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  1. 17 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

    I'm suddenly today very tempted to try to dig out my old 'reverse dungeon' for AD&D 2nd edition.  Problem is I'd be teaching the system to everyone too so it might not be practical for a gaming session....

    You might not have to teach everyone. I still remember 2nd ed. and reverse dungeon was way cool

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  2. 12 hours ago, Colonel Kane said:

    Well, it is official. Barring a miracle, I will not be at this year's Reaper Con. Long story short, the wife is getting a new job, but it requires more schooling, the 'sign on bonus' does not even cover half of tuition. She is trying to get financial aid, but, well we will see. It will mean more money in the long run, but for this summer and even the rest of this year we are dead broke. I hope everyone has fun this year. I might be able to make next year, but I will not hold my breathe.

    I can sympathize with you. To get my current job took three years of studying and eleven thousand dollars out of pocket. Had to get a loan and sell my motorcycle. Worth it in the end? Absolutely. Lousy at the time? Absolutely

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  3. 4 hours ago, Dragoneye said:

    I really should go to Garycon someday, seeing as its practically in my backyard.

    I highly recommend it. The venue is really nice, very gamer oriented and lots of "old school" stuff (and people). I went in 2015 and it was about 1500 attendees I believe. I heard last year it was a good bit more crowded but that is how it always seems to go, over time it gets bigger

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  4. 1 hour ago, buglips*the*goblin said:


    It's always good to ask to be sure, but it's something they've been doing for awhile so it's probably going to be the same this year.  Also, I'm not sure if you meant to imply it in your wording, but just for the sake of clarity you don't have to be on the tour to ship stuff home you just have to go to the factory (while it is open, of course).


    Edit:  This is also usually quick and easy - unless you happen to be a homeless goblin trying to figure out how to get UPS to deliver to a house address that is just a slightly-cooked bare foundation, and you won't be home for 3 weeks to sign for it, and you have to try and arrange for it to be inercepted before it goes back into the system and you're in a foreign country so every kind of account you have detects an unusual IP signature and locks you out so it can send security questions to your phone that was lost in the fire.  


    Then it's a bit of a challenge.  



    wow! How did that old Hee Haw song go? "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all" :)

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