I probably haven't used them enough to really put them through their paces though and compare them to the others. For brush cleaner and conditioner the Goop from Creature Caster/Monument can't be beat.
  3. This is from a piece I did a few months ago. I tried to keep it pretty simple so if you have any questions please feel free to post and I'll try to answer them. First a quick photo of the end result. One hindsight moment is to cut your mini off the base (if there is one) before you paint it :)
  4. Beautiful job! Nice job on the base as well. Been lusting after this box of minis :)
  5. I hope you share them! I was actually inspired in a small way by a Paul Bonner painting of some werewolves. I toned them down a lot because his had a lot more skin than hair and he did the hair in wild colors, but they were still in the back of my mind while I painted.
  6. Nice job with the attention to detail on the skin!
  7. There is so much texture in the sculpts themselves that they were a breeze to paint. Only took me about 2 days each, where normally things can take me almost a week sometimes. I love that they had some flesh to play around with. It keeps that feeling that there is a human in there somewhere.
  8. That's my favorite too. Most people seem to like the silver one.
  9. When I got done with these werewolves my youngest son wanted me to do a custom display base for them. He's my best critic when I ask him to look something over so I decided to indulge him :) I really loved how detailed the fur is and that they have their gums showing in the snarling faces. Great sculpts!
  10. Nice attention to the little details. Brings him to life!
  11. Thank you all for the kind comments :)
  12. I would be very happy if I got anything even close that! Nice job :)
  13. This guy was a fast, fun paint up on Mother's Day (finished him up Monday and did the Base Tuesday). In hindsight I'd change a couple of things, but even so, I'm very happy with how he came out. Last shot is a comparison with a Darksword Dwarf and Reaper Ivy Knight.
  14. I just love Tre Manor's sculpts :) Still need to work on hair and some better blending on the skin, but I think I've shown a little bit of improvement lately.
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