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  1. I think I will just keep it the way it is and see how it goes
  2. This will be my first year, and when I made the reservation I thought what the heck go large or go home, so I opted for the upgrade request. Now I am wondering if I should email them and ask if they can remove my upgrade request. The normal room is bound to be pretty good anyway
  3. Sounds like a plan! I am looking forward to taking several classes actually
  4. I am a teacher so speaking to strangers doesn't bother me. Garycon was very small, and the people were all so nice and welcoming, it was really nice. From what I have seen in comments I believe this will be like that. I don't know who @Corporea is but maybe I will recognize her on sight?
  5. according to the website the bowling alley opened the day before new years eve. This is going to be a very different con for me because I have never attended one so small. Garycon 15 was comparable I think, and it was awesome. Every other con I have attended was gencon, origins, or dragoncon. All huge crowds
  6. I am so ready for my first reapercon. Am really looking forward to this. Got (some) money saved, vacation scheduled, been making travel plans, hopefully nothing will mess this up. Be my first vacation in about three years. Saw the other day that a new bowling alley is opening there this month, and from what I could see it looks like it is practically in the parking lot of the hotel. This gets better and better! :)
  7. That was what made me want to attempt it, because it was so colorful
  8. Thanks a lot! My wife said the skin color was too dark, but I really like it
  9. Thank you all, I really appreciate your comments! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  10. Trying to get into the Christmas spirit and use the new holiday paints. Used citadel "Thousand sons blue" because I liked the color, Holly Berry for the red, Christmas Wreath green cloak and Ginger Cookie for the skin color, Golden Yellow and Hearth Fire for the edge of the cloak. Some grey black base along with Turkey Brown and ginger cookie for the owl, and Turkey Brown for the staff. I didn't attempt the face, I am terrible with faces.
  11. Thank you! I didn't attempt the face, I am really terrible with faces and was afraid I would mess it up. My wife suggested the blue in the cape, and when it was done she said I should have made it green. :)
  12. I decided to use hearth fire and was very happy with the results. Here is the final product (unless I spot a mistake!)
  13. So what do you think of using Hearth fire from the new Christmas colors set? It seems to be a sort of orange/red ish
  14. I think for this particular mini I am gonna chicken out and just paint the hem yellow, maybe highlight with a bit of brighter yellow. See how it goes!
  15. Oh, no, your English is fine, it's me being a basic beginner with lots to learn. In fact I am going to print your post and save it. I so appreciate all the people here who are so kind and willing to share their knowledge. and your figure looks awesome BTW!
  16. I tried the purple/yellow and to be honest I don't care for it, but I probably did it wrong. I mixed the two and watered them down until they were almost translucent and it turned out basically a pale lavender color. It's ok, but I think I will cover most of it back with yellow. Thanks! Going with the light brown, we will see how that goes I hadn't thought of that, thanks!
  17. Thanks everyone! I kind of like the idea of the purple, I guess if I don't like it I can just paint back over it, right? Now, when you are talking brown, do you mean a very light brown, like a tan so the difference would be very subtle (or at least it sounds like it would)?
  18. Got the base coat down pretty much. Any advice on how I should proceed with the wash? I am a bit leary about washing the yellow or white because I don't want it to end up looking dingy or changing the color. Am using the new Christmas colors mostly, but did use vallejo black grey for the owl and citadel "thousand sons blue" for the belt because I just really like that color :)
  19. Thanks! Just posted today's progress with the correct name and number this time!
  20. Oops! yes, I got them mixed up! Thanks! I've been putting down more layers, and it is coming nicely now I wondered if I may have thinned it too much. I didn't think about the shaking being a problem, I just assumed it would mix pretty easily with just a few shakes. Good tip about the pitting, I will certainly be on the lookout for that in the future. Thanks!
  21. Thanks! Hope to get more done over the next few days
  22. Thank you! I am starting to like it better than when I first started it
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