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  1. Sent off @Inarah box to @Ulfheathen today. Below are the photos of my treasures - YAY treasures Plus some close ups of what I chose to hopefully see the choices better. Then I loaded it up with exchange stuff and sent it on it’s way but first a silly photo too with the noses. (Those were sent on too)
  2. @Inarah box away to @Ulfheathen- Shipped today! Tracking is 9505526524778312163760
  3. The only problem is that he has the box and Nathair is next in line after him. He was just wondering what he needed to do if anything
  4. Ok, posted to wrong place. Box arrived late on 10/31 but due to being Halloween didn’t even crack open till 11/1. Will post when sending away- now that I am putting it in the right place (sorry)
  5. All sent! Thanks! And no worries he will have a nice life with others if his kind- plus he will hear fun stories since they stay on one of the shelves in my classroom
  6. If his daughter chose not to take it, I give a home to wayward dragons
  7. Awww yeah! I gots me a box! Going through now and will send on in the upcoming days! This is FUN!!
  8. Glad you are ok @Talae! Hope life settles down and treats you better
  9. 3 more people till my turn. I get more and more excited looking through everyone’s choices- even when I’m not on their circuits This is just fun to also watch! Wheeee!
  10. Thank you everyone for all the clarification and information! As a first year entrant and Con goer it was a bit of a mystery as to how everything fit together and worked, but it does! I am so excited for next year- and who knows? We might even be able to get to take a class or two! Yay ReaperCon and ReaperCon ribbon badge addictions
  11. Location - North Richland Hills, Texas Rather not start a box or ship international if at all avoidable. Otherwise, game on.
  12. This was AMAZING!! I had no idea such a warm and fun con existed. I was surprised by how both energizing and relaxing it was. The only minor issue I had/have is a bit of clarity needed in the MSP judging rubric. I get how it was done (teacher by trade) but I would like to see what criteria was used to define each level breakdown. For instance a bronze exhibited more or less or “x” trait, a silver this, and a gold that. I understand it is subjective (again teacher - high school English to boot) but I think it would help to have something a bit more concrete and in writing going forward to know what to strive for; or at least know where the ballpark is. Otherwise, I can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience. The opportunity to join in and game was great. The painting hijinks was the most fun. I had a hard time pulling myself away to go do other things. Judge feedback was helpful and I even got a shiny bronze medal- which I proudly display next to my minis. I am going to blame the registration desk for my newest addiction- ribbon hunting. Just remember the first ones free! ;p
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