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  1. I know I have a lot to learn about painting, but if I never get to the level of some of these truly gifted painters I can live with that. To me painting is like bowling. I have been bowling for decades, and I have an acceptable average (low 140's). I know I never will be a pro bowler, and will never bowl a perfect game, but I still love to sling the ball. A few times people have approached me about joining a league but I have always said "NO" because people on leagues tend to take the game so seriously it takes the fun out of it. If it got to the point where I really cared about my score and got mad when I didn't do well, it would be time to find another interest to pursue. The same with painting. If I get to the point where I am getting mad because I can't paint well enough or win awards, it's time to quit.
  2. So true, like everything else you only hear about the bad. I wish I could afford a little plane I could fly myself to these events. Maybe one day after I win the lottery. Gotta remember to play it first :)
  3. I hear so many horror stories about people flying commercial and getting stranded or really delayed. Makes me never want to fly commercial. I am taking my time driving, stopping after about 8 hours and finishing the drive the next day, about 4 hours I think.
  4. That's it exactly. I know my "talent" is nowhere near lots of other people and never will be, and I am cool with that. I still have fun painting and I am not going to get fame or glory so be it. I enjoy it, and to me that is what it's all about
  5. Just finished looking through the winners from last year, wow. I was hoping for a bronze with the entry I have ready for this year, but I will be lucky to get stock. I have so far to go :)
  6. :) I so know what you mean. This will be my first vacation in two and a half years, and I am so ready. Actually have an entry almost ready for the painting contest. I say almost because I dropped it the other night and now I have to touch up where it hit the concrete floor
  7. I used to play a lot of the old version of 7th sea and would love to play old or new, but it would probably have to be an informal late night event for me. Did you have any particular times in mind? I am planning on arriving on Wednesday and leaving Monday
  8. I thought I had seen a schedule of factory tours, but I can't find it. Does anyone know if there are tours on Sunday? If so, I might cancel the game I was going to run so I can do that instead
  9. I don't see very many people signing up for much yet
  10. I don't believe they have it all worked out yet. I signed up for a game Thursday night, and the game is scheduled for Thursday and Friday. According to the profile, it doesn't show which one I am signed up for
  11. I think it just started yesterday. There was some sort of problem with growtix and creating your gamer profile, but it started working for me yesterday
  12. Sounds like a pretty neat gizmo, I will have to check that out. Thanks!
  13. It worked for me too now
  14. Just found it, doesn't show up in the schedule I had been looking at, but it does show up in the gaming dashboard. I just don't know if I got Thursday or Friday
  15. It appears to be working now, or at least it just seemed to work for me. It says I have registered for a couple games, but they don't show up in my schedule.
  16. I have never heard of Pearl Tweezers, not that that is saying much, there is a lot of stuff I have never heard of :)
  17. Having the same problem
  18. I can't register for any games yet. It says I have to finish my gamer profile, but when I try to do that it says the website has an error and is behaving badly
  19. Tried several times to register for a game, no luck, something is behaving badly :)
  20. How will you know if your events have been approved?
  21. You mean past 9:00?! I dunno, that's usually my bedtime :)
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