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  1. Entola


    Looks like I got a a preview then. Not sure why they were for sale at my local gaming store. Must have gotten an early release batch.
  2. Entola


    So one of my local gaming stores is closing. It was the only store in the area that carried Reaper so I went in to pick up paint at 15% off during the going out of business sale. I managed to pick up 18 colors I didn't have, so it's a sad day that I am losing my only local source of Reaper but I was able to fill out my paints. When I got home I started adding my new colors to my paint app on my phone I found 7 colors that I couldn't add (9313, 9314, 9315, 9316, 9317, 9318, 9322). So when I went to add them manually I came to the Reaper Site to get an idea as to what the color they were to get my app as close as possible, however, I can't find any information on these colors on the site. It jumps from 9312 to 9401. Could someone explain why there isn't a listing of these paints. I am not upset, seems like I got some colors that I wouldn't otherwise have, just curious.
  3. Entola

    Paint Track Apps?

    Any update on the iOS version?
  4. Nice Post. Thank you for sharing. I am just starting out so tips like these really help to avoid bad habits. I appreciate it.
  5. Entola

    ReaperCon VIP Resin

    Just finished this mini I picked up at ReaperCon. I have some youngish kids so I removed the severed Vampire Head and add a gun (which I got in my ReaperCon Swag Bag:). Not the best pictures, tried using an actual camera instead of my phone and don't really like the results, probably going back to my iPhone for future minis.
  6. Entola

    Desk Lamp?

    I believe they are TaoTronics.
  7. Entola

    Desk Lamp?

    Lot of great ideas. Thank you all. I will check them out.
  8. Entola

    Reaper's YouTube Problem

    I am glad to hear this. I look forward to seeing more content. Hopefully they will have all kinds of videos, Interviews, Tutorials, Guides, News and Reviews. Thanks, I have been experimenting with other brands. Reaper is my go-to for most colors, as well, but I have the Minitaire Ghost Tints, some Vallejo paints, Army Painter Washes, and quite a few of GW Textures and Technical Paints. I also picked up some Scalecolor at ReaperCon. All of which I first found out about and watch them being used on YouTube. I am still building my collection and appreciate the insight. I Agree.
  9. Entola

    Hello Everyone!

    More painting Tutorials and guides! Build the brand up more on YouTube.
  10. Entola

    Reaper's YouTube Problem

    And that is what I do. The point being, when I am watching a painter give a tutorial on the mini they are painting they say "I am using GW's Evil Sunz Scarlet" or "Vallejo's Scarlet Red" or even "Army Painter's Dragon Red", as a new painter I am going to think "Wow this guy really knows his stuff, I should be using the paints he uses". Legitimately the only reason I went with Reaper as my primary brand was because I live in Texas and they are made in Texas (support the local economy). It really feel like a missed opportunity that Reaper isn't doing more to bring new painters in as customers. I maybe off base, it could be that Reaper is primarily a Minis company that happens to make paint, so they are more focused on the mini side. If that's the case, that's fine. Just thought I would point out the perspective of a new painter just picking up the hobby and what my experience has been.
  11. Entola

    Reaper's YouTube Problem

    The conversation has started to shift in a direction that was not my focus. AGP isn’t really the problem, nothing can be done to remove his negative review. My post was more questioning if Reaper has any plans to become more agressive with their YouTube marketing. If Reaper gets more agressive with Marketing to YouTube the AGP video will get pushed down. The term that I searched is “Reaper Paints” with a ‘S’, without the ‘S’ it shows up 8th for me as well. The point being, as a new painter, it feels like Reaper has completely ignored YouTube. The fact that an 8 year old video shows up at all is evidence that of that. YouTube is an excellent tool for learning more about the hobby and if Reaper really is ignoring YouTube that seems very short sighted. So my question is, Has Reaper really ignored the platform or am I just not seeing the YouTube painters that are using Reaper Paints? *Edited for spelling
  12. So, I just started painting this year. Like most new painters I get a lot of my information from YouTube. That is what I would like to discuss in regards to Reaper Paints. Reaper has a YouTube Problem. When I go to YouTube and Type in "Reaper Paints" the 3rd guy down is AGProductionsinc and a video that is 8 years old. I don't know who he is or what the his story is but It's pretty clear that he had/has a personal ax to grind against Reaper for some reason. The Problem is that, as far as I can find, Reaper doesn't have much of a presence on YouTube. I know there's the Reaper Channel but their isn't a lot of videos and not many of those are painting videos. Very few painters on YouTube that I have been able to find talk about or use Reaper Paints. So as new painter trying to learn more about the hobby it's more challenging to find people using Reaper Paints and very easy to find this one guy who hates Reaper Paints. I have easily found painters using GW, Vallejo and P3, but Reaper is a distant 4th when it comes to YouTube. Has Reaper considered sponsoring some painters or expanding their YouTube presence?
  13. Entola

    Desk Lamp?

    After seeing the LED lamps at ReaperCon it got me thinking about getting an LED lamp. I would just run out and get a couple of the lamps they had at ReaperCon but I have limited desk space and really need something to attach to the edge of the desk to not take up much table top space. I am currently looks at something like [link removed]. Anyone have any suggestions on LED Desk Lamps?