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  1. I hope this is the right place to ask this. I heard that one of the new pirate paints was glow in the dark. Is this true? If so, which one is it?
  2. That sounds like something I can handle :) Thanks!
  3. I could try that, I've never really done much with green stuff but it could be a good time to learn
  4. This is a Jim Fitzpatrick mini I got at Reapercon last year. Finally finished it (I thought), turned my back on it for a work call and my wife found it on the floor by the front door with the sword chewed and mangled by our cat. Any ideas how I can fix it? I straightened it out best I could
  5. thank you! yeah, rust monster, that I can work with I think
  6. Thank you, now Flirtin' with disaster is going through my head :) the sword is pretty bad, but will still work for tabletop I remember seeing Molly Hatchet live, great show, brings back some memories. Maybe those old memories touched a long forgotten cord with me, something certainly clicked with me about this figure. Maybe I can tell people the sword is "weathered", yeah, that sounds good
  7. thank you. Glad I got some pictures of him because my cats got him and chewed up his sword :(
  8. This is a Jim Fitzpatrick mini I got at Reapercon last year, finally had some time to work on it. Accepting my level of talent as a painter, I am pretty happy with it for the most part, and I think I have brought it about as far as my limited ability will take it
  9. wow, that sounds like a lot of intensive practice! I guess there really isn't a "perfect" system for role playing, and you always have to sacrifice varying degrees of accuracy and realism to make a game playable. Mentioning Hollywood, I have seen the Crossed Swords do a couple demos at dragoncon and they talked a bit about hollywood and movie "fighting". The way they did it was really funny and eye-opening, for me at least
  10. I have never heard of Warlock Rules, not that's saying much but it would be neat to see. I enjoy looking at things from the beginnings of the game. I would love to go back to RC but it won't happen for another year or two at least.
  11. Mine from hollihans was very good but yeah it was a bit high price. Marcos pizza delivered and was excellent
  12. Thanks I really appreciate that. One thing I really love about this con and the forums is how accessible people are, and how much they are willing to share what they know with others. I am a very "hands on" person and learn best by doing. So I feel like I got more out of the classes where we did a lot painting compared to watching and trying to keep notes. But I take my hat off to all the instructors who donated their time over the weekend to help us. Thank you all
  13. after 13 and a half hours of mostly boring driving (once I got out of the Dallas area), finally home. Great trip, met lots of cool people and heard much advice and good wisdom about how to improve my painting, but it's nice to be home
  14. I had one favorite class - Blending by Ian Markon. No, wait, there were two favorite classes, blending and shiny paint by Lauren Cowles. What about aging and weathering? Oh, all right, I had three favorite classes, blending, shiny paint, and aging and weathering by David Cecil. That's all, just three favorite classes :) I was exposed to a huge amount of information in all my classes, and if I can remember ten percent of what I was exposed to I would have learned a lot here.
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