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  1. 15 hours ago, Mnemonic said:

    Last year there were tons of games being played, which is awesome! I would like to see some variety though. D&D is always great, but give me some Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, and other less often seen games. I also hope to run a Ghostbusters game.

    I am planning to run "The One Ring" and a game called "Hunters Inc." based on the old 7thSe d10 roll and keep rules. I have no idea as to the typical schedule of events, but I have seen mention of special things like an awards show and dinners, so I am wondering what would be a good "off time" that wouldn't conflict with main events for people.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Dragoneye said:

    Ooo I'd love a miniatures photography course!!!!

    me too!

    Just curious about the process, will people have time to review the schedule of classes before actual registration begins, so that they might be able to plan out what they want to try to sign up for? I am assuming classes sell out quickly

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  3. 6 hours ago, OneBoot said:

    Fun with Shiny Paint! 

    by Lauren Cowles (OneBoot) 

    Type: Painting

    Level: Any, though more beginner-oriented

    Format: Hands-on! 

    Synopsis: Do you want to do more than just paint silver on your swords and armor? Have you always wanted to experiment with different colors of metallic paint? Do you struggle with painting chainmail? If so, this class is for you! In this beginner-level course, we will cover how to thin metallic paints, use them for drybrushing, achieve different effects by layering metallics over regular paints, and how to do basic shading and highlighting with metallics. Miniatures and paints will be provided, as well as a handout. Bring your own brushes (including an OLD brush, since drybrushing is tough on the bristles) and come with questions!



    --OneBoot :D 

    I know this is supposed to be for questions from people who might sign up for these classes, but I just want to say this sounds like a class I would very much like to get into

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  4. Payment process went off without a hitch. A couple times when I tried to print the individual tickets it said the page wasn't available, but I just closed and opened it again and it went through fine the second time

    I had no idea which faction to pick, so just went with the one on the top :) Hope that is a good one

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  5. 11 hours ago, staticjoy said:

    Is there a way to get a room at the Hilton convention site? If not what are the other options? This will be my first Reapercon and I was really hoping to get immersed in the event. Thanks in advance for the reply. 

    Hello Staticjoy, we are almost neighbors! I live in lower Alabama, and this will be my first ReaperCon too

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  6. That is so awesome that you can share this with your family. I have tried loads of times over the years to get my grandkids interested in one of my hobbies, but not too much luck for the most part, Although my oldest grandson does play in our weekly RPG game. He did mention about  a month ago that since he finally had a job he was going to earn some money for paints because he was keyed up to paint his Dark Souls board game minis. So he got a couple Reaper beginner paint sets from Papa for his birthday last week :)  So who knows, maybe some year he will come with me if I get to go back after this year

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  7. This all sounds like very good advice, thanks everyone! I am definitely not a "drinker from the firehose" type, I need lots of reinforcement of what  I learn. I have been to other cons, but never this one. Usually I plan the time to play lots of games I never get to play at home, but the theme of this is a bit different for me so will plan accordingly. Again, thanks

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  8. I have been thinking about running a game of The One Ring, if anyone might be interested. I have also kicked around the idea of running a game of Hunters Inc., a modern-day vampire hunters game based on the same book that John Carpenter's movie "Vampires" was based on. It was originally printed in Shadis magazine several years ago and runs on the roll and keep method from the original 7th Sea. That one would have a disclaimer as a more "adult theme" because some content might be disturbing to some (kids and maybe even adults!), and probably would be a more late night game

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  9. 7 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Bear in mind they are actively building all around the hotel.  I suspect that each year there will be more and more options available to us.

    I have seen that a new bowling alley has opened right next door, and apparently they sell food too, so that may be a good option

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  10. 5 hours ago, hungerfan said:


    Torchy's is not bad.  I would go to the one here in Allen weekly or twice weekly.  Management changed and the feel and quality changed a bit so don't go as much now.  When I visited the other day I got a couple breakfast tacos and they pack the good in them.


    One thing that I would get and have a hard time finishing is an item they don't have listed.  The Ace of Spades.  OMG it was so huge they must use a large tortilla or 2 of the normal sized ones. 

    ACE OF SPADES — A jalapeno sausage link, grilled brisket, a fried egg, green chile queso, cilantro, cotija cheese, sour cream, and diablo. Served on a flour tortilla.

    That sounds absolutely awesome!

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  11. 5 hours ago, Pegazus said:


    Okay, wife has been asked and I remember now. We went to Villa Grande in the shopping center to the north. It’s got four stars on google. And, we took the food back to hotel and had it for lunch. 


    There are several taco places around it appears too. I’ve enjoyed the Torchy’s Tacos near us, but the wife wasn’t as big a fan.


    Looks to be a lot of places, obviously, within a fifteen minute drive as well. Too many for me to pick from really. 


    Torchy tacos?! Gotta love the sound of that :)

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