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  1. Just being nosey, so if it's none of my business just say so, but I have to ask, is there something wrong with FG?
  2. I signed up to run The One Ring and an old long out of print vampire hunter game called Hunters inc. I would like to play something if I have time, but unless games run late at night, that probably isn't going to happen
  3. You might not have to teach everyone. I still remember 2nd ed. and reverse dungeon was way cool
  4. I can sympathize with you. To get my current job took three years of studying and eleven thousand dollars out of pocket. Had to get a loan and sell my motorcycle. Worth it in the end? Absolutely. Lousy at the time? Absolutely
  5. Oh. I went through the hotel itself, so...now I wonder. Guess maybe I need to call them
  6. You have to specifically ask for this? I don't remember seeing that anywhere
  7. How does someone go about submitting a game event that they would run? Now I have my class schedule, I know how much other time I have to run a game
  8. Oh. I saw 2e and thought "wow, that's actually kind of old school" Guess not though :)
  9. See if you like the way this sounds, "Only eleven more Saturdays 'til ReaperCon!"
  10. I highly recommend it. The venue is really nice, very gamer oriented and lots of "old school" stuff (and people). I went in 2015 and it was about 1500 attendees I believe. I heard last year it was a good bit more crowded but that is how it always seems to go, over time it gets bigger
  11. Yes, it is. Been to the big ones a couple times, garycon once, but never this one
  12. wow! How did that old Hee Haw song go? "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all" :)
  13. Ditto that, everything went smooth as glass, thanks for the video I knew exactly what to do
  14. I believe a new bowling alley has opened up and it looks to be practically in the hotel parking lot. They sell food, according to their website, may be an option too
  15. So around two to two and a half hours, total. Cool! Thanks
  16. Excellent, thank you! Forgot to ask, how long does the tour last? A couple hours?
  17. I finally made it through with some blind stumbling :) got there in the end though
  18. Aha! Now I understand more about how the system works. Thanks!
  19. so...registering is basically bookmarking. I actually went a bit overboard, registered for quite a few events, more than I probably should have! :) So hopefully I will be able to actually get a ticket to a few of them.
  20. what I mean is, does registering guarantee you a seat?
  21. never mind, got it going. Now I have another question: even if you are registered, can a class still sell out and you not get in?
  22. How do you register? I have logged into growtix, what do I do from there?
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